Bodybuilding.com Forum: Doesn’t Allow Pictures of HOT Black Women?

Bodybuilding.com Forum Doesn’t Like Black Women?

I have a friend who is a body builder and I am trying to get fit, so I was browsing the internet and came across this bodybuilding and fitness website. I looked around and then lo and behold I came across a topic in the General Discussion category entitled “African Girls.” The thread was started in July 2012, so it was a recent thread.  When I went into the topic, it was nothing surprising. A bunch of ignorant, so-called men discussing the supposed ugliness of Black African women. Someone had posted a picture of an Afro-Asian(?) woman and people proceeded to comment on how her beauty came from her “Asian features,” one commenter even wrote that “she must be mixed, she’s too feminine looking to be Black.” Another commenter stated that looking at Black woman was on the level of looking at a man.

You know all the typical, anti-black women stuff that is reguritated again and again on forums and in life. So, I was prepared this time. I decided that I would post pictures of beautiful African/Black women in the thread. But, first I had to respond to other body building topics. So I went to several threads that interested me and left VALID, insightful and truthful comments about my interest in fitness. I left comments about wanting to lose fat, I asked a question about training for a marathon and I did this all in the appropriate sections and threads.

Finally, I went back to the African Girls thread and posted some pictures of beautiful African and Black women.


I posted the pictures because I wanted to challenge the ignorance of the so-called men on the forum. When I had originally read the forum there was a picture of a mixed Afro-Asian woman and the subsequent comments were the traditional anti-black woman rhetoric that we are all familiar with.  So I posted pictures of beautiful, dark-skinned African women to challenge their ignorance. When I started posting more pictures of beautiful Black/African women, I noticed a bit of a change in some of the male posters. One of the posters wrote that “I don’t like Black girls, but I’d smash.” You know the typical, back-handed compliment, pretty for a black girl vituperation that we’re all familiar with. We all know that people can’t just tell us we’re beautiful, they have to insult us too. But, loosely translated, he was attracted to the Black-Black women who I posted on the forum.

Another brilliant commenter had the audacity to state that the women were only attractive because they were probably mixed…somewhere down the line.  At this point, I decided to school this brilliant commenter on the history miscegenation as it pertains to African women. I told him that if these women were “mixed down the line,” you realize that most of that came from European & Arab men sleeping with Black African women. This is where the creoles, the coloreds and many of the Brazilians come from. The mixing between African women & European/Arab men and in Brazil between African women, European men and Amerindian women as well. So, pretty much, if they are mixed “down the line,” it is because WHITE MEN( just like him) SLEPT WITH Black, dark-skinned African women, that he says are so ugly, and reproduced. Often, this forced union was against the will of the African woman.

Another poster responded that “real African women,” the ones who weren’t wearing weaves etc…were ugly. So, I posted a picture of a beautiful, NATURAL, traditional, Black Himba Woman. The people of the Himba are one of the many traditional  ethnic groups in Southwestern Africa.

I commented that I certainly didn’t think she was ugly, I actually considered her to be beautiful, especially since she wasn’t wearing any make up nor had she been altered, to my knowledge,  in any way. You don’t get much more    “traditional African,” than this picture with her beautiful, red-ochre dyed braids and jewelry. I told him these were the pictures that “national geographic,” doesn’t show you.  So, I pointed out that he was ignorant to make that remark by posting this picture.

So, after I discussed that, I started getting a bit more positive feedback from the male posters about the pictures and I noticed a change in their attitude mainly because I felt, that i had challenged their ignorance… just a little bit.

For some reason, they assumed I was guy by the way. I hadn’t alluded to the fact that I was female, let alone a Black woman. I wanted people to look at my posts from an unbiased perception and I know I wouldn’t get that consideration if they knew that I was, in fact, a Black woman.  It took me about three hours in total to post my  pictures that I had because you know they can’t show us positively in the media or anywhere, so I had to dig through my files to get some pictures of Black women to post.

Things were looking up and people’s eyes were being opened and their minds were being challenged. Not to mention, it was a hot thread topic on the forum that night, so lots of people were seeing my pictures and reading my posts.

Then, for whatever reason, one man decided to post a picture of his penis and it all went down hill from there…

Next thing I know the adminstrator/moderator REMOVED, not the penis picture, but THE WHOLE THREAD!!! Any other time, the moderator would simply remove the innapropriate picture, but for some reason they removed the thread and blocked ME “for spamming.”  HUH?..

Mind you, I had not been spamming, all the comments that I made were RELEVANT to the thread, appropriate and each comment was UNIQUE. I didn’t spam anything that includes on the body building/fitness threads that I commented on. It wasn’t until I started posting beautiful pictures of Black women that I was “spamming.”

So basically I get banned for responding to a thread about African women that I didn’t even start??? It was fine in the thread when they were posting mixed- Black/Asian women and talking about how ugly we were, that was cool, but as soon as I start posting pictures of beautiful, dark-skinned, Black African women…OH HELL TO THE NO!!!

We can’t have that. We can’t have pictures of beautiful Black women who are ACTUALLY BLACK. We can’t have young men’s mind’s being challenged and DE-programmed to view Black women as desirable, beautiful and attractive instead of ugly and lowly…no we can’t have that.

