Trying a Raw Food Diet

I have been encouraged by friends to try a raw food diet. Basically, you eat a lot of vegetables, unsalted nuts, fruits and very few meats or no meat at all. Much of the raw vegetable and fruit comes from smoothies. I am planning on writing a list of groceries to buy at the health food store and I am also going to be making a rough meal plan.

I won’t be 100% raw food, but I am thinking about doing fresh fish as the only meat and tofu. I am going to try it for a couple weeks because it’s supposed to be a good detox.

I’ve looked up some recipes and very pumped about it. I also plan on implementing a walk routine. I love the natural hair and health food culture and I am excited to try this out.

The picture I chose is of Chef Ahki, she is a Black woman and raw food chef.

Check out her website:


<img alt="

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