Increasetraffic.co- Training You To Make Money From Your Website


I did a post a while back about this ad affiliate program called increasetraffic.co. I first got interested in the program because, I’m young, broke and hey any extra money that I can get I will take. My day job does not pay enough money, so I got into the program and I’ve already made some money. However, I realize I could be making much more money if I applied myself and actually started actively using the network, so that is where I found out about Increase Traffic online training program.

When I saw the video for the training program, one thing stood out to me. The advertising network Increase Traffic was started after the creator faced discrimination in the online advertising industry. Her online forums and websites were receiving more and more traffic, yet she was making less money, so she created the website Increase Traffic along with another web designer and programmer.

I can attest to the fact that many companies do discriminate against you on the internet, ESPECIALLY if you are a black blog or black website. They do pay you less even if you receive the same traffic as other non-black websites. The discrimination on the web has not been put on blast yet, but I’m guessing within the next few years we’ll be seeing some law suits. But, put that aside for now.

I figured, I might as well get serious and invest in the Increase Traffic training program if I really want to start making some money online.

The tips that she gives in her training program are DESIGNED to get you more traffic so you can make money.

One of the most crucial aspects of earning money on the internet is getting hits from search engines. It’s hard to get in the top search engines for keywords. For example, if you blog about natural hair and you know keywords for afro, kinky twists etc should be bringing traffic to your site, but it’s not Increase Traffic program teaches you how to get in the top search engines for your keywords, which leads to more hits.

How Increase Traffic Really Does INCREASE Traffic to Your Site:
Not only do I feel like I’m getting invaluable information from the training program itself, but as a bonus Increase Traffic also sends “real traffic,” to your website via email blast. Real Traffic is basically unique visitors who come to your website and visit. Finally, Increase Traffic includes their client’s links to their website in a newsletter that goes out, so that more traffic can come to your website. You get all this for investing in the training program.

This is what Increase traffic does for supporting their ad network, which is far more than other internet advertising networks.

I already ordered the training program. The tips she gives are probably worth at least a couple thousand, seeing as if you truly followed the tips you could make substantial money for your website. The price is $99.00, but I only had to pay $59.00 as a discount price for being one of the first 387 participants and there is a 30 day money back guarantee!

I trust the Increase Traffic network mainly because the creator has been where I have been and she knows the struggles of being a black blogger or web owner on the internet and racism we have to deal with. So, I wanted to share that information with my readers, if you’re into making money off of your websites or blogs you definitely need to check out INCREASE TRAFFIC and check out the video below for more information about the training manual.


You can get more information about the Training Program HERE

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