The Washington Post Treats Black Women Like Modern Day Sara Baartmans

The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation have teamed up in a round of anti-Black woman racism. An article released by the Washington Post studies Black women’s bodies as if we are creatures in a circus to be poked and ridiculed. Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a “survey,” on a sample of Black women and discovered that GASP Black women are more likely to be overweight, but happier with their bodies than White women. I’m getting really tired of the media treating Black women like we’re lab rats to be observed, studied and ridiculed. We are a diverse group of people, what is the point of doing a survey about Black women’s bodies only to ridicule and tell Black women how overweight we REALLY are compared to white women. Always comparing us to white women…I’m sick of that too. White women are THE MOST PRIVILEGED GROUP OF WOMEN on the planet, our lives are not comparable.Black women are complex people and no study can tell people how Black women really feel about themselves because we’re individuals.

Take a look at some of this foolishness:

The poll found that although black women are heavier than their white counterparts, they report having appreciably higher levels of self-esteem. Although 41 percent of average-sized or thin white women report having high self-esteem, that figure was 66 percent among black women considered by government standards to be overweight or obese


Well, gee HOW DARE Black women, us ugly, obese mammies have high self-esteem?!…let’s do a study and figure out why SOME of these Black women have high self-esteem *sarcasm*

This is just a waste of time. We’re not a single group that can be defined by a little poll and contrary to the stereotype, not all Black women have high self-esteem, some of us struggle with our self-esteem just like some white women do. I dislike the strong Black woman stereotype, we’re portrayed as indefatigable and impenetrable. With all the emotional and psychological abuse in the society, OF COURSE there are going to be some Black women with self-esteem problems…we are human beings…anyone subjected to abuse is going to feel something.

We’re a diverse group, we all handle stress differently, some Black women respond to the constant emotional rejection, racist beauty standards and psychological abuse that society inflicts on us by building up their self-esteem and some Black women crumble under those beauty standards and struggle just like any other person. Please cut this strong Black woman stereotype crap. This article is just a PC way of  telling Black women that we’re obese and fall outside society’s beauty ideals, yet we’re strong and incapable of feeling the stress of racist/sexist beauty standards. It’s just a back-handed compliment and an insult.


Finally, there is a difference between thick and obese, there are plenty of Black women who fall outside of society’s thin beauty ideals, and they are not overweight. I dislike how people imply that Black women’s bodies are inherently more obese, we have nice shapes and diverse body types. We are more likely to have the hour-glass shape than other women. Anika Noni Rose, Angela Basset and many other Black women have thick bodies, but they’re very fit. You do not need to be stick thin to be fit and healthy.

Yes, there is a problem with obesity in the Black community and that can attributed to health inequalities, stress, racism. But, when Black women are healthy and fit we have beautiful bodies naturally, just as other women do…we all know it, and every one else does too, that’s why some people are so obsessed with degrading us…don’t hate.

I’m sick of people stereotyping and studying Black women like we’re lab rats. I’m sick of people assuming that all Black women are overweight NATURALLY, when that’s not the case. It’s fine to love your body, but Black women are complex and there are many reasons why some Black women might be overweight.

I think the whole point of this article was just to ridicule, stare and poke at us just as they did Sara Baartman. She was a Black woman who left her homeland in South Africa and was forced to work at a circus where white people stared and jeered at her as if she were a zoo animal. Her  dark skin, protruding buttocks and elongated labia, in their minds, justified treating her like an animal because her body was different from white women’s. She ended up working as a prostitute in Europe after she left the circus and died abused and mistreated in Europe.

It’s always amazed me how obsessed people are with Black women, especially with our bodies. There are entire articles dedicated to how our bodies supposedly look, who we sleep with, what we’re doing, who we’re doing and it fascinates me, the OBSESSION that society seems to have with us. Forbes, one of the whitest magazines ever, even featured this article. I find it hard to believe their motives are good, no this is just another way to ridicule Black women.

Thick Black Women

15 thoughts on “The Washington Post Treats Black Women Like Modern Day Sara Baartmans”

      1. @ Peanut,

        firstly you just seem overly emotional about a matter one should approach with chilled blood: an approach I disagree with. Secondly, you have a ready-made historical context in Sarah Baartman which I feel has skewed your perception of the case in hand.

