A Cautionary Tale: When Mandingo Parties Go Wrong

I was watching Investigation Discovery and I came across this very interesting, somewhat pathetic and truly tragic story. It was a story of a Mandingo Party gone wrong. You all know about my theories about mandingo parties, swinger parties. If you havent’ read my other posts on this subject, please do so I’ve always thought that going to a perfect strangers house and sleeping with someone’s wife or allowing another man to sleep with your wife right in front of you was asking for trouble. I had assumed that if it hadn’t happened already sooner or later someone would end up dead.

Anyway, that is exactly what happened in the story of Joan Shannon. Joan Shannon was a housewife who was married to a military man named Dave Shannon who raised her four children in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She and her husband, outwardly, appeared normal. However, when Joan goes to a “Swinger party,” and meets a Black man named Jeffrey, things take a turn for the worst. Joan’s husband, had arranged for his wife to meet up with the Black man Jeffrey at a swinger party because well…Joan had a thing for Black men or what they sadly call in the swinger community BBC…and no that doesn’t stand for Brtish Broadcasting corporation. We all know here on this blog how Black men’s penis have been made into a fetish for white folks at Mandingo Parties. So anyway, Joan has sex with Jeffrey at the Swinger party. Her husband watches the escapade and soon the sexual encounter progresses to gang sex…3 or 4 guys sleeping with Joan, while her husband watches. Joan’s husband is okay with this as long as there is no emotional attachment and Joan doesn’t go behind her husband’s back. He even video tapes her sexual escapades and keeps them for his own “use.”

But, soon unpredictably …(sarcasm intended) Joan starts seeing Jeffrey behind her husbands back and they begin having sex 3-4 times a week without her husband’s knowledge and soon the sexual relationship (for Joan) becomes emotional. She no longer has interest in her husband and even refuses to have sex with him at all. When Joan stays out all night, without her husband’s knowledge, he begins to suspect that she is seeing Jeff behind his back and tells his wife to end not only the relationship with Jeff, but to STOP the swinger life, which he had originally encouraged, altogether.

Joan Shannon refuses to stop and begins to resent her husband for standing inbetween her and her supposed “lover.” So long story short, Joan Shannon, who had become so wrapped up in her sex addiction/swinger lifestyle that she ignored her children, coerces her 15 year old daughter to murder her husband. The 15-year old shoots the father, while he sleeps beside Joan in bed one night. It was a desperate attempt to gain the affection and love of her mother, who had ignored the teen all her life.

When the police are called to the scene, JOan puts on an act of a distraught wife who claims that her husband was shot by a burglar…but there is one problem. There is no sign of forced entry and no blood on Joan at all. Finally, Joan seemed unemotional even apathetic when she was questioned about her husband’s murder by the police. Soon the police discover pornographic tapes of Joan and her many many men from the swinger parties, including Jeffrey. When Jeffrey is questioned, he tells the police that he had no love for Joan, he was only in the relationship for sex, he had no intention of leaving his own wife and children and that he had nothing to do with the murder.

His alibi is that he was at work that night, which he was and he checks out. Soon it’s discovered that Joan orchestrated the whole murder and she is sentenced to life in prison.

The moral of the story is…don’t go around sleeping with married men and women and think you’re going to get away with it, you’ll pay for it someday somehow.

The next moral of the story is this, white men who like to be cuckolded be careful what you wish for, don’t encourage your wife to go around sleeping with other men under the false sense of security that she’ll never fall in love and be unwaveringly loyal to you.

Don’t murder your husband just so you can have an affair when the man doesn’t even really like you. Just divorce your husband and hold your own if you want to screw around with Black men so badly. Why torment your family and spouse…just leave.

Black men, don’t be stupid and allow yourselves to be pawns in a dysfunctional relationship…well actually you’re probably dysfunctional too if you’re consenting to being a part of that environment…so nevermind.
It’s a tragic story all around.

