Petition to End HATE SPEECH Against Black Women in Tommy Sotomayor Videos


This is a petition started by a woman who calls herself “Maya Lee.” It is a petition to stop the hate speech against Black women in YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor’s videos. We all have free speech ,but when you’re using your so-called free speech to incite hate and violent acts that violate the civil rights of another group of people then it becomes hate speech.

Maya Lee writes:

This is important, because these types of comments and opinions are NOT FACTS! They only bring my culture down and these things will cause people to have a low or negative opinion about blacks in general. It condones violence and hatred towards black women. He verbally abuses black women on and off the air. His show has been blocked before and he should be banned. We are all equal, no matter what. If your not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

If you agree that hate speech is not the same as free speech and should not be tolerated, check out the petition below and sign.


By the way other races are starting to notice the demeaning of Black women on YouTube, whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable:

21 thoughts on “Petition to End HATE SPEECH Against Black Women in Tommy Sotomayor Videos”

  1. I subscribed to Tommy Sotomayor after watching one of his videos but then I started watching all of his videos and they were ALL filled with such hate towards all women especially black. There’s a story today of a Louisiana girl being burned by KKK members that he just posted today. All he did was bash the burn victim! Both he and the comments say they feel no sympathy whatsoever because black women are always praising white men. What??? After watching the real news report, I saw no such thing. Where in the world did he get that the burn victim praises white men over black men??? Nowhere in the news report said that she praised these white man. He’s just looking for an excuse to bash black women. He is absolutely sick! His father raised him WRONG! Unsubscribing as soon as I finish this comment. Ugh!


      1. Please call me tomorrow give me your number so that I may call you. I’m very serious about moving this campaign forward, I am passionate about it and feel the importance of us being organized and moving expeditiously on this. I’ve petitioned both Nexflix and Coke Zero on their fb pages to ask that they end their sponsorship of his show that spews HATE and defamation against black women. I urge you and everyone you know to relentlessly do the same until we get results. I am in this for the long haul, I am with you and stand full throttle with you in solidarity. Write these companies that sponor his show, asking that they withdraw their sponsorship. Write the Congress, mayor, representatives and attorney general in his jurisdiction of Atlanta to ask of the same. Come on, let’s do this! On Nov 30, 2012 8:55 PM, “Against Internet Defamation of Black Women” wrote:

        > ** > Peanut commented: “hey thanks for your comment. i’d be happy to work > with you.”


      2. hey i think that’s a great start petitioning coke and pepsi to stop sponsoring his channel. i think we should get more black women on board with that. You should try posting on some black networking sites or maybe writing to dawnali.com or clutch magazine. I prefer to communicate via email as I don’t generally give out my number online, but we definitely need to communicate about steps we can take to end this type of hate speech.


  2. I find ironic that that that assclown-coon talks against certain kinds of black women, yet has those EXACT KIND of women in a group as his Youtube avatar picture..lol. He’ll probably take it down and replace it once word gets back to him that I’ve pointed that out. I think he’s a bitter, disgruntled misfit who can’t attract a certain caliber of black woman so he bashes all black women, calling us “BEAST WHO DESERVE TO DIE”, and he has several likeminded jellyfish as his loyal followers who are just as mentally messed up as he is. His M.O. is legendary – he blocks any strong, opinionated black woman who doesn’t agree with him and who’s tongue is sharper than his. That’s not a fair platform for equal dialog, that’s a male chauvenist pig who is more dangerous to the black community than any white racist individual or group. I feel that we should have a Weave/Wig Pride Day because non of what he bashes us about defines us. If all black women are BEAST, that makes


  3. …If “all black women are BEAST who deserve to die”, I guess that makes him a SAVAGE whose mother should’ve swallowed instead of wasting a good orgasm in her other hole. Please contact me so that we can work closely on this campaign…cj306584@gmail.com. What is the contact info for this page and the petition so that I may properly direct those interested to join this campaign?