        The very simple fact is that white men perceive Black women as the feminine norm: more whites risk death seeking to conceal their whiteness in color than do Blacks (women mostly) do in seeking to whiten their skins. More white women seek ‘nigger lips’ than do Black women seek to thin out their lips. Similarly, more white women seek out a ‘nigger’ woman’s butt than do Black women seek to remove flesh from their’s.

        subliminal messages of what constitutes the female and the feminine have been transmitted to white women for decades (I have all the necessary evidence) by white males in the mass media, and in everyday life. No white women are seeking to take on an Asian or Indian appearence, are they?

        Please, sister, just calm down a little and look at what possibly lies beneath: its usually the truth!


  1. White women pay good money to have curves like Black women. Like Paul Mooney said, when white women have full lips or a big butt its beautiful, when its on us its ugly. Double standards. I believe they are jealous of Black women. Its nothing but reverse psychology just like the superiority complex. When someone think they’re superior (white people) and deem someone inferior (Black people) they in fact feel inferior and NOT superior as they want people to believe.


  2. @ Peanut,

    it may well have been about one specific topic: weight. But your response to it was ALL OVER THE PLACE! It was your response that I was responding to: the personalized nature of your response and the pain inherent within it.

    The fact is Black women are not perceived as ugly or overweight in general (Americans as a nation are): they are deeply envied, desired and feared by white men and women for a variety of different reasons.

    The recent film, ‘The Help’ was about this fear of Black women, and a desire to own and control them, but no one detected it lol


      1. Actually I’m wondering if Ashkenazi Jews and blacks had similar conditions since we tend to have similar body-types, only shorter. Maybe it’s survival of the fittest? I know we don’t like to think about it but the smartest and strongest were the ones taken from Africa, and the strongest and smartest are the ones who survived the Holocaust. Maybe the IQ differences are due to where we live and how we grow up and black people are really some of the smartest, NOT like biased and racist studies say. A lot of cases would seem to indicate that.


  3. I agree that you don’t have to be thin to be beautiful but what about the black women who are thin? Despite what people say, thin women have issues with their bodies, the same as white women.


  4. I can appreciate and agree with the views expressed here. I am absolutely certain about white envy of many aspects of our race — physiques, intelligences, creativity, natural ability, self-expression… We are the most influential race of people on the planet and there are signs of this everywhere. However, as we are individuals we deserve our unique journeys to be acknowledged and taken independently of societal pressures and constant scrutiny. Oddly enough, I have always been teased for NOT having a “stereotypically” voluptuous body that “all black women are supposed to have.” And, I remember drinking copious amounts of protein sports drinks and trying all manner of body-building exercises to “correct” this. Well, it didn’t work. And, I had to arrive at the same place every human being must when it comes to our insecurities. Self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love. And while I do, also, tire of the “stereotypical” super-strong black sapphire persona, I do celebrate all the many ways we actually are ahead in the self-esteem game. We are beautiful and vulnerable because we are black. We are beautiful and vulnerable because we are human. Love and peace to you.



  5. @ Melenik…the author is on point. Stop trying to put a different spin on it to put her down. You sound exactly like the people she is referring to by labeling her “emotional” et cetera. Come off the bs already and face reality. Your analysis of “The Help” says a lot about you. That movie was pure propaganda and the prelude to hi-jacking all the melanated female’s jobs in the corporate world and planting a seed in the mind of the world to put the melanated woman back in her kitchen. That is NOT happening so she-devil can forget that! A blind man can see that so your analysis is off. Whenever someone puts the truth out there, its always a overseer type to come to the rescue of the oppressor. Go hang yourself from a tree and end it now.


  6. On the bright side this study shows that you are among the healthiest people in the world. Obesity is a bad thing, but you’re less likely to suffer the consequences. So even if this study’s grounds are racist, all they ended up proving is that you’re better.


  7. I’m a 20 yr old white guy and i think all black women are beautiful they have perfect curves and even the women who are overweight/chubby have perfect bodies :P….your all sexy so why be bothered what certain majorities of people think fuck them!


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