Black Lives Don’t Matter

Police Brutality against people of color, especially Black people is out of control in this country. I am sick of Black people being murdered left and right, while the world sits idly by. Police brutality, the killing of Black people, it’s not taken seriously. It’s not seen as a national problem because it’s usually the Black communities that bear the brunt of the police brutality and the unjust killings. In 2010, 5, 986 counts of police misconduct occurred. But, wait I don’t want to make ALL cops out to be pigs. There are many many cops who do their job well, they’re fair, they serve and protect the community and I’m grateful to these police officer who do their job. Grateful! But, we can’t overlook the bias in the criminal justice system and we can’t ignore the fact that police brutality is aimed disproportionately at Black people. In fact, it’s not just cops, it’ just the devaluation of Black lives overall that’s the problem.

So let’s be very clear, it’s not the cops that are the problem, it’s the system of institutionalized racism that’s the problem. The police brutality, that’s just a side effect of a larger institutionalized problem. It’s the system that has not only allowed crimes against Black lives to go un-prosecuted, but has taught people that Black lives are not to be valued. This country was built off of the backs of Black labor. Blacks were first BROUGHT AGAINST OUR WILL to this country to work and serve the mantle of white supremacy. Our bodies have never been of value, unless they’re being used to build up the wealth of white supremacy. Today, we have more Blacks in prison for non-violent, drug-related offenses, than there were slaves in the 1860s.  Blacks receive longer sentences than whites for committing the same crimes and Blacks are more likely to experience police brutality. Racial profiling is ubiquitous, Blacks still have to worry about being pulled over and accosted by police for driving while Black. Even my own brothers have been pulled over for no reason. I was babysitting some little girls one time and one of the girls is so terrified of the police that she has to be carried into the house anytime she sees an officer in uniform because she starts shaking and having anxiety attacks. At the age of five, she’s already internalized this fear and lack of trust for the police because of this institutionalized system that devalues Blackness.

Black lives are not valued. Black lives are not valued when it’s blacks killing other blacks, black lives are not valued when it’s whites killing Blacks. Black lives are not valued. Here we have a story of Trayvon Martin being killed for no reason by a white man and the white man has yet to be arrested?! We had a case of Troy Davis being accused of killing a white police officer, despite the fact that there was no physical evidence linking him to the murder, and he gets put to death? What about the police officers who killed Ramarley Graham, What about Rekia Boyd? What about the countless Blacks who are murdered for no reason, yet their killers never get prosecuted? Black lives are not valued. There are even Black people who KNOW Black lives aren’t as valued and intentionally target other Blacks for crimes because they know, in this racist system, they’ll be more likely to get away with a crime against a Black than a white…sad.

There are serial killers who you never hear about because they are going around killing Blacks. They are killing Black women, they are killing young Black men. These are serial killers that we never hear about because again their victims are primarily Black and Black lives are not valued. When there is a serial killer killing whites, we hear all about him and there’s widespread support to catch the serial killer because  he’s killing other whites, can’t say the same for the serial killer targeting Black lives.

From the days of  slave patrols and lynching, to the days of lethal injection and police brutality… Black lives have not been valued.


Black people need to wake up! Marcus Garvey had the right idea, Blacks need to start caring for other Blacks because NO ONE is going to care for us if we don’t care for ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Black Lives Don’t Matter”

  1. The guy who killed Trayvon Martin was not white. ITS sAD THAT TRAYVON GOT KILLED. I HAVE A 17 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER MYSELF Zimmerman was half latino and actually dont look white. The only thing white was his name..if his name was Lopez, all of LaRaza would be all over us (jackson & sharpton wouldnt have had a chance)..we still dont know what really went down that night……..we blacks have to start to value ourselves and not continually play into stereotypes…a la rap music. I dont know how old you are but i remember when Motown was king


  2. You need to wake up and realize that the problems the black community faces are caused by other blacks. The vast majority of black murder victims are murdered by other blacks who think dat dey be cool n sheeit fo bustin caps in niggas asses. Also yes your correct when you say that cops target black people more but why shouldn’t they? Small children in a black neighborhood can’t walk to school with lunch money without being robbed of it. A black woman or any woman for that matter is at a far higher risk of being pulled into an alley and raped in a black neighborhood than any other sort of neighborhood.

    And guess what. The vast majority of these terrible crimes against blacks are not being committed by whites, asians,latinos etc. The vast majority are committed by black males who have no concern whatsoever about how these crimes affect their victims, the victims family, and the entire black community.

    Cops know that not every black male is a criminal, but any honest cop also knows that black males are a particular problem when it comes to violent crimes. That is the reason my dear why cops are going to target black males more. This does not mean they are kidnapping black males off the street and throwing them in jail for nothing. It’s easy for you to point your finger at cops and blame them for the actions of black males, but you do not have to answer for the extreme crime rate in the black community. Police chiefs and mayors have to answer for it and they have to find a way to deal with it and blaming the system does not work it only excuses and encourages more of the sickening gang culture.

    Take New York city for example. In a biased report about racial profiling it was written in the New York Times that black males were far more likely to be stopped and searched by police than males in any other racial group. Of course you and your sheep immediately assume that this is a result of widespread racism in the police force. However they failed to mention certain little details. Like how 66% of violent crimes in the city were committed by black males, yet they were only 53% of people who were stopped and searched. In other words the police were actually not targeting black males enough considering how much violent crime is committed by black males. And we all know why. It is because police and all of white America bends over backwards to prove that they are not “racists” or “haters”. White people are brainwashed to believe that blacks are victims and that they deserve favortism. White people keep their mouths shut when they are passed over for jobs, college entry, home loans, etc because of affirmative action which is nothing but discrimination. White people keep their mouths shut about the fact that the vast majority of crimes involving blacks and whites include a black perp and a white victim. Yet we keep silent about these things because we are afraid of being called bigots, and racists. Of course in the very rare case of a black person being victimized by a white person everyone has a mouth full to say about how awful and cruel the world is to blacks.

    I’d like to know in fact how many of you people on this blog have heard about the story below. It describes how an 85 year old white woman was raped and beat to death by a young black male. This happened just after or before the trayvon martin shooting and since then there have been dozens of horrific crimes committed against whites by blacks, but this is nothing new. Crimes committed by blacks against whites happen almost every day and most often get little or no media coverage. And even when white liberal sheep do hear about them they keep their conforming little mouths shut, because they are afraid of being bigots or racists.


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