White Supremacist Forum: Black Men Are Violent Rapists & Black Women Hideous

This white supremacist website often posts topics about Black men allegedly targeting white women for rape. All the while, they post topic after topic about how ugly and hideous Black women are and this is designed to make it appear as if no man ESPECIALLY a white man would rape a Black woman. I don’t need to get into how white men have treated Black women historically, not just during slavery ,but throughout the majority of American history. We all already know the institutionalized rape of Black women by white men and contrary to popular belief it still happens, especially in prison. But, not gonna get into that.

Black men are not out  raping white women en masse. Most white women (who are raped) are raped by white men, as most Black women (who are raped) are raped by Black men. The faulty statistic these white supremacist  tend to use is this:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

Abagond’s got a nice post on how this stat is manipulated, but common sense should tell you that 0-10 Black women raped by white men out of millions and millions of people is ridiculous that’s just common sense. But check out this post by Abagond on this statistic anyway.  Tim Wise also has a nice response to white supremacist who manipulate rape statistics.

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Anyway, about the post itself.

About Blacks not being human…people are 99.9% similar genetically across all races and there is no biological concept of race, that’s fact. Furthermore if Blacks weren’t human we would not be capable of having viable offspring with other ethnic groups and we can. So, not only are Blacks just as human as whites, but ultimately whites COME from Blacks. They were born of Africans as all people can be traced back to one East African woman…that is where the roots of all humanity can be traced to an African mother of humanity (see the incredible human journey documentary).

The poster is sick and doesn’t really care about white women. (S)He is implying that rape is a positive thing that is a compliment to a woman’s beauty. Black women are so hideous that they can’t be raped, while white women are so beautiful and delicate that every man wants to rape them. That’s what the poster is saying. Never mind the fact that rape IS about control and domination before sex. But according to this poster, rape is obviously A POSITIVE thing that validates the beauty and worth of white women sexist, racist, stupid and… sick.

The real truth is, these white supremacist don’t really care about the well-being of white women. If they did, they would be protecting white women from other white men, since white women are more likely to be raped by white men than any one else. White women (in this case) are a tool, they are being used to reinforce white supremacy. The white woman is used to represent several things in this case,  the purity of the white race, the beauty of the white woman, the inferiority of the brutish Black man, and the ugliness and beastly nature of Black women.

This white supremacist trick is the same trick that racist white folk have used for centuries. Ever since the emancipation of slavery, white women have been used to represent the purity of the white race. See, the white racists ACT infuriated by the fact that Black men are allegedly out raping white women en masse, but really it serves their agenda (and their ego) because it portrays white women as being so delicate, beautiful, vulnerable and innocent that Black men find them irresistible sexually. In contrast it portrays Black women as the complete opposite. Racist whites have always peddled this ideology. It’s the same excuse that was used by racist whites to lynch Blacks and rape black women with impunity during Jim Crow. It excuses their terrorism against Blacks and reinforces the superiority of the white race.  It’s very sickening and pathetic that in order to validate the beauty and superiority of white women and by extension the white race, a fake Black rape epidemic, against whites, must be created.

It seems to make white racist all warm and fuzzy to imagine Black men going out EN MASSE and waging some kind of “Rape War,”  against white women. It’s the same myth they’ve alway been peddling. Honestly, IF we had to pick any group of men who waged “Rape wars,” it would have to be white men and statistics and history will back this up. I don’t need to get into the fact that entire new races of Brown people throughout Latin America, Africa and the U.S  have been birthed literally from white males raping black enslaved women and other women of color. That’s the closest thing to a “rape war,” that history has shown us. So if we HAD to pick a group who victimized people based on race, it would HAVE to be white men.

But, as I said earlier Black women are more likely to be raped by Black men (in this day) than any other group and white women are more likely to be raped by white men than any other group. So, their claim has no validity, there is no Black male rape epidemic when it comes to white women and people in glass houses should NOT throw stones. White men are THE LAST group that needs to be talking about race wars okay. Even today white males are the most privileged group, as are white females after white males.

