Black Beauty Not Valued on International Scale

I watched a documentary called Flawed Beauty, it’s about how despite the fact that the majority of the population of Brazil is non-white, the modeling industry is majority white. Models like Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio are two of the most notable Brazilian models. However, Brazil has the second largest Black population on the planet, they are only outnumbered by Nigeria. The south is mostly where the European-descended whites live, the other areas of Brazil are either Black or mixed. The history of Brazil is such that most of the population is mixed with African, European (Portuguese mostly) and Amerindian. During the slave trade, 5 million Africans were brought to Brazil and the Portuguese who colonized Brazil intermixed with their African slaves.

In the film, Aline, is an Afro-Brazilian girl who goes to Sao Paulo to audition for a modeling agency and it is clear that she is one of the darker models there. The rest of the models are all blonde, brunette and pale-skinned. The Black models are not given the same opportunities as the white models because, as one Afro-Brazilian model said, “they are not what the world wants to project.”

I don’t even think someone who looks like Adriana Lima (who has a Afro-Brazilian grandmother) is the common look that they want projected for Brazil. She is only an 1/8 Black at the most and you don’t even really see many Brazilian models who look like her!

Despite, the majority racially mixed population, Brazil is still very racially divided, like the United States.  The Black models have to have their own, smaller modeling scouts to even get a chance at modeling. If you watch the documentary, even within the Black modeling agency, many are light-skinned. You can tell they’re Afro-mixed, but they are light-skinned. It appears that the darkest Brazilian women really aren’t even seen in the Black modeling agencies.  It is absurd to me that an industry can be so racist. The majority of the Brazilian population is non-white, but they’re not seen at all in the modeling industry. This mentality is replicated on a world-wide scale. On a world-wide scale, Black beauty is seen as tainted and unappealing.

It breaks my heart that little Black girls cannot see their images appreciated and valued the way that little white girls can. Why is it that Black beauty is not appreciated on a world-wide scale? How is it that everyone seems to have it in their head that Black isn’t beautiful?

I understand that everyone has their own taste, but some people really do seem to think Black is inherently ugly. How can someone truly look at this Afro-Brazilian woman and say she’s ugly?

There are so many beautiful Black women, dark-skinned Black women and light-skinned Black women, but Black beauty is not valued and it seems the darker a Black woman is the less chance she has of being accepted within the dominant ideals of Beauty. I know I always say that Blacks should start their own modeling agencies and I am a firm believing in Blacks having our own…but damn sometimes it hurts to see the discrimination that Black women face and it hurts that Black beauty is so devalued on a global scale.

Watch the Video:


18 thoughts on “Black Beauty Not Valued on International Scale”

  1. Its not inclusion that is the issue but the destruction of white supremacy. I’m not talking about taking up arms, or marching upon the institutions of the society: no.

    We need to destroy it with our homes, and we start with the mind. The African slave descendants needs to be re-Africanized: re-culturalized.


  2. I agree, but the few who are aware enough to start with our homes and families, will still have to face a biased society based on the colour of your skin and your ethnicity. We still have to groom our daughters and our sons to be confident in their skin and beauty.


  3. You are right Menelik Charles:

    If a Black boy or girl is surrounded by Blacks especially in the home who are comfortable in their skin then when they meet the wider world it cannot shake them. It is Blacks alot of times who uphold white supremacy.


    1. You’re so deluded. To think that black men have control over the white media’s beauty ideal is beyond ludicrous.
      You’re just probably a BWE supporter. I genuinely pity people like you!


    2. 100 percent fact! Not all black men but the black american one mostly. Something about black american men just scream self hate to me. I really don’t care though I like my own west indian or african men


  4. I dont know where you are looking But ITs actually being appreciated in certain countries: Brazil always had a colorstruck hierachy although they dont follow the ‘one drop’ rule. As for chocolate sistas, many men who im seeing with them are White MEN.. black men sometimes go for lighter women. Thats just the facts. I even know a few dark black women who have been happily married since age 20. And they wear their hair natural. I heard about sisterlocks from my friend who is married to the white man and she has 3 kids. Her husband is a computer guy he fixes them and she is able to be a SAHM or better yet WAHM… AHM at home mom


      1. It’s simple. Black american men overwhemingly marry black american women or non american black women according to the U.S. Census.
        Are you going to tell me that all the black women that are married to black men are light skinned!?
        See this is the problem with black women at times. They see a few white men with dark skinned black women like Oluchi Onweagba and Alek Wek and then think “white men love us”, “white men want to be with dark skinned black women.”
        Well newsflash people. White men have had about 4 centuries to be with black women in the Americas and by and large, white men don’t seem to be interested. Also if you think that non black people don’t practice colourism in their societies then I think you guys (or ladies) need to get out more.


      2. vindicator, elaborate on this quote:

        Well newsflash people. White men have had about 4 centuries to be with black women in the Americas and by and large, white men don’t seem to be interested.

        I also would like your thoughts on this video below by a black man:


      3. “vindicator, elaborate on this quote:

        Well newsflash people. White men have had about 4 centuries to be with black women in the Americas and by and large, white men don’t seem to be interested.”

        White men could have married black women during slavery. They could’ve made sure the offspring of these unions were made free, with inheritance rights. Did they do that. 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of the time, NO!
        They just used them for sex (a lot of it non consensual) and denied the offspring’s existance.
        Oh btw this happening a lot more in the USA today. Single black women with mixed kids (mainly by white and non black hispanic men!) They thought only black men are irresponsible fathers. No doubt the BWE movement will blame black men for this as well. The sooner all women learn that men are men regardless of race, ethnicity etc, the better off they’ll be.

        As for that video you posted, Peanut.
        I can’t take it seriously for a second. I will admit he make a good point about men by and large prefer women who have a lighter skin tone to themselves. However, his thing on every man desires white women especially black men is pure and simply bull. Attraction is a complex thing that is affected by many different factors such as the media, who you grow up with, the food you eat etc. Also anybody that thinks that the media (or whatever medium) doesn’t effect the way we think or the way we view the world is frankly deluded. Would big corporations spend millions on advertising or politicians spend huge amount of money on propaganda if the media doesn’t effect the way we think?
        I think we know the answer.


  5. @gabrielle. Your right. Adriana has heaps of black family and black heritage. She has said that herself. Also she was born in the most black populated area of brazil. Bahia.


  6. Paleeeze! What dribble! Brothaa,’ your thesis is full of it. You need to go back to school! You have internalized a whole lotta’ white supremacist self-loathing dogma! Let me school you. Black women are the essence of beauty, grace, rhythm, and feminiinity. You can find masculine women in all racial types, including black women. Put together the ideal replica and/or standard bearer for each racial type and the black woman will ‘smoke’ the others. They cannot compare or compete with the fullness of the hips, the perfect roundness of the buttocks, the juicy kissable lips, the striking melanin-laden skin that cheats time itself. I love all women, all people types, but can’t none of them, standard up against standard, light a candle up against the black woman. And one more thing. When I say black woman, I mean BLACK WOMAN, black as coal, pearly white teeth and all. Now go back to class!


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