Your Dating Haven: MenLoveBlackWomen.Com

Have you ever searched profiles on a dating site for people who you share similar hobbies & interests with? Have you ever found a person who you think that you click with, only to scroll down to “preferences,” and see that EVERY ethnicity is checked off, except Black?! I know I get tired of seeing the “anything, but black box,” checked! Society has made it SEEM as if Black women are unwanted, but the truth is we’re just as desirable as any other woman. The number one reason people check the “anything but black,” box is due to stereotypes, which affect us in the dating market. Don’t you wish that you had a safe haven where Black women could be free to explore their dating choices without the weight of stereotypes on our shoulders?

Menloveblackwomen.com is a new dating site that is designed specifically to uplift & provide equal dating opportunities FOR Black women!

Menloveblackwomen was originated by Dawn Ali, founder of Increasetraffic.co & dawnali.com. However, after taking on several new projects, Dawn Ali passed Menloveblackwomen to one of the moderators of her website who redesigned it.

How is Menloveblackwomen Unique?

We’ve seen dating sites designed exclusively for interracial dating, we’ve seen dating sites, designed exclusively for Black dating, but MenLoveBlackWomen.com is the FIRST WEBSITE designed inclusively for men of ALL races to interact with Black women, whether they be Asian, African-American, Arab or white! ALL MEN ARE WELCOME TO Menloveblackwomen.com!

Menloveblackwomen is a safe HAVEN for Black women!

Women of any race can join Menloveblackwomen, BUT  Menloveblackwomen was designed specifically to meet the needs of Black women in the dating market.

You can feel safe on MenloveBlackwomen knowing that you will NOT encounter any bashing, derogatory or demeaning comments about Black women or any other ethnic group because Menloveblackwomen.com reviews every profile before it is approved. You will NOT encounter profile after profile where the  “anything but black,” box is checked because this website is designed specifically FOR BLACK WOMEN and for those who love Black women.

Here is the best part!

On other dating sites, to get ALL the extra features, such as chat, instant message and advanced search, you usually  have to pay a monthly subscription fee.  Menloveblackwomen.com allows you to use the “chocolate system,” to pay as you go to get the full experience of the site!


You join the website for free and you get the basic features, which allow you to create a profile and upload photos,  but every new member gets a FREE, complimentary, virtual box of  chocolate!  The chocolates allow you to view other profiles,  find other members with advanced search and send &  receive personal messages. The best thing is you can “send chocolates,” to other members so that they can communicate with you & get the full experience of Menloveblackwomen!


Once you’ve used all your chocolates, you can add THIRTY more chocolate credits for only $5.95!  You don’t have to worry about a reoccurring fee being withdrawn from your checking account, all you do is pay as you go along.

IF, however, you do not wish to pay as you go along and would rather pay at once to get the full experience of the site, you can upgrade to the gold membership, which, in addition to all the basic privileges, gives you the added bonus of instant messenger, 3D chat & singles chat room access for ONLY $12.95 for a month or $27.95 for 3 months!

Menloveblackwomen gives you ECONOMICAL options. You can pay as little as $5.95 to get the all the features above AND MORE!

Menloveblackwomen is a SAFE and COMFORTABLE space where you can socialize, meet men & women or just hang out in the singles chat room and enjoy the vibe of the dating site!

DON’T MISS OUT & DON’T let the media or society make you feel like you’re UNWANTED. Black women YOU ARE DESIRED!

COME TRY OUT your complimentary chocolates on  MENLOVEBLACKWOMEN.COM, bring some friends and start experiencing your DATING HAVEN!




5 thoughts on “Your Dating Haven: MenLoveBlackWomen.Com”

  1. I’m Intrested long trune Relationship with a woman that like oral sex all the time
    When I said let go make love it should not been any promble. I don’t want to hear I don’t
    filed like having sex.


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