Basically the story is of Joan Shannon, the mother of the year who sent her own daughter to prison for her own narcisstic, sex-addicted, dumb self. She is now rotting in prison for life. Was it really worth it, boo boo? All that just to fufill some racist-erotic fantasy…ruined so many lives…

hmmmph. just sad


70 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale: When Mandingo Parties Go Wrong

    1. it’s not so much about how she looks as it is about how she behaves and treats people. the woman was unbalanced and she desperately needed therapy. she was probably unbalanced before she ever did the mandingo parties, that just pushed her over the edge and for the black man in the scenario to keep exacerbating the situation when he knew that her husband was no longer into it was even wrong on his part. the whole thing was wrong, but he should have stepped back when he was told that the husband was no longer for it because then it really became adultery and when she started talking about murder that’s when the police should have been called. and the white husband was an idiot and a fool to get this started in the first place. he started it with his racist mind, but damn did he deserve to die for it? it was just a sad and embarassing situation for everyone involved, i hope nothing like this ever happens again, but judging by the recklessness of the mandingo, swinger culture, i’m sure somehing else will happen if it hasn’t happened already and next time the black man may not get off so easy, maybe next time he’ll be dragged into it and end up being a suspect in the murder instead of just a “person of interest.”


      1. attention: Kushite Prince,

        what does race have to do with it? if a person has some mental problems it has nothing to do with there race. i have dated out of my race. heck my ex husband was from Jamaica n we had no problems when it came to race his family loved me n i loved him n his family. if u choose to not date out of your race that’s your business n no one should ever try n make u change that. but its also not fair for u to make it seem like all white women are just a bunch of freaking nut cases neither. because we all aren’t heck i might be crazy but crazy in a good way =) meaning i make people L.O.L n make someones day better due to me joking with them n doing my silly as i call them white girl dances ( i can dance i just do those dances to make someone L.O.L n feel better ). so please don’t think of all use white women or men as just messed up nut cases because we all aren’t. i don’t take all the stuff people may say about black people and say its true because not all black people are the same neither.

        thank you and may god bless u and your family forever



  1. As men , we usually have the ‘reduced blood flow to the brain’ excuse for some of our more Bachanalian behavior, but I will never be able to understand how a woman can forsake her children all for the love of a penis. It is a more common situation than we may like to admit. A woman in Florida was just arrested for leaving her three children at home alone so she could make a booty call. Her children,4 years old, 3 years old and ten months old, were found at 5am crossing a four lane highway. The four year old was carrying the ten month old and holding the hand of the three year old.
    Some swingers can stick to the rules of the game with no drama, but in my view once a man wants to see his wife having sex with other men, the party is over. But at all of these swinger situations, Mandingo and Swirl included, people have to establish and maintain their responsibility to their children.
    This reminds me of the Fluke woman who argued for free contraception because she could not afford to maintain the cost of her contraception at her rate of sexual activity It gives rise to the premise that uncontrollable sexual desire is a form of insanity.


    1. I agree, the line between fantasy and reality was obscured to the point that people’s lives fell apart, were endangered and ruined because of this. I also feel sorry for the black man’s family, think about how his risky sexual behavior may have affected them, orgies are a great way to bring diseases, heartache and STD’s back to your family.


  2. I saw that piece as well. That was a WTF? moment for me. What a bunch of freaks and deviates. But that perversion has been going on since slavery. It’s a shame brothers get caught up in that disgusting practice.


  3. Nigs will fuck anything with a pulse. The movies you see where they bang hot women are always staged. The truth is they normally get inbreds like this one or porkers over 250 that no man in his right mind would touch.


    1. Someone is jelly?
      Ok sorry but I couldn’t resist to laugh at your comment mr ” expert on niggers” lol. The reality? I guess you’re a man and how would you know who niggers fuck? Do you follow them with camera you pervert? I bet you got a stacks of black gay porn I have heard you racist like that. The truth is “Niggers” get all kind of women some ugly as you said and some the hottest you can see like everybody else. And I know it’s hard for you to take it in but that’s the truth. Gotta deal with it.

      P.S about that they fuck anything with a pulse, I think that stereotype refers to ALL guys. Especially whites, hey it isn’t us who is fucking our dogs and the pigs on the farm.


      1. nope. Groids in Africa aka da Muddaland suck urine out of cows penis. A negro in Mississippi was just arested for having sex with a sheep and goat. Every groid I know loves 200lb + blond blue eyed white women. I guess the worst of the European race is better than the best of the mud race. Muh dik muh dik!!! ohhgghhaaa booghaaa


      1. Most of your blog entries and comments call (literally) for black men to “rise up” and “murder whites” (your words). You scream it from your pulpit like a crazed revolutionary and this message of violence gets either actively supported or, at worst, glossed over.