    1. You’re mentally sick and need help, I suggest booking yourself a place at your local mental health institution. Why are you saying these sick filthy things about his mother? What has his mother done to you, does it bother you that you’re the type of women Sotomayor is talking about? You claim to fight against the bashing of black women and yet here you’re bashing a black woman in the most degrading way. I feel sorry for you and the sick group of women who follow you, clearly you failed in your life my dear, maybe there is hope for you if you stop putting out there so much negativity. Learn to respect yourself and others will do it so automatically and focus on building your low self esteem.


  4. Please “Like” the facebook page (Tommy Sotomayor: An Open Letter To A Black Woman Basher) and comment accordingly. Together, we can put an end to this guy’s harmful hate speech. Thank You.


  5. What I find interesting about the whole situation is that there are so many shows on TV, so many movies that degrade black women in general. Shows and movies that are really very popular such as Atlanta housewives and the movie Precious, so why don’t you women start a petition about that? Why don’t you start a petition about the pornblack women abuse called gagging or something, which is abusive to black women and encourages men to see black women as objects to be abused and raped? Why don’t you start petitions about the comedians and Rappers that insult black women? Sotomayor talks about what he sees in the news, he doesn’t fabricate lies, unlike many shows that degrade black women and bring
    actors on the show, such as Maury show.

    I’m a black woman and I have seen 4 of Sotomayor shows, I didn’t like it because it was too negative for me and I stopped watching. Whatever he says it doesn’t concern me personal, if he shows videos about women in the ghetto fighting with each other or women having children out of wedlock and using their womb as cash cow, it doesn’t concern me, that’s not my problem, but what really is bothering me is the big projects that spend millions to give black women a bad stereotype and make up the ‘’maid’’ characters and the white men whores in every shows such as scandal.

    Why don’t you use your energy to something useful. Fight against those big shows and movies, so the start changing the picture they give out to the World about black women. I hate when I see black women, coming together to bring down a black man, it’s just sick. Also leave his mother out of this, she doesn’t have anything to do with all of this and it only shows how sick you people are for insulting the woman. Keep his mother, his daughter, his wife and all his other loved ones out of this. You women need to learn emotional intelligence and make use of it. Put your energy to where it’s useful.


  6. People this is a good reason why everybody should not be in front of a camera or a computer this Tommy Sotomayor character was first told to me by a black guy who speaks highly of him and allows this man to have a great influence on how he thinks of black women so I check this Tommy Sotomayor character out and I was so disgusted to hear a black man who have a black daughter speak so disgusting and degrading about black women he believes in what he’s saying about black women that if you call him out on the negative things he says about black women he gets worked up I must say he needs to be banned off YouTube ASAP am surprised he hasn’t been off yet because he’s speaking hate in this day in age with terrorism, kidnapping of children who are sold or forced into being sex slaves or prostitution, women who live to tell their story of being raped especially in India and Africa and color is not an issue but because they are women they are being raped against their will and some even commit suicide because of the mental scars it has left them with and this Tommy Sotomayor character is speaking hate he better pray that the things he says about black women doesn’t back lash on his daughter what we say and do as a parent can be a dark cloud over our kids head his daughter should not know that her father feels such hate towards black women I wonder what he tells her about great black women who has contributed to black history this man has some deep hate issues about him self women and being black hope his daughter don’t grow up to hate her skin color and resort to bleaching, weaving, plastic surgery because of his hate towards black women people don’t group think it’s nothing wrong with disagreeing he needs to be banned it’s no other way around it


  7. Tommy Sotomayor needs to watch Roots or get a lesson on Black history all over again cause this fool must think that if he was stranded with his daughter in a all White community who hate blacks that the White people would offer him and his daughter tea and biscuits no the hell they wouldn’t he probably didn’t see the part in Roots when the White people lynch Queen (played by Halle Berry) son father in front of him when he was a baby and put the baby in a cage and left the baby next to the lynched body and Queen damn near lost her mind when she saw what they did to her son and the father and how they left that baby their with the burning body I say this because Tommy Sotomayor isn’t fighting no cause against Black women or Black people he’s spreading hate and hate can spread like a wild fire


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