White Weddings & Drunken White Men


I went to my cousin’s wedding. I had a great time. There was great music, great food and an unending supply of alcohol. I usually do not drink, but since it was free and people kept telling me to drink more, I did.

Everything was great, except for one thing that I wish we had had more of.

Black people.

My cousins married a white man, so the only Black people that were there were, her cousins and a couple friends. In total, there were about 12 Black people out of 85. I felt a little out of place, but I pretty much hung out with my cousins the whole time. However, I did make friends with a couple of non-Black people. I really liked my male cousin’s girlfriend, who was Puerto Rican. We hung out a lot. I met a nice couple, a white woman and white man who I chatted with. I also met some other white people, who I thought were cool.

When I got back to the hotel, I fell off the bus. I was a bit tipsy myself because I had some champagne, a cosmo, two glasses of red wine, rose champagne and some other cocktail…so by the end of the night, I was feeling pretty good to say the least, even though I wish that I didn’t go so overboard.

Something else, I find that white men are very funny when they’re drunk. Obviously, I can’t speak for all white men, but of the ones I interacted with last night, it was very entertaining. I found that I got along much better with the white men who were there when they were drunk because they were so funny.

I’ll post some more stuff later.

Anyway, aside from one awkward moment the following morning, which I will have to describe at a later note, I really had a nice time.

13 thoughts on “White Weddings & Drunken White Men”

  1. This actually reminds me of my experience at family weddings – we’re a slightly different religious sect from both sides of my family, so we look completely different in dress and have different customs and accents. I don’t drink, but my grandparents do, and I’ve seen the various sides of my family actually joke with each other and act like friends when they’re drunk.


    1. i know it’s amazing how alcohol can change people’s attitude towards one another, they say it brings the truth out, so people who are usually tense, but want nothing more than to reach out to someone are sometimes more open when drunk and vice versa people who are really mean, but contain it, sometimes act mean when they are drunk.

      of course, this isn’t always true, sometimes people really do act out of character when drunk and it has nothing to do with their feelings, but I do think that there’s some validity to the adage “a drunken mind speaks a sober heart.” alcohol is a depressant, so it lessens your inhibitions makes you more risky, which can lead you to release your true feelings and desires without fear of consequence. you’re more likely to talk to the person who you wouldn’t be seen with when sober etc…etc…

      it’s funny.

      but i still think alcohol should be done in moderation, i am a little embarrassed that I got drunk and fell off the bus at the wedding…but I rarely drink, so it’s easier for me to get drunk. I should have stopped after the second glass of wine.


      1. My culture has three days of the year where we traditionally get drunk, and many more where we traditionally drink – I myself detest alcohol, but most of my relatives drink on these occasions as there is an opinion that one cannot fulfill one’s obligation with grape juice as opposed to wine. My cousin has ruled that he has no obligation to drink as it does not give him joy, which is the stated reason for the obligation. I tend to follow his position. Since underage drinking is legal when it’s religious, there’s been a lot of controversy over Chabad getting teens drunk by claiming that drinking on the Sabbath is a religious ritual. As a Christian, what do you think?


      2. i think drinking is fine in moderation, but it’s not good (i feel) when in order to feel comfortable and have a good time you have to be drunk, then that’s kind of like making alcohol an idol. so i think moderation and self control are key.


  2. Alcohol is bad for you. The only thing I feel when drunk, is drunk. My mind spins, I feel like I am on a roller coaster that I can’t get out off. People say you become more talkative and less inhibited but I don’t really buy that. Personally I think people use alcohol as an excuse and an escape. The next day, you can always say, “I was drunk”. And anyways, when someone is drunk, it ain’t them you are talking to. You are talking to someone else.

    However, I am not saying don’t drink. I do drink, just in moderation whilst socializing. It’s a personal choice. Plus the last thing you want, is to be held prisoner by alcohol.


      1. Hey, can I ask something from you? I need you to tell me something since I can’t really answer this question for myself. It’s somewhat self-centered but I’d appreciate if you can help me out. Truthbetold has described me as a) confused or b) a white guy trying to be black. I am black and I admit to being somewhat confused because sometimes, well, I just don’t get what is going on.

        Anyways, so my question is this, of what you’ve seen of wilson a.k.a me, what do you think? Please be honest so I can evaluate where I am right now.

        Thanks in advance and sorry for the weirdness.


      2. Actually scratch the above post… Was in a bad place when writing it, trying to measure up to some arbitrary concept of what it means to be black. Pfffft. God that’s some crazy stuff. Anyways, saw on abagonds blog you are going travelling. Enjoy yourself and be safe.


      3. thank you for the kind words wilson, it’s good that you realize other people can’t tell you what is acting or behaving black. you don’t seem any more confused than truthbetold anyway


  3. I think that most people who don’t have a negative physical reaction to alcohol tend to be funny when they’re drunk. I do know some people who have a bad reaction to it though and they tend to be the ones who feel bad immediately after one drink.


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