        So after putting IN PRINT “white people are the enemy and MUST be killed!” (your actual words) its ironic to see you call someone out as ignorant/racist.


  4. Here’s my problem with this cuckold thing:

    White men who like to be cuckolded think they have the power because his whore of a wife has to act on her base desires, and he knows that he cannot satisfy her, unless he can get a man who shares her base desires and put them together for the white man’s enjoyment.
    Keep in mind, the white husband thinks he’s better because he’s above all of that and his wife is just a slut, but he must do his husbandly duty by treating her like the slut she is; watch her have sex with an animalistic brute that is the black male, or a dog or a horse, etc.
    The black man is seen as an animal, so to the cuckold, it’s like watching their wife perform bestiality for their pleasure.

    Too bad these Mandingos like to be thought of as animals.

    Oh well *shrug*


    1. Thats not the psychology at all. These men are often deeply masochistic and the entire thing is an extension of BDSM culture. Its not just “white men” either. The subculture is just as big in Asia. Id argue it may be some natural consequence of an absolute patriarchy that some men short circuit this way.


    1. Whether you are male or female ; charging for sexual encounters has a name and that is__ PROSTITUTION.
      9inchTongue , besides you being a prostitute you must really be miserable being alone , having no wife and family. I feel sorry for you. I really do.
      Your sex life summed up to 200 dollars per sexual encounter.

      P.S. Now I bet you reply on here saying you do have a wife and family to
      contradict my posting. So if you do in fact have a wife, family and
      you admitting to being a prostitute yourself__ that shows everyone just
      how much of a sick and lonely little man you are.


  5. WOW. I’ve always been really creeped out by the way black men are treated by the swinger community as a fetish. It seems awfully racist on one hand, while on the other the guys involved don’t seem to mind. One of the men I am seeing (The Professor, on my blog) is a black man who has slept with lots of married (white) women whose husbands allow them to “play”. I’ve often wondered how it makes him feel to be “used” that way. One woman is in love with him and she is married but her husband seems perfectly okay with that as far as I can see. He lets her come stay with him for entire weekends at a time.

    Another guy friend, that I’ve never had sex with, has told me lots of stories about sleeping with other men’s wives, with permission, and a lot of times he ends up seeing them secretly and they fall for him as well. Makes it seem like it happens a lot! Any time you are having sex with someone you are opening yourself up to that possibility.

    I really don’t understand the white guys who like this at all. I think some of them see it as some sort of shameful thing for themselves and look on the “black guy” as superior to them in some way and others see it as a demeaning act to their wives. Somehow she’s more of a “slut” for sleeping with a black man. I find it really disturbing and I’ve read a lot about it because of personal stories I’ve heard from men that I know and just trying to figure it all out.

    It might sound weird for me to comment because I myself am a white woman that has dated more black men than white in my life. Still, I’ve never seen it as some kind of “fetish” and that is what is hard for me to comprehend. I grew up being the only white kid in my family and just didn’t know very many white men so I guess they seemed harder for me to relate to. Not that I discriminate. Sometimes I date white guys sometimes hispanic and I’ve dated an Asian guy before. It’s all about the individual for me and not their ethnicity. The focus on the fact that they are black is what weirds me out.


    1. Actually the fact you are a white woman who claims to be immune to fetishes, yet is actively dating a black man who you *know* is just as into it as 9inchtongue, yet supposedly you are still shocked/confused sounds extremely strange.

      IMO for every weird white guy into it there is an equally weird black guy enabling it. That you ONLY find the white guy weird and are ok enough with the black guys role to keep dating a guy who does this suggests you have more bias than you think.

      Its ALL deviants in that scenario, including The Professor.


  6. “@ how does it make you feel when you get paid to do this?”

    Surprised actually. I’ve always been a hyper-sexual person. No I was never molested, touched or any crap like that.. but I remember being about 6 years old dreaming about having sex with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. No lie. In hindsight.. I guess that should have TOLD me something right there.

    But the fact that anyone would offer ME, a straight man to have straight sex with a very cute woman was a total surprise to me. I didn’t know people did such things.

    Now this was the first time she slept with other men in front of her husband.. but I was the first black guy to sleep with her. She actually saw me in the bar and sent her husband to talk to me. At first I was like, “oh hell no”… but the more drinks he purchased for the 3 of us.. the more I left my resistance down.

    and to the racist @jollyg… she was HOT!


