My Power Went Out: I Was Living Back in the 19th Century

Well, Hurricane Sandy knocked my power out. It went out Monday and came back on Tuesday. A great improvement on the last time my power was out for seven days.

The Hurricane wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, praise the Lord. The southeastern state that I’m in didn’t get hit as hard as it could have, but we had power outages and some people at the southern tip of the state, near the Chesapeake had flooding and a few people lost some ships. One of my favorite bloggers, Abagond, is located in the Northeast and I think his power went out, so I hope he’s alright.

Hopefully the power will come back on soon.  I hope everyone else is safe and everything. I hope the hurricane didn’t do too much damage.

I’m grateful that my state didn’t get hit too hard, only a couple fatalities and of course my heart goes out to them and their families.

I’m starting to get a little excited about going to Brazil, but still nervous about flying, so please pray for me or keep me in your thoughts. My prayers also go out to everyone affected by the Hurricane.

So, being without electricity is like living in the 19th century. It was so cold out that we had to use our fireplace of warmth. My spoiled self isn’t used to being without central heating. I am blessed that I even had a fireplace

So, being without electricity got me thinking: What did people in the 19th century do for entertainment?

This is what (non-enslaved) people did in the day before electricity was widely available:

1. Sit by the fire and tell stories

2. Read books

3. Journal

4. Go to a tavern and get drunk

5. Knitting and needlepoint

6. Making love

7. Playing chess and other board games

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