Must I Workout in a Gym to Get Exercise?


I went to the gym today for an orientation session. I have never belonged to a gym before, other than the one at my college. I usually work out on my own at home with DVDs or I go for walks. When I went in the for the orientation a woman greeted me kindly. When we sat down to talk, I told her that I wanted to supplement my weight watchers program with some fitness. We sat down and I told her what I eat on an ideal day on weight watchers.


A boiled egg

Some light orange juice


oatmeal, banana, turkey bacon


Chef Salad



Some type of meat, vegetables and whole grain of some sort

When I told her this, she looked at me with this look of disdain like “come on, I KNOW you’re not eating like that.” The implication being that I’m chubby so therefore I must be eating crap all the time. I explained to her that I am on weight watchers (lost 7lbs so far) so food is not the problem when I stick to the plan, that is how I eat. When I AM OFF the plan, I will eat junk food, which I admit is a bad habit.  I told her I struggled with emotional eating more than anything. It’s not that I don’t know the right foods to eat, it’s that I let my emotions control me and a horrible habit is stress eating about anything that bothers me.

Then, it was time for measurements:

She measured my waist, arms, thighs, butt etc.. Mind you I had on two layers of clothes, sweat pants and some shorts. I had to layer my clothes because my sweatpants had a hole in the butt. Next, she asked me what my weight was, I told her last week, I weighed XXX, I should be in the 120s for my height. So, she had me step up on the scale and said, ” actually you’re XXX.” Meaning, I was heavier than I said, mind you I had on baggy clothes and layers.

So, anyway, I said fine and agreed to come in and workout a few times a week. It was an awkward start, then I went to the fitness class. The next class was some type of power yoga, so I did that. Then I got on the bike for 20 minutes.

I just think that I could get a good workout at home, without having to feel judged and without having to feel like I have to compete with everyone else in the class. I’d rather go at my own pace.

Anyway, I’ll go a few times week and also do my own home workouts, so we’ll see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Must I Workout in a Gym to Get Exercise?”

  1. I think going to the gym can be a waste of my money. My strategy is to eat healthy, eat less (still hungry fill up with water not juice) and exercise (zumba) at HOME. I go jogging in the park as well. I also joined weekend hiking clubs and as a result I maintained a healthy weight of 120-125lbs.
    I actually walk around with a bottle of water at home and school to keep myself off the junk 🙂


  2. I stress eat as well(at work)… Need to figure out a way to stop this from happening!

    Try the gym for a bit, if you don’t like it, quit.

    What do you think of this:

    I’ve never done it because I just don’t have the time but some people say breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, then lunch, then dinner should be the smallest. Apparently, at night, your body doesn’t burn up as much calories as it does during the day.


  3. I hate the gym as well that’s why I don’t go. My reasons may be different from yours but I can get a pretty good workout at home and be more comfortable during it.


  4. I used to think that home workouts were inferior to working out at a gym but after having experienced getting fit at home, I don’t think I’ll ever pay for a gym membership. I think the only real benefit of the gym is that if you make it there, you’re more likely to actually exercise, while when you’re at home it’s easier to get sidetracked and end up not doing anything, even if you plan on working out when you wake up.


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