Youtuber Darkonesun’s Anti-Black Woman Videos


Darkonesun is a youtuber who posts anti-Black woman videos on youtube. He seems to be obsessed with the fact that Black women are supposedly out there running after non-black men and “dogging out” Black men. He claims that God has put a curse on Black women, but not Black men.

Every thing that he says I have heard said before  and if you go on youtube, as I’ve already posted, you will find MANY videos by Black men where they bash Black women and “big up” non-black women. So, for a Black man on youtube to make the statement that Black women dog out Black men in droves and are running after non-black men and demeaning Black men is absurd when all the evidence on youtube points to the fact that many Black men are doing just that. So, really this is absurd.

He is not only generalizing all Black women, but he’s not making any sense, statistically Black women are LESS LIKELY to marry and date outside their race than Black men, so he’s REALLY not making any sense.  People can date who they want, but if you’re dating someone and bashing your own race that IS a problem and I have seen videos from MANY Black men on youtube who do just that, (in fact he IS one of those black men) but does that mean ALL Black men bash Black women? No it does not, that would be generalizing. Just as it would be generalizing if he assumed that ALL Black women or even “most” Black women bashed Black men and aggrandize white men.

Darkonesun, obviously has some personal issues with Black women, I don’t know if he’s been hurt or whatever, but his issues are coming from a deeper place. He really needs to get some counseling and a reality check.

Here is another great example of a “Black Man,” bashing Black women on youtube

26 thoughts on “Youtuber Darkonesun’s Anti-Black Woman Videos”

  1. A few years ago a young BW was murdered as a result of an ANTI-BW BM who routinely posted BW HATE videos on Youtube.

    I DON’T understand why Youtube continues to allow vids that encourage BW HATE/CALLS TO ANTI-BW VIOLENCE to be posted.

    PRO-BW supporters must challenge Youtube to REMOVE BW HATE vids from Youtube once and for all.


    1. kobra8600’s channel does the same thing…attack black women, also TheCameraEye11. These ignorant ass kneegrows picked up where Sargewilliepete left off…more reason to steer clear of black men. They are worse than the Klan. There are others and I will post them here as I come across them.

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  2. I too recalled that incident, but youtube will do nothing about it as black women are not valued or protected. Had this been white women being attacked in this manner, those vids would have been long gone…


    1. you are probably right. As a matter of fact when the media reported on the asia mcgowan/anthony powell incident they highlighted his rants against atheist but completely ignored his rants against Black women DESPITE the fact that the woman he murdered was a BLACK WOMAN, not an atheist. But to the media, it wasn’t newsworthy to report his anti-black woman bigotry, just his anti-atheist views.


      1. That is what I am talking about, we are not a protected person at all. Between the media, hollywood and black men, what chance do we really have? I often wonder sometimes…But one thing for sure, I stay away from black men…they have made it clear that we are the enemy.

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      2. Some Black men have our back, but many do not. What Black women need to do is start our own and support black women film makers and business owners and promote our own image the way we want to see it. The reason Julie Dash’s daughters of the dust came out was because Black women actively worked to get the film distributed. major film companies flat out rejected her and would not fund the film. So black women clubs had to pull their funds and pay to get it distributed to cities and rotate the film all throughout the cities themselves. Distribution is very expensive and even if films get made, but don’t receive distribution they don’t get seen.


  3. I’m very frustrated/outraged/angered that Youtube refuses to ban ANTI-BW HATE/ANTI-BW VIOLENCE vids but BW/PRO-BW supporters must still use LEGAL and any effective means available to make sure they ultimately DO the RIGHT thing when it comes to protecting the HUMAN rights of BW.

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    1. It is like that because it is open season on black women, which is why black women need to ban together, get ourselves together and date, love and marry other men…and leave these kneegrows alone!

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      1. Black women definitely need to ban together and support each other, that’s for sure. While i don’t believe in excluding Black men, I do believe We need to marry men, regardless of race, who respect us and value us. There is no need to run after men who disrespect us.


