This Is Getting So Tired Now…

I don’t know how many times I have to come across a forum where Black women and our alleged “ugliness,” is the topic of discussion…why do people spend so much time talking about us if we’re so ugly and undesirable?

I swear ya’ll I don’t go looking for this stuff…but here we go again:

In this version of anti-black woman foolishness, we have the traditional attacks on black womanhood.

– 1. black women ugly

– 2. no one, especially non-black men, wants black women

– 3. black women have short, nappy, bad hair

– 4. only mixed black women like beyonce, zoe saladana are beautiful

– 5. black women are fatter than other groups of people

– 6. black men are the ONLY men black women can get (as if there’s something wrong with black men?)

Here is my brief response:

-1. Black women are not ugly. Stop quoting Satoshi Kanazawa and his warped logic. The man is the last person who needs to be calling ANYONE ugly.

-2.  People forget that white men make up the largest percentage of interracial daters. Meaning of all the interracial marriages in the US, MOST are between white men/non-white women. Asian women/ white men are the most common interracial and Black women/white men are the FASTEST growing interracial pairing in the United States. If we look at history it has ALWAYS been white men who have pursued, harassed and molested Black women, not the other way around. In fact Black women had to have our own widespread movement to get AWAY from white men.  Just remember this white men have always dated, mated, married outside their race, even before Black men…if they’re supposed to be so superior…why were the main ones who perpetuated  the race mixing white men? It got  to the point that most Black Americans are mixed  with European and we have entire ethnicities who were born of European men/African women (Latin America, Brazil, Creoles…) White men are and have always been the biggest hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating.

-3. Black women have beautiful, “nappy” hair actually. I will say this that the reason some Black women have so many hair issues and struggle with breakage, short hair has nothing to do with our hair texture itself, but rather the lack of proper hair care. Let’s be very clear, if more Black women embraced their natural texture and were taught to care for it, we’d find that our hair actually grows thick and long. When you take a healthy, kinky african hair and stretch it out it goes down you back. I wear an afro when I blow my hair out, it’s thick and down my back. I learned to care properly for my texture and once more Black women learn to embrace our natural texture, we’ll understand that our hair is actually extremely versatile and beautiful, if you want your hair to grow, natural is the best way. Trust me, non-black women and their hair…it’s fine for them… but our hair is UNIQUE we can do everything and anything with our hair, including straighting it to have the long, straight look if you so desire, we can also keep it in an afro, braid it and do anything with it. It’s easy to get straight hair, easy to replicate that look, all you have to do is run a flat iron through our hair…but other races will NEVER be able to replicate our hair texture, whereas we can do anything with our hair. As Kola Boof says “our hair is the PROOF, that we are children of the first Garden in Ethiopia…those children who REMAINED in the image of God.” Our hair is the proof!

– Also check out mwedzi on youtube, she is a natural Black women with natural, african- 4b hair and her hair is gorgeous and when straightened it is VERY LONG and goes down her back. Also check out Cathy Howse, a Black woman with long hair who gives hair care tips. DO NOT EVER BELIEVE THE HYPE THAT OUR HAIR IS INFERIOR, Black women have been bamboozled into believing that and it’s a lie.

-4. Beyonce isn’t biracial, but Black nor is Zoe Saldana  nor is Rihanna Biracial. Beyonce is light-skinned because of her creole heritage, which can be traced back to Frenchmen sleeping with Black/mulatto  creole women in her family.

You know when I say sleeping with, I don’t mean sharing a bed like two siblings… I mean f-cking, screwing, penetrating, hot and sweating, pumping, stroking, thrusting, penis into the vagina, doing the deed, hitting it, getting your freak on, cumming and ejaculating, fluid exchange, white man sperm inside the Black woman’s body …you know f-cking in case anyone doesn’t understand what that means. I know it’s hard for some white men to imagine that a white man would not only f-ck a Black woman, but impregnate her, so I felt I had to graphically describe that so we’re on the same page. That’s what your forefathers did again and again and again, let’s be clear on that. What I’m getting at is many of the light-skinned women that people prop up are light skinned because of white men getting it on with dark skinned black women OFTEN AGAINST the Black woman’s will…so cut this nonsense about Black women running after white men when historically it’s ALWAYS been the opposite…keep that in mind. But, for the record there have always been beautiful dark-skinned Black- Black women. Kenya Moore, Alexandra Burke, Agbani Darego, Bria Myles, Damaris Lewis,Oluchi Onweagba and many more. The reason the media doesn’t uplift their beauty is because the media is racist and some other racist women tend to get very insecure around attractive, dark-skinned Black women. By ignoring dark-skinned Black women, they are protecting the fragile egos of these men/women.

-6. Stop using the BMI to measure obesity in Black women. The BMI isn’t accurate. It would be better to measure your adiposity around waist circumference because the BMI doesn’t take muscle mass into account. Black women can have thicker thighs and buttocks, and still have a smaller waist than a smaller or same weight woman. Finally if you look at obesity rates internationally you’ll note that the countries with the highest obesity rates ARE ALL western nations. NO COUNTRY IN AFRICA has a problem with obesity, so overall white/non-black women outrank Black women when it comes to obesity. Do some AMERICAN Black women have problems with obesity…yuh…but that is largely  due to American culture and socio-economic, racial differences that impact Black women more than any other group. Remember, we’re the least privileged group and we get the worst when it comes to health care. But do I think it’s 78% of Black women obese…? HELL NO

– 7. What makes you think that you (as a non-black man) are so superior that Black women would automatically want you over a Black man? Last I checked, all human beings were equal…so why would an arrogant person like you assume that Black women were just aching to be with you JUST BECAUSE you’re not Black?

Well, that’s my take on things, I really am getting tired of coming across the same broken record comments about Black women like it’s getting old seriously .



2 thoughts on “This Is Getting So Tired Now…”

  1. hi im from Rwanda in east Africa.
    I’m happy to tel u that in my country our women are cherished and appreciated, there is a saying in Kenya ‘if you go to Rwanda you marry’ because Rwandan women are so beautiful.
    They are taught to love their hair and care for it properly, their hair can take on so many styles that most white female who spend some time here, all try at least once an African hairdo and although some can’t quit pull it, it does suit most of them.
    We also don’t have that light skin fetish American have, in Rwanda its texture of the skin and how it looks that matter, not shades of black. Here one of the greatest sign of beauty is having black or dark brown gums, pink ones are considered unhealthy.
    We also have a different view of white people because under the harsh African sun, white skin doesn’t look as well as it does in the movies or in their cold native lands, it takes a pinkish reddish unhealthy look (except for those lucky white people who tan easily)
    Even old white ladies come all the time in our country and go back with a young handsome Rwandan husband. I get that you live in a white majority country, so I’d like to suggest that your next vacation you come to Rwanda or Africa in general (stay away from countries that have a big Arab population, they are even more racist than white folks) and you’ll see that black women have a place where they are seen as a miracle of creation, the most beautiful thing God created is womenfolk (white, black, brown, yellow,blue,etc) but God outdid himself when he created black women, those curves, the thin waist, the thick and muscled thighs and butts, they way even extra weight goes to all the right places shows you that.
    Anyway welcome anytime, and halla at me if u come ill show my beautiful country


    1. Amazing!!! I want to go to Rwanda now 🙂 African men are extraordinary. I met a guy from Benin who had the sweetest personality. I think it’s time we in America learn from the best aspects of Africa .

      Peace and God bless


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