    1. Your comment that when you were 6 years old you dreamed of sex with Minnie
      Mouse and Daisy Duck would tend to make people believe you have a mental
      sickness. Serious and no joke. Who has a fantasy about sex with childrens
      cartoon characters ? Only type person I can think of would be a sick person.
      Wonder how long it takes for such people with such fantasies to cross the line
      into illegal type fantasies and acting on them…..


  7. Also… I was contacting you because I would like to reprint this article. I won’t b.s. you… it’s for an adult blog… but the story and message is one that I think needs to be heard.


    1. @ 9inchtongue,

      you have my permission to share the article on your adult blog, all I ask if that you link back to my blog when you repost it. thanks for ur comment


    1. ghgfhgh, you know that i have your ip address and email right. don’t come on here and use that language or your getting banned.


      1. Peanut ,

        people like you who think you are the all seeing and all powerful Wizard of Oz
        make me sick. you reply to ghghghgh that you have their ip address and
        e-mail. ooooohhhh, wow , your all seeing power.
        gosh gee golly, ip address. sounds like your a clueless idiot what has been to too many swinger sex parties and been the sex object too long.

        now, back to ip address. does you absolutely no good. now days people have an ip address as little as 1 or 2 minutes . in my case I have ATT broadband cell 4-G
        soon as I log off and right back on, wha la , a totally new / different ip address.
        so you chew on that.
        now as for e-mail, google and yahoo offer free e-mail accounts.
        i currently have around 30 different e-mail accounts which inhibits trash like you.
        the e-mail I used on here— I have not checked the inbox in over a year. (since I set up the acct.) I forgot the password and dont care. so you go right ahead and
        make threats to people such as ghghghgh. I dont know about them but your threats are funny and dont scare me in the least bit. suck on it..
        I suggest you grow up and stop threatening people or least trying to threaten people by commenting that you have their ip and or e-mail.
        such threats might lead some to think you could somehow intend to hack into their computer or e-mail. I hope you are not hinting at anything like that.

        Something like that can get you prosecuted under computer crime laws.

        Anyone who disagrees with you or has a different opinion and you imply a threat
        against their computer or e-mail by commenting you have their ip address and e-mail.

        Now lets see how quick you can threaten me in such a way.
        Understand this, I have no problem filing a written complaint with the FBI computer crimes division upon being threatened in such a way.


        I won’t be back on here. Which will be by my choice and not anyone else.
        There are plenty other sites same of similar as this one that are more
        professionally ran.


  8. People like this blog writer tend to racially pump tragic incidents like this one, simply because of the fear of the black man. America has this problem very bad. Its like jessica m stated ” wtf does race have to do with the fact that some dumbass bias husband decided to violate his own wedding vows and ingage in extra marital affairs? Regardless of who he chose to participate in the pleasing of his wife. And by the way, if your not married or never have been, you probably should shut the front door! Because (one) you gave all of the rules of what not to do except for the most important. …..Dont get married if you dont understand your vows, commitment, and true love!


    1. it matters because the men with these type of cuckold fantasies specifically seek out black men, they don’t randomly choose a man who happens to be black. they choose black men because they fit their racist ideals.


      1. I’m not into this “subculture”, but, AFAIK, the cuckold fantasy addicts are not overwhelmingly looking for black men. Some studies- admittedly, they’re now hard to find, somewhere in psychology journals- show that most cuckolding orchestrated fantasy happens in white suburbs, all participants being white. “Mandingo” is just a subset of this swinging “subculture”. Psychiatrically, this is a sexual deviancy falling under category of sexual masochism (for white males).


  9. These women are just white trash ho’s period. Any white chick with some black guy has emotional issues. Let me tell you, if are with are with some chick that dated blacks, leave her. I dated a girl up here in Maryland. I didn’t know she broke up with some jealous black guy. Anyway, I got an assault charge out of it all because we went to what looked like a nice bar for a few drinks. I leave for the men’s room. I get back and some black guy is sitting in my seat talking to this lady I was dating. I say “excuse me why you in my seat” and to her ” who is this” he gets up and tells me to “shut the fck up” After which I lose it, throw a very nice punch to his mouth which cut his mouth all up and knocked a tooth out. The we wrestle around till its broken up. The police are called and I get an assault charge and all the pain of going to court etc … that comes with it, The bottom line is don’t go out with women who date these guys, not worth it!


