I Need Someone To Make Love With on Friday Nights!

I started working a few weeks ago. I had been an intern on the job, but they emailed me and ask me to be an employee for the summer season, which is their busiest season. I’m so unbelievable sick of it already. I know people are going to say, with the economy in this state, I should feel blessed to have any job and that’s true…I am very blessed…but the amount of abuse that I am getting on this job is ridiculous. I am treated like infantile fool, given contradictory information and blamed for almost everything. It’s really starting to bother me, I’m grateful for the money, but let’s just say I couldn’t make this a profession…not at all.

Last week I was so upset from being castigated for every little thing that I went and scrubbed the whole bathroom. I was in an angry fury and used the hard scrubbing to get my frustration out. It helped. I did release some tension and after venting to my mother, I felt better. Speaking of hard scrubbing ,  I wish I had someone to come home to who could f*ck me hard and make the tension go away. I’ve been getting in touch with my sexual side sorta…I think I’m almost ready to go all the way, of course it could just be me talking again.

I don’t know, I get tired of doing the same thing every Friday night. I’m ready for a real romance

Any way, after a hard week…I went out and bought a bottle of wine and I didn’t get carded…could it be that working a 9-5 is ALREADY draining the youth out of me…people usually think I’m a good 6-7 years younger than I am, I’m only 23, I’ve had men tell me I look 12! I don’t get offended, I’m actually flattered, if this keeps up in my forties, I’ll look like I’m in my early thirties!! WOOT! But if this job stuff keeps up…I don’t know! It’s turning me into a bit of a dull, grown-up. I have to drive to work everyday and I’m not that experienced of a driver, it’s stressful with the rush hour traffic and stuff. Now, I’m drinking coffee to wake up in the morning, I NEVER drank coffee before and I am drinking wine to unwind on weekends…so not me!

27 thoughts on “I Need Someone To Make Love With on Friday Nights!”

  1. You sound like a spoiled brat. You’re treated like an infantile fool because you act like one. I’m so glad I didn’t sleep with you.


    1. andy get the f-ck off of my blog before i ban you I NEVER WANTED TO SLEEP WITH YOU and you know it you fool! you don’t even know the full story, you are an azz hole!


    2. if you come back on this blog again and make a comment like that I will ban you, I’m not playing. don’t come onto my blog and harass me, take that somewhere else. this is not the place. i’m completely serious.


    1. look, i’m human, i get lonely sometimes. i’m not some “strong impenetrable black woman,” stereotype i was emotional when I wrote this blog yes it was corny, but so what.


      1. i want to make love but not just with anyone, it has to be the right man. i could have slept around by now if i wanted, but i don’t want just anyone.


      2. Simple question, so if you find the right man, you expect to make love all night long friday nights?

        Is that even possible? Just thinking pragmatically here…

        I am getting the impression you want to use love making as a tool for venting your frustrations…?

        Could be totally wrong though.


      3. you are wrong, not all night long, but a couple hours would be nice…may i ask some questions about your sex life? are you married or in a relationship when was the last time you had sex?


      4. Oh God, such direct questions…. I am not married nor am I in a relationship, I’ll leave the last answered…

        God, peanut you must be in a really bad place right now… I assume you don’t have a boyfriend nor are you married. So, why don’t you have a boyfriend? And, I haven’t found the right man doesn’t count as an answer.


    1. how long have you been following abagond’s blog? I’m not married, I am talking to someone, but we’re not formally dating. I’m not in a bad place, I just want to live my life, I want to have some excitement. i am young and i don’t want to be an old woman when I’m in my early twenties. don’t feel bad about not answering the last question, I’ve never had sex so you know you can’t be any worse off than me.


      1. Haha such unnecessary pressure on your shoulders… Are you are feeling like life is just passing you by or is about to?

        Uhmm been following abagonds blog for like 3 months now. You know what peanut, my advise to you is to take everything “regarding how you think” your life should be like “out of your mind” and just take everything that comes along, “as it comes”. That way it becomes a bit of an adventure rather than you losing time. What do you think?


      2. sounds like a good plan, i feel like if i could just improve on myself, life would get better. May I ask what is your race/ethnicity…I assume you’re a man.


      3. I am black.

        I wanted to empathize with you about work.. I recently started my first proper job after graduating from university and well, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. Trying to absorb all the information on the go, having multiple deadlines, not having enough time during the day to just chill, the daily commute mostly in horrible weather etc… Sometimes I guess it just gets a bit like “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”.. hahaha especially when I know some people who literally take a huge chunk out of their 20’s to just go travel the world, party and just chill. At my job, the most someone new can take out of work in like a yr is 3 weeks… 3 WEEKS!! At uni, you had 5 MONTHS off during the year. Huge change. Maybe there is something to that saying “College life doesn’t prepare you for real life”. Hahaha


      4. I know, I know. it’s rough. It’s like not everyone is cut out for an office job. I need to be at a job where I can be creative and actually feel like I’m making a real difference. I know I’m fortunate to have a job, very fortunate because a lot of people our age who need jobs don’t have them or can’t get them, but at the same time it’s like…what’s wrong with society that people think that you have to have a certain job or other jobs are more important than others like why do we emphasize office jobs and corporations and business instead of things like farming, working with the community, creating…I feel like society stifles our creativity sometimes. We are supposed to sit at a desk, stare at a computer and do data entry all day…I mean that’s what I do data entry and answer phones and deal with people’s bull sh-t all day. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut that way, like I don’t know if I could do this my whole life to be honest. I just don’t know what to do…I feel boxed in when I’m in an office building all day.

        I guess maybe getting up a little earlier and working out helps break the monotony sometimes and it’s good for you. I do feel better on the days that I do that…but otherwise YUCK!At least sometimes you get weekends…i don’t know if i’m ready to be a full-grown up yet. How old are you wilson?

        I don’t want to end up like this character @ 7:44 in one of my favorite spongebob episodes



      5. I’m 24.

        Data Entry all day long is a tough gig… I had to do that for like 3 months back when I was 18. The way it felt to me was soul crashing…. But I guess it was good to make some money. I do get what you mean by destroying your creativity – haha mainly because it doesn’t require any creativity at all.

        What is it you want to do? Do you know? I’m guessing it’s not data entry and tbf I don’t think anyone can expect you to do data entry as a long term sort of thing – I don’t think there is much potential there for growth.

        In my life I only know of 2 people who are doing what they wanted to do. One never wanted to work in an office, he is a skating coach now, one wanted a job that will allow him to see the world, he got that job and all year long he is just travelling to different countries and staying there months on end. Everybody else has sort of had to settle for what they can get. Though I have to say, those 2 always knew what they wanted to do and I guess they had a sort of special conviction.


      6. I should say, do you know exactly what this is

        “I need to be at a job where I can be creative and actually feel like I’m making a real difference.”

        What job will satisfy both of those requirements?


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a few days enjoying your openness . Remembering what life was like while trying to avoid the stereotypes in favor of discovering my individuality. I found that if I chose to be around people, I would go where people are. If I didn’t like one place or group I would move on to another (never with regard to sameness or differences of the people compared to me). If I chose to stay home on a Friday night, I would, It seems that you need to decide what type of people you want to associate with and then go where they are. You don’t have to play into any stereotypes because people will accept the stereotypes rather than coming to know you. There are plenty of like minded clubs and organizations in every community where you can explore what they do and how it accomodates your needs. Be brave in just being yourself.


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