To add insult to injury, there were various other threads on that forum dedicated to “hot women,” (read: white) and all those women were bikini-clad, scantily dressed blondes and those threads stayed up. The pictures that I posted were no more or less scandalous than those so why would that thread get to stay up, but the one postive one about African women gets taken down?

You can click the link to the thread for yourself, you won’t find it: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=146628233&page=5

NOW, look at THIS THREAD entitled hot women, fast cars with nothing but blonde, white women scantily dressed, you’ll notice it’s still up.

So, it’s okay for men to look at pictures of attractive, dude super-hot, blonde women, but Black women is a NO NO! Because, we all know that we can’t have men seeing Black women as equally attractive and worthy as white women! GOD FORBID people start to view us as equal to other women!!! God forbid people feel insecure at pictures of beautiful Black women on a forum…just like on the whitewomenblackmen.com post…we can’t have it UH UH!!!

No, it’s only okay to post lies and bad pictures of Black women because that’s just how people do us.

When I started posting on that forum, I had the intention of posting topics about fitness, including one about beginner fitness training and joining some threads in the female section after I had finished posting in the African women thread. I was planning on ordering some supplements, but I won’t be doing that anymore!

Blackwomendoworkout.com seems like the best bet for me. I would encourage other Black women NOT TO SUPPORT bodybuilding.com FORUM OR ANY FORUM THAT DISRESPECTS US AND DISPLAYS blatant prejudice to us!!!

So I felt that I need to put this on blast because the discrimination and attacks against Black women are OVER THE TOP and OUT OF CONTROL!!

Thank God for forums like dawnali.com!!

19 thoughts on “Bodybuilding.com Forum: Doesn’t Allow Pictures of HOT Black Women?”

  1. Bodybuilder.com is extremely racist and biased towards black women. I have seen that site and if a black woman or a woman mixed with black comes up, it turns into a black woman bash fest. This is why I don’t care what anyone says, there is an us vs. them, when it comes to us black women. That’s why we need to choose our allies wisely. We are starting to show people that we are feminine and worthy of protection. Things are going to slowly start changing.


    1. i’m still trying to figure out exactly WHY people click on threads about black women JUST to comment about how ugly we supposedly are…i just don’t get it…is it entertainment for people or what?


  2. Great post that is why I am all about looking to other black women for advice, support, products. I feel that we do support each other despite what the media tells you about us as black women. That is why we are highly educated and are targeted for money. I like up and coming black women such as fitness ladies on facebook by Dailanda, blackgirlsrun.com. For hair and body products I love blackonyxworld.com, it was a joy watching her build her business from scratch and I buy a majority of my projects from her.


  3. I’ve only recently begun posting there so I can;’t say for certain if what you say is true. I do know, however, that posting a picture with a visible nipple is against forum rules and your picture of a “beautiful, NATURAL, traditional, Black Himba Woman” has a visible nipple. Maybe that has something to do with the thread being removed. I also know that the modertaors can be a bit heavy-handed and I’ve personally witnessed threads being deleted for far less.


    1. but that doesn’t hold up because the other thread with white women had far worse pictures of breasts and nipples and that go to stay up, i didn’t get banned for “indecent pictures,” i was banned for “spamming,” which I was NOT doing.


  4. The forums of bodybuilding.com is known for being extremely racist and misogynistic, therefore Black women are an easy target. However, I think you should re-word one of the last sentences in this article to “Blackwomendoworkout.com seems like the best bet for me, and I would encourage other Black women NOT TO SUPPORT THE BODYBUILDING.COM FORUM OR ANY FORUM THAT DISRESPECTS US AND DISPLAYS blatant prejudice to us!!!”; only to be clear that you are not referring to Blackwomendoworkout.com in the second clause.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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  6. Bodybuilding.com is a site filled with racists who are usually very angry towards black women for some reason. What I find even more odd, is the hundreds of black men who partake in these abusive conversations. You know a race has fallen when you see the men of that race, joining in with the ones who mock their women. Forget the whites on these sites. What has happenned to all the proud black men who used to love and uplift black women? I guess that era has ended. Divide and conquer appears to have been very effective.


  7. Contact me because I have been a member of Bodybuilding.com for years. I see how they have very few black women represented. In reality, many black women win competitions (Iris Kyle) and keep it up longer than many of their white, asian etc counterparts that get all the press and modeling gigs. That is frustrating to me because I have had an agent for 2 years and I have had no gigs, but I see girls with less muscle than me getting gigs all the time. As soon as they start looking old (Cory E.) They will stop because they guys won’t be checking them out, and they never really develop the true passion for the sport. They seek the attention they know they will get.


  8. It does not only happen on dat racism site.if u can google pictures of black women in body-building,trust me u wont find more than two pictures and u will be lucky if u even found just one.I am a 24 year old black african woman and i have always wanted to go into bodybuilding but after realising how ‘they’ treat other black women,i got discouraged and discontinued my sessions.But now im ready to go back and stand up for who i really am.Thanks for the enlightenment


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