The Guy I Met At Work May Be Crazy…

A few weeks ago, I was at work and this guy who had been riding his bike around the reservoir near my job approached me. I initially was going to ignore him, in fact, I told him I was on my way back inside to my job, but he asked “well can I walk with you?” I agreed, we chatted for a bit and then he told me how “down to earth,” he was and we exchanged phone numbers. I regret giving him my phone number.

We only talked on the phone a few times, but when he called me he said several things that I didn’t like.

1. He told me that women had dirty private parts and that he would never give a woman oral sex, but he wanted a woman to give it to him. I know it seems like a silly thing, but it’s not so much that he wouldn’t give a woman oral sex that bothers me, but that he equates a woman’s natural body with being dirty. That didn’t sit well with me. It came off as misogynistic to me.

2. He kept interrupting me when we talked and putting words into my mouth. For example, when he asked me what I looked for in a man and I said I wanted an intelligent man…he seemed to get offended by that. He gave me some crap about just because a guy isn’t educated doesn’t mean he’s not a good guy. Mind you, I never said intelligence was equated with education. You can be intelligent, even if you’re not educated.

3. He pressured me about a serious relationship and spending the night at his house and we only met a couple weeks before.

4. When I didn’t want to go on a date with him, he was outright rude, hung up the phone on me then texted me days later about how he wanted to “try again.”

5. He lies. He told me that he had some job as an EMT. Later, when I asked him about his job, he got defensive. He told me that he was basically “the lowest type of EMT,” and when I asked him what he went to college for…he said “whatever type of course I need to take for an EMT.” He didn’t seem to know much about his actual field and I get the feeling he was lying to me.

6. I think he’s crazy. I get the feeling that he might be a psycho. I regret giving him my number. The reason I feel this way is because he sent me a nasty text message about how “a grown woman should know what she wants…YOU  are a waste of time.” He was just really nasty and rude. I think he’s a psycho to get so upset when he barely knows me. He’s as far from being “down to earth,” as can be. 

So, now I have to live in fear because this guy knows where I work. Not only do I have to live with the stress of work itself and my asinine coworkers, now I have to worry about being stalked by this loser. Just another reason for me to quit my job. Anyway, keep me in your thoughts/prayers please.

Just in case…a physical description. The guy was about 6 feet, medium Brown skin, some five o’ clock shadow, he rides his bike around a lot. Just in case…

3 thoughts on “The Guy I Met At Work May Be Crazy…”

  1. You should inform the police of your fears, as well as close friends at work and in life. Also carry some pepper spray and a panic alarm. Give the cops his number and they will warn him off!

    Be safe!


  2. Hi Peanut. I’ve subscribed to and been following your posts. You seem quite open and honest about your experiences which I think is an admirable trait. What this particular one says about you though is quite reflective if you take the time to analysis it.

    That you should attract this particular type off guy to yourself – and give him your phone number – tells you something about YOU. The fact that you fear this guy may get more persistent in his approaches to you also says something about WHAT this particular type guy THINKS he is picking up from YOU.

    Without getting into a “who is to blame” argument. Be like the honest and open self you communicate in your posts. This will transmit a different message one more in line with what you say you naturally prefer. The one thing you do not want to broadcast is FEAR to anyone. Because those who prey on this as a weakness (for their own self centered reasons) will continue to be attracted to and stalk such people. For they BELIEVE they can eventually control and dominate them. But of course you don’t have to play their game…unless of course you really want to…

    Just a few words of advice!


  3. I meet a dude who behaved similar to this ‘crazy’ guy you talk about. The difference is I worked with him and I first thought that he was kind and handsome. Wrong, he was crazy as hell, he called and text me late hours of the night and tried to make me feel bad about myself while trying to set up dates. I quickly and kindly shut him out. Soon after he found another new coworker to torment and she got the worst of him. He did the same to her, her boyfriend was angry and there was a big cuss out in the office between them till a safety officer demanded that he stay away from her, took his phone and deleted her number from it. He left the job soon after. Freak.

    Anyway, I agree mostly with Kwamla, don’t show him fear. Be confident and brave and when the time comes ask God to guide your actions and he will.


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