    1. this blog isn’t really about white women who date black men, its about white men, white women who use black men for mandingo sex and who dehumanize Black men by doing so. white women and black men who are just dating as equals and who don’t behave in this degrading manner are in a different category from this.


  10. Well, it’s sexually deviant behavior, just like group sex, trains, gang-bangs etc., this time with a racial component. White men -husbands- are humiliated and they enjoy humiliation: the exact definition of masochism. White women-wives: their reactions vary, from humiliation and disgust to some kind of romantic infatuation. Some were actually forced into it by their husbands; some initiated the whole thing. Black men do not, as a rule, feel objectified but empowered, especially if the wife is good looking- it’s a variant of “sticking it to the man”. I have to repeat: most cuckolding scenarios reported in psych manuals are among one race, white. Also, it is classified as a psychiatric disorder- I forgot the number, you can find it in textbooks-, a subgroup of sexual masochism.


  11. You started with a precept of mandingo parties then cuckolding and finally ended with a pathological personality. The fault here is a psychopathic / narcissitic personality which one might meet in any sphere of life. Of course you probably have a range of baggage of sex outside marriage being sinful and has informed your ignorance.


    1. sorry if you were offended “Jim.” It’s interesting that you are calling me “ignorant,” I think people who participate in mandingo parties that endorse racist stereotypes are ignorant, that’s my opinion. So, I guess we can agree to disagree.


  12. First off, I am very fond of monogamy, and as a direct result I find the subject matter altogether disturbing. Yet I am compelled to remind every one here that the entire act of cuckolding, is designed by it’s very nature to degrade ones husband by forcing him to witness his wife engaged in a sexual act with a male considered to be SUPERIOR TO HIMSELF. How is it considered racist when the man who is banging your wife is considered to be your superior, held in higher regard, a position of power, someone generally better than you, and you wife is LOVIN’ IT? They don’t pick a strong sexy black man to do this because they are lookin’ for a broke down ass slave. In nearly all occasions, chocolate and vanilla are attracted to each other. No one is going to bang someone they don’t want to without being FORCED. People love who people love and people get their freak on with whoever makes their blood boil hot. Y’all need to get it together and realize that your disapproval of a certain lifestyle does not condone backhanded opinions and accusations that are in fact more racist than a calico bag of someone else’s pleasure. That kind of blind ignorance makes you no better than those who stand accused, and it doesn’t help our cause. All said with much love, respect, and a desire to enlighten people to step out of the box of racial stigma. <3 An intelligent, beautiful, proud, African American woman who stumbled into that strange part of the internet.


  13. This situation has nothing to do with a Mandingo party. The blogger has tried to tie these two situation together to creat a spin on the cauae and effect of a dysfunctional family. Why? I know white guys that are considered bulls and a few black women that are hotwives married to white men of course. So if one of these black hw killed
    their white cuck husband would you write the same type of OPINION? By the way Mandingo party is a term from the AA
    community not white people. Whites refer
    to it as interracual swinging. Yes, more psycological


    1. Excuse the spelling this is my phone.

      The psychology of it deals with the sexual attraction of “contrasting” during coitious. It is for some a highly arousing phenomenon that heightens both arousal and climax. This can be sexually addictive for either party that is drawn to that specifically. As far as the cuckhold, he is just watching “reality interracial” porn. Personally I think any
      young black man that can go out and get him some in thia situation should. Why? Because if he is astruggling


      1. …a struggling working student that does not want to be bogged down by drama of a relationship the to keep his mind focused and stress free do it. The problem here is the “leverage” that a lot of AA single women use is diminished by many very sexy white women offering these men what they NEED. I dated my first white female at age 40 after saying I had no nees to


      2. Ironically while trying to get a date with a very attractive AA cashier in a store, her not knowing if she wanted to go to dinner with me the married white woman behind me said that was her favorite restuarant I spoke about. I said looks like I will be dinning alone since this lady is undecised


  14. Her response was not if I can help it. The cashier showed an attitude when I told her let me know when you would like to try the restuarant. This white woman said her husband hated the place. We ate and talked about marriage kids family and swinging. She said she dates and so does her husband of 17 years. She said she has developed an attraction to intelligent AA males.


