My Thoughts on the Presidential Debates- 2012


Here are my thoughts. The first debate sucked, boring, didn’t understand what they were talking about. Not much else to say.

Second presidential debate was a great improvement on the last. Obama was MUCH better in this debate, however, I still can’t say I’m crazy about either one of them from a political standpoint.

Honestly, I’m not expecting much from either one of them…and I really don’t think it’s necessary to mock one another to make a point. Obama lies and Romney lies. They’re both liars as far as I’m concerned.

Also, I don’t want to hear people being rude and mocking each other while debating. Just state your point, state what you disagree with, why and how your point of view is different.  Don’t detract from the topic by nitpicking at your opponents flaws, just tell why you disagree with him.

I wish the bull sh-t would just stop.

Yes, if I had to pick, I would go for Obama. But let’s get this straight, Obama’s not my savior and Romney certainly isn’t my savior.

That’s why I’m registered unaffiliated because people are too focused on party lines instead of doing what is best for the country. If people just voted for who was right for the job maybe we’d actually get somewhere.

I don’t understand why we have to do this bipartisan voting crap, why is it that people always IGNORE the third party candidates no matter how qualified they are? There have been some great third party candidates who have just been brushed aside because society tells us we need to vote along party lines.

It’s pathetic. I am sick and tired of bipartisanship holding this country hostage. The economy came near collapse during the debt ceiling debacle all because of party lines.

I want someone who is unaffiliated in the white house  I want someone who is intelligent and who is an average, everyday person who understands what it’s like to be an average Joe or Jane.

I want a liberal-minded teacher to run for President. Just an average, everyday teacher who knows politics, knows history. Maybe if we got a fresh perspective, things would actually start to change.

With all that being said, I will vote for Obama when I cast my absentee ballot, but only because I know that people are going to vote by partisan lines and I would much rather Obama than Romney.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Presidential Debates- 2012”

  1. In order to determine who to vote for, first read the Constitution so that you know the role of each branch of government and the rights and responsibilities of the states.
    Did we establish a government to care for us, or did we establish a government that will facilitate our ability to take care of ourselves ?
    Article 1 Sections 8 & 9 list the powers and limits of Congress. Do you think Congress has taken on more powers than was intended ?
    Do you think it is unnecessary to have a layer of government repetitiously performing the same tasks as state and local governments, all with their own budgets and costs to the tax payers ?
    We did not choose to have a powerful tyrant imposing their ideas upon the people ?
    We formed a republic that demands our constant attention to keep politicians in line with values and goals for which we elect them to represent.
    If our goal is for honest government, why do we elect professional liars, lawyers ?


  2. Mike is drinking (and probably trying to smoke) the tea party kool – aid.

    @ Peanut – what did you think of Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” comment? Just an awkward phrasing or telling of his real views of the woman’s right to her own body?


    1. honestly. i thought he could have put that more eloquently. I thought that he sounded funny when he made that comment and I knew at some point he would offend someone, I am not sure exactly why people chose to zone in on the binders full of women comment specifically. I THINK he meant they sent him resumes full of women applicants, but he worded that poorly. I’m more concerned about other things that romney has said than his binders full of women comment. like his comment about people getting “Free stuff,” from the government. that concerns me far more than binders full of women. his policies are not in line with my beliefs that’s mroe important than his silly comment.

      so i think people blew the binders of women comment way out of proportion. focus on other things he said that really matter, that’s my opinion. yeah it was funny the way he worded it, but lets not over do it.


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