In terms of Black women being ugly…same ole same ole stuff that’s always been said about Black women. They were saying this about Black women during Jim Crow when white males were raping Black women with impunity, so nothing new there. If we’re going by the posters logic, then Black women must have been more desirable than white women for all those years that white male interracial rape outnumber black male interracial rape… even when white male were away from the house during the Civil War (As Ida B. Wells recounts) mass rape of white women did not occur and it would have been the opportune moment for Black men to do that seeing as white men were away. BUT as I said earlier, rape is more so about control and domination.  Black women who were raped with impunity by white men for centuries (since rape of Black women was legal for the bulk of American history) were not raped because their beauty was superior…they were raped above all because it was legal to do so and because rape was a tool of terror used to subordinate  AND CONTROL the Black people. In contrast, white women HAVE ALWAYS been protected legally from rape of men (excluding their white husband).

Rape is about control, humiliation and subordination. A woman being raped should not be looked at as a compliment to her beauty (which is what the post is saying), that’s just absurd and in a way it takes away the hideous nature of rape itself and makes it into something positive.

But, the bottom line is they’re manipulating statistics to further a racist agenda and that’s all this is.

Finally, rape is a horrible crime against humanity no matter who is doing it, let’s not diminish the horror of this experience by using it as a tool to reinforce white supremacy and degrade Black people.

In General:


This white supremacist site is VERY anti-everything not white and one of their favorite pastimes is to post pictures of extreme looking Black women, like elderly, wrinkled, nose plated Black women and contrast them with model looking white women. They do this to demonstrate the superiority of the white race and inferiority of the Black race. Never mind the fact that most Black women look nothing like the pictures they post, just like most white women look NOTHING like the model pictures they post.


When a dissenter posts a nice picture of an attractive Black woman, a common tactic is to either state “they’re mixed, that’s why they aren’t hideous,”  (even when the Black woman is dark-skinned, straight from Africa) OR they’ll state that she’s just ugly, even if she’s say…Miss Universe like  Leila Lopes. Yes, this website was one of  the racist websites that went on a tirade about how “hideous and ugly” Ms. Angola was… Just to give you an idea of how they do things. So, make no mistake Black women’s beauty is political to them. They HAVE to pretend that black on white rape happens all the time because it reinforces their notions of superiority and they have to pretend that Black women are the ugliest, even when we know it’s not true.

Sick…I know.

5 thoughts on “White Supremacist Forum: Black Men Are Violent Rapists & Black Women Hideous”

  1. Black culture in the USA is essentially a matriarchy arising out of the abandonment by black men of their social and domestic responsibilities and encouraged by a welfare system that enables black reproduction without a sincere reference to providing meaningful opportunity for black men. Black men left adrift and abandoned are forced to turn to illegal activities for which they are disproportionally humiliated and imprisoned. Today, the middle class, predominately white, is becoming more and more dependent on the same system of government welfare and is experiencing the identical humiliation and dependency suffered by black people. If there a solution? IMHO its the libertarian program of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.


  2. “Be careful about digging a hole for someone else, for you may fall into it.” So much for the welfare system.

    Marriageless unions, unmarried forced breeding, illegitimate babies, breaking up families by selling them all began the black family plight in America. That is part of the black heritage, isn’t it? White slave owners, backed by the law, created and enforced this dysfunctionality in the black family. The white forefathers approved this, and they are well respected and remembered, even by blacks.Today, some whites criticize blacks for something their foreparents started. Now, how long does it take a people to shuck such behaviors? According to white authors, it takes “500 years.” Slavery ” ended in 1865, although it was replaced by Jim Crow, which was a continuation of the same oppression. So, nearly 150 years have passed. Should American blacks be healed already? I am just playing the game. How long will it take for blacks and white in America to learn how to act decently? I think that is one that God will have to solve! 500 years is not enough time.


  3. Just one tinny question; why the hell does the Jesus have to be white??? Holly Book was a good story so who every wrote it assumed whites more suitable than black I assume, but Enough is Enough !!!


  4. Don’t remember who but someone summed it up well. Negative stereotypes of ‘black’ people are the reversed factual history of ‘white’ people. They claimed we were after their women because the REALITY was they were after ours. Same trick being pulled today.


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