    1. She is 38 with the body of a fitness model and looks of a supermodel. I thought immediately there were some issues here, so fine. No none nada. Just a woman that likes sex, watches, reads it and writes about it. I was actually the same way; we engage on aregular basis with dinner and a movie to a different hotel suite in various nearby cities. She has taken me to places that I saw black women in but witj white men. She has introduced me to other hot white females that I also see occassionally for sex. We get tested and show papers upon request. We have had parties where I was the only blaxk guy


      1. and some where I was the only guy, yeah. This only happens with black women if you are a celebrity. So to all the young black men that are offred an opportunity before you reach 30, be mature, be safe, be respextful and have fun. To all the black womwn that haven’t learned yet take note, the coochie is not leverage anymore, your attitude is. Be wise, be nice, and be real about things. Reality check, this is happening.


      2. Your quote—- ” We get tested and show papers on request ”

        What in the world does that mean ? Sexual Transmitted Disease testing and
        What a joke you are in that regard.


        So now see how your tested and show papers comment in your posting is
        a very dumb comment.


  15. To the person who wrote this article..very informative article ;however; I want to point out a few things:

    1. U placed the blame of murder on the wrong party…Blame the wife for infidelity and the husband for not only suggesting to go to the party but videotaping her for his personal use..

    2. As a black man who attends “freak parties” (dont have a clue what a Mandingo party is).. Women dont see it as a fetish but a fantasy..to be in a house with athletic muscular black men packing major d##k is a fantasy.. Porn and the inability of some men to sexually please their women is part of the problem..Then again, some people just like having sex (please note that i dont participate in parties where white women are the main menu…just not in to them)

    3. White couples who attend these events, are enjoyed by both husband and wives/boyfriends and girlfriends…in fact, they tell their friends about it and bring them to the next party..

    4. Black men dont allow yourselves to be a pawn in a dysfunctional relationship?.its apparent u never been to a freak party…all it is is no strings quality sex with very attractive women.. cant help if they continue to want more…TRUST ME NO ONE IS BENDING THEIR ARM TO ATTEND THESE EVENTS OR TO HAVE SEX OUTSIDE OF THE PARTY…Satisfaction is what keep women regardless of race coming back…

    So maybe u need to change ur title and thinking to infidelity leads to murder instead of black man gets white man killed…The cheating and murder was all done “in house”…You may have book sense but your common sense is severely lacking..


  16. Moral of the story, don’t trust anyone. The reason for this is, we’ve all lost respect for one another. The day we stop caring for each other as humans is the day we lose all humanity. You have to have respect for any kind of relationship to work. If there’s not respect, then don’t trust them. Also, be grateful with what you have and don’t be greedy. That happens to a lot of people in Las Vegas, they win and get way over their heads about it, they go back and lose everything and their savings.


  17. I am one of those black men who is obssessed white women. I believe that the sun doesnt shined until white girls leave the house. White girls are alll that is good in the world. Iam actually getting dizzy thinking about how soft and beautiful white women are and how she lets me pound away at her sweet pussy and she says she wants it done harder. I smile wvery time I see her. Jungle fever really does exist.


    1. I am a single white woman who thinks black guys r very sexy I can say hell ya I turn my head when I see a good looking black man walking past me . No I don’t and have not been to any party like that


  18. The murder and madness is unrelated to the Mandingo party. People fall out of love, into love with other people and then do crazy, stupid things with OR without Mandingo parties. You really have spun a long and convoluted yarn just to make the unrelated point that you disapprove of these parties.

    As the previous respondent wrote, Jungle Fever exists – and it is good to see people expressing themselves sexually rather than repressing. I am a white guy in a white couple and my wife has a hard case of “the fever”. She goes to parties of this nature, except there is no way us husbands are invited. Other than that my wife and I have a sweet and loving relationship – and that really is the key thing. i feel secure in my marriage.


  19. The bottom line black people in north America are statistically proven to have higher amount of narcisistic personality disorder than any other human group around the world. One main characteristic of npd is severely fragile self esteem. Sorry to burst your bubble black guys but anyone who’s been in the change rooms knows the whole mandingo thing is not true.


  20. We have been to racially mixed partiess and have had no problems. They have actually been very pleasant. There have been whites and blacks of both sexes. A couple we know has been to a “Mandingo” party and the wife said she loved it. There was another white couple there and 6 or 7 black guys. Said it was some of the best she has had and theior husbands enjoyed them having their fun. To us it is no big deal about race, its about the person.


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