Bodybuilding Forum: Doesn’t Allow Pictures of HOT Black Women?


I have a friend who is a body builder and I am trying to get fit, so I was browsing the internet and came across this bodybuilding and fitness website. I looked around and then lo and behold I came across a topic in the General Discussion category entitled “African Girls.” When I went into the topic, it was nothing surprising. A bunch of ignorant, so-called men discussing the supposed ugliness of Black African women. Someone had posted a picture of an Afro-Asian? woman and people proceeded to comment on how her beauty came from her “Asian features,” one commenter even wrote that “she must be mixed, she’s too feminine looking to be beautiful.” Another commenter stated that looking at Black woman was on the level of looking at a man.

You know all the typical, anti-black women stuff that is reguritated again and again on forums and in life. So, I was prepared this time. I decided that I would post pictures of beautiful African/Black women in the thread…I posted pictures of beautiful, dark-skinned African women to challenge their ignorance. When I started posting more pictures of beautiful Black/African women, I noticed a bit of a change in some of the male posters. One of the posters wrote that “I don’t like Black girls, but I’d smash.” You know the typical, back-handed compliment, pretty for a black girl vituperation that we’re all familiar with. We all know that people can’t just tell us we’re beautiful, they have to insult us too. But, basically translated, he was attracted to the Black-Black women who I posted on the forum.

Finally, I went back to the African Girls thread and posted some pictures of beautiful African and Black women.

Things were looking up until…the adminstrator/moderator REMOVED…THE WHOLE THREAD!


20 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Forum: Doesn’t Allow Pictures of HOT Black Women?”

      1. DOAN is right. I think they secretly envy the beauty of black women. That’s why white women get plastic surgery to get butt-lifts and lip injections. Not to mention tanning at the beach to get that perfect tan. They tell black women they’re not as beautiful while trying to imitate
        Sidenote: I love the picture of Bria Miles! 🙂


      2. DOA:
        Too much truth right here.

        I’ve been on that bodybuilding site and it’s just a bunch of sad juiceheads who can’t see past their own sad disposition. These are the spineless wimps who know they see hot black women all the time, but they’re such cowards, they’d rather join the bandwagon in dogging us than just admitting that they don’t have the balls to step to us or even admit that they are attracted to black women.

        And yes we are envied and feared. May as well get used to it.


  1. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all teach that black skin is a curse from Noah on the decendants of Ham starting with Ham’s son Canaan to be ‘servants of servants’.
    Being taught of this curse may have left many people some subliminal trace of this story.
    Such socio-political religions should be exposed as little more than a means of justifying war and discrimination.
    I would say that those taught this story as the Word of God are just as scarred as the objects of the curse.


  2. Perhaps you could expand on this ‘envy’ thing a bit more and put it in the context of the overall belief that BW (in america?) do not like any men but their own. This is a very real belief that has not been discussed much (the POV has always tended to be on the side of men) but no one wants to touch on the stereotype that BW aren’t interested in anyone but BM (and even that is debatable that they are that interested in BM). I think people don’t want to discuss it because it will answer too many questions and BW will come out looking the ‘desirable ones’ which we can’t have, can we? 🙂
    It will come off as a conscious choice by BW to stick to the familiar, hence being in control of our own destiny and not giving a **** about anyone else, including WM (outside of some 2 or 3 IR blogs). Which I truly believe, is how others view BW. As being very insular and ‘self-centered’ and ‘only into BM’. I have not just jumped to this conclusion. This has come from observation.

    Do you think some of the vitriol stems from there? As opposed to say…. other races of women who fawn over white men? I have been of this view for a very long time and small things I read only confirm it for me. Perhaps you could do a blogpost on this? Or I could contribute one? I don’t know. This particular ‘insular’ and ‘she’s-just-not-into-you’ BW stereotype needs to be discussed! If you notice on most fictional shows, if a wm(and to a lesser extent, a bm) lightly flirts with an attractive bw, she will spurn him with some comedic ‘slick’ line that makes him feel less than. And the show goes on. This does not come from nowhere. Hence the ‘revenge’ vitriol because of how we are perceived. Makes sense?


    1. you might have a point, i do notice when a man expresses interest in a bw on TV, they always make her make a smart comment, snap an attitude at him. you could be on to something…


    2. What you are saying makes sense to me, and I have said as much elsewhere. As a group, black women aren’t tripping over themselves trying to get a white male. This becomes even more true when you compare black females to other races of women. Because of this I feel some white men do a preemptive strike if you will…Diss them(BW) before they can diss you/us (WM)! Nobody wants to look like a fool, openly clamoring/caring about a group of men/women who (for the most part) have no interest in you…

      Again, I am only talking about SOME. I personally believe most white males couldn’t careless really, and the ones that make it a point to highlight the “ugliness” of women of African descent are only telling on themselves. Why go out of your way to diss a group of people that (for the most part) couldn’t care less about your personal preferences in women? Either you are truly ugly and racist person with nothing else to do, or there is something deeper going on.

      Black women “aint shit” yet you are taking time out of your day to comment/write manifestos about our “ugly” selves….oooookkkkayyyyy?!


      1. that’s true it’s almost like some people get off on talking about how ugly we are…i don’t know, it amazes me how pretty much any forum i go on sooner or later i’ll come across a thread bashing black women and they say the same things again and again and again


  3. I don’t mean to be controversial but is it really true that the reason black women get so much stick is because the other races envy there beauty?

    Personally I think that is a cop out. It is like saying, “He bullies you because he likes you.” It could be true, but most probably isn’t unless you are like in primary school.

    I think what “they” don’t like about black women is their strength. A strong woman ceases to be an attractive woman. Sexual attraction is how people play to your desires. You have a criteria and if someone plays to it, they are attractive and if they don’t they are not. In my opinion, black women in general don’t play to the desires of “white” men, at least not in the way “white” men like it.

    So in conclusion I don’t think it is entirely whether a black woman is attractive or not, it is how she comes across in the eyes of a potential suitor.


      1. I don’t think it’s our beauty, per se, but our strength and the ability to see the bs a mile away and not put up with it.

        Of course it’s the ‘get them before they get us’ tactic that’s at play, which is why it’s easy for them to play that ‘don’t nobody want black women’ meme.

        Truth be told, I find American men that have this issue and not the men from abroad. American are socially conditioned pussies.


  4. How a black woman comes across distorted in the eyes of the viewer. We are viewed through the lenses of white supremacy. We are viewed through lenses coated with a thick layer of cultural bias.


  5. Claims of White Supremacy affecting the opinions of modern day people concerning people with black skin are false and play into the justification for the discrimination that has gone on for thousands of years. In fact given a choice in retrospect black people would have chosen slavery in the ‘New World’ rather than the old.
    The cultural bias has been the most harmful.


  6. Also, the person posting on these forums are most certainly wasting their time. Why? Because most of those men on the forum have made up their minds regarding what they find attractive in women, or not in the case of black women. I don’t see the value in wasting time on people how view you/us as less than. That’s time that could have been spent doing something more fulfilling to one personal/professional/romantic life.

    Just my opinion


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