Black Woman Tired of Mandingo Stereotype- Part Two

Where do you draw the line between simple fantasy and racism?…


Now, some will argue that the Black men, white women & white men are all consenting adults and if they want to have a Mandingo fantasy fulfilled what’s the issue? Hey, a fantasy is a fantasy. I can understand that it’s erotic and a turn on to be dominated by a man.Have him pin you down and give you passionate, raw sex…hey for some people it can be a turn on. Or a woman dominating a man can be a turn on for some…Either way having incredible sex is supposed to be pleasurable. Sex is after all supposed to feel good or we wouldn’t keep having it. But this goes beyond just wanting to be dominated by a man and given great sex, there is an insidious form of racism at work.

The first thing that I wonder is why would any Black man participate in being degraded in such a manner? It’s upsetting to me that some Black men seem to take pride in being turned into Mandingo play things for white people. I guess for  some may take it as  a compliment to their masculinity, but the reality is these Black men are being used as human dildos. They are being objectified in a racist and demeaning manner and they are contributing to the devaluation of Black people overall by willingly participating in these Mandingo parties. Also, at the end of the day, white men are in a privileged position where they can afford to let a Black man play Mandingo for a night  and still have better opportunities in the work place, better opportunities in the housing market, better mortgage rates, better opportunities to hold management positions,  still have a higher life expectancy etc. So, really Black men are not taking anything away from white men, in fact I think, in a twisted way, it serves as an ego boost to white men to have their white wives “ravished,” by Black men. It boost their belief that “their women” are so desired that Black men cannot resist them, thus bolsters the myth that the white, European aesthetic is superior, thus enhances THEIR [ white men’s] desire for their own women. Remember many men are competitive by nature and having a woman that is seen as desired for many men is a status symbol. Plus, racist white men have always perpetuated the myth that all Black men secretly lust after white women and are just waiting to rape them. This was the story of Jim Crow right…this modern day stuff is a replay of that Mandingo party style.

One white man made the following statement when he described a twisted story of Black male domination & white male cuckoldry,

I did find myself hard as a rock.  I could not image being married to a woman so hot that 4 [black] men would want her so badly.  What a huge ego boost.


Black men are certainly NOT enhancing their masculinity by becoming human dildos nor are they doing themselves any good ultimately.

Why Is This Mandingo Stereotype Detrimental to All Black People?

The image of Black men as Mandingo creates a myopic and unrealistic caricature of Black men. History has made Black men seem like vicious, insatiable, sexual deviants who are waiting to prey on white women, of course this isn’t true. However, in the back of people’s minds is still the fear of Black male sexuality, this is why it’s dangerous for Black men to play into these racist stereotypes,  they are, in effect, validating the racist Mandingo caricature that society has put on them. While it may seem harmless at the time,  people are holding onto this image and when the time comes where something serious happens, the Mandingo stereotype is always used against Black men. Just as we saw in the stories of Mary Turcotte and Susan Smith, the big scary Black man stereotype is alive and well. Why some Black men would want to perpetuate this insidious stereotype is beyond me.

How Does this Effect Black Women?

If Black men are stereotyped as over-sexed, violent Mandingos, then what does that say about the Black women who Black men overwhelmingly associate with? It says that Black women are sexually corrupt and impure. It’s worth noting that Black women are objectified in porn in a racist way as well. If you’ve ever heard or read about the infamous ghetto gaggers, it’s obvious that Black women are objectified and degraded in a racist manner in porn, just as Black men are. But, the interesting thing is judging by the stories on the Experience Project and other websites, it seems that there is more of an interest in Black men & white women sex than the reverse. So…You’ll notice in many of these Mandingo/Cuckold fantasies, the Black woman is almost never referenced or mentioned. There is something very unsettling about the fact that Black men and Black women are rarely ever put together in a respectable way in this erotic stories and images. The only time Black women and Black men are seen is when they’re racial fetish objects for whites.  You’d think Black men and Black women didn’t have normal, healthy sex together. It’s upsetting. and destructive to put these dysfunctional images of Black men and Black women out there.

The fact that Black women are either completely absent or only portrayed in a degrading, racist and animalistic way objectifies Black women, just as  it objectifies Black men. But add to that, the fact that Black women are denied the feminine representation that other women are afforded. The whole point of erotic stories and images (so I thought) was to fantasize or have your fantasy realized through the story. The only images of Black women are racist and demeaning depictions of Black women as  racist objects for white guys…Black women can never be partnered with Black men in these erotic representations. This denies Black women the right to be seen as feminine and desirable women, instead we’re just unattractive, beastly women who some of the most depraved and degrading acts are reserved for. We’re not portrayed as pure and desirable, we’re inherently filthy and undesirable, which is why the most racist and degrading acts apply only to us.

Black people need to stop supporting these racist images and start speaking out against them.

What can we do? Thanks to Menelik Charles, I was directed to this blog afroerotik by Scottie Lowe. It’s an afrocentric, erotic blog that focuses on sexuality from a Black woman’s perspective. No Mandingo crap, no ONLY interracial erotica, no ghetto gaggers. For once Black sexuality is being told from a Black perspective. There is also Arielle Loren who talks a lot about Black sexuality. There is this book of erotic black stories.

Black people, it’s time to say no to our sexuality being reduced to racist caricatures.

11 thoughts on “Black Woman Tired of Mandingo Stereotype- Part Two”

  1. Peanut said:

    ….why would any Black man consent to being degraded in such a manner? It’s upsetting to me that some Black men seem to take pride in being turned into Mandingo play things for white people.

    menelik says:

    you write almost as if Black men occupy the female position i.e ‘passive’ in mainstream porn.


  2. i like the picture lol.I despise the black men that think this behavior is appropriate.I can see how degrading this is and its sad that some people can’t.That is most of blacks lives in america being portrayed as money hungry,sex objects,and egotistical.Its like here black man screw my wife its ok because i know she’s coming home to me with my good white credit.They think black men are not capable husbands and providers how can these people not see that.That is the subliminal message here that you can only screw a white mans woman but not take her away because the white man makes more money and is a better provider.You are only a pleasure only an object that they call up then ignore afterwards.Do you think those whites will let you move in and be around their family and in their circles.No!!! because you are not considered their equal especially not fianacially or emotionally.Notice the ground rules for sleeping around for these people is not to fall in love with the other person.That is why they choose black men because in their superior thinking a black man is uncapable of love only lust so they don’t worry about losing their wife.its degrading to the wife because it shows her as being a gold digger and an object.Its just disgusting and degrading all the way around.

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  3. I watch a lot of porn with black couples in various story lines, I’ve also seen a lot of white man black woman porn with black womens bodies being worshiped. I do however wonder why some brothers see being with white women as such a privilege


  4. Yes! I totally agree! I’d rather see black women with the black men in porn! Black women are so much sexier so why is it always white women? I’ve seen afroerotik before and I love it!


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