  4. Thank you for posting this blog.

    Morons like this dude talking in the vid need to go to a mental institution. They’re mad because they have been burned in the past by no good bw then they come online and take out their anger out on ALL bw regardless of that one experience. Regardless if they want to believe it or not, they are spewing hatred and bigotry, you can spot their hypocrisy almost IMMEDIATELY. This stuff only exists on the internet, i have yet to run into a black man or even bw that are aware of a so called “gender war” between black men and black women. I feel NO sympathy for these types of black men, and i feel REALLY sorry for black women or any other woman that get with these dudes. They will go through one HELL of a roller coaster. No wonder his woman left him damn! People can love whomever they want to love, but if you tell them this, they automatically bash you. You can’t help these types of black men, they are useless and yes i will say it WEAK MINDED. This isn’t a judgment, it’s a FACT. They are weak minded as hell and allow people to take advantage of them. Especially when it comes to women.

    These black men need to join the KKK. I truly believe that deep down inside these black men are jealous of black women or they wish they were white. Overall, I think bw are doing better than bm when it comes to careers, this is what gets them mad too. First they say white men don’t care about them, or bw don’t love them, well if that’s they case, why keep talking about them? Now, I’m not saying wm are better than anybody, but we all know they have societal advantages, due to just being white which is sad, but I think these types of bm envy them or something is wrong in their psyche. They want to fell “superior” like white men, so they bash bw. They claim they “love” themselves and that bw feel inferior to white women, while at the same time they put themselves on a pedestal since the white media won’t do it. They want to level themselves up to the “white man”, so they can feel good about themselves. That’s just how i see it. You can’t listen to these bm, they are hurt and scorned and will cause their own self destruction, if you’re a bw and you run into these types of bm, RUN FAR AWAY! They will most likely make your life a living hell and they are probably woman beaters if they don’t get their way.

    They keep tabs on who bw date because they deeply desire bw regardless if they hate us or not. These men will FOREVER hate bw and women in general because they can’t admit to their own wrong doings and they are afraid of THEMSELVES.They let their insecurities get the best of them. They hate when bw find other races of men attractive, yet in the same breath, they uplift other women or secretly like them. PATHETIC. Like I said, you can’t listen to these fools. It’s pure COMEDY. This fool darkone or whatever his name is and other bm like him are ignorant and need help quick. These men will NEVER get over the past and will lead themselves to path of self destruction, they can’t face reality and wake up and realize that they are keeping themselves down, real bm know what’s up and they are awake to the reality of which they live in. They know how the system works, but smart bm are willing to break down the barriers and not give a crap what white society or what other race of people think of them, that’s what MEN do. “Men” like this one and others are just little boys that never grew up. They have nobody to turn to, some even said it themselves. They are just angry!

    To all the bw who get upset at vids like darksun, please do not. He needs some serious mental help. If you know who you are as a bw, this won’t even bother you. Let these men fall by themselves, you can’t help them and if you find a man like this, GET OUT!

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      1. Black men have long bought into the white standard of beauty, which account for them being so color-struck and why it is important that more of us steer clear of them. They have no love for us and I am more than ok with that. Thank goodness for other men, who don’t feel this way about us. With friends like black men, we don’t need any enemies, real talk.

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    1. If you think this is only on the internet, you are wrong…I encountered a black man like these internet dudes in real life at a studio, and had a black man tell me almost 30 YEARS AGO that he does not date black women because we are bitches and you can’t run over us. Don’t know where you live but here in cali, the gender and race war between black men rages on black women is real.

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      1. oh I’ve heard stories about some of the Black men in Cali. I’m on the east coast, so Black men out here (where I am) aren’t that extreme. There’s definitely colorism issues but it’s not as extreme a in California apparently. I’ve been to Cali twice, but i was little both times, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the racial-dating dynamic between Black men/Black women and /non-black women. Black men on the east coast are a bit different, though I’ve DEFINITELY encountered some Black men who have major issues with Black women and stereotype them and refuse to date them. Srgtwilliepete was from the east coast, supposedly, so I KNOW there are Black men like that out here.

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  5. You women dont understand dark he married a blackwoman you dumb bitches.hes voicing what he experienced in blackwomen .i experience the same stuff. Blackwomen need to listen without letting your emotions get the best of you.Dark prefers blackwomen what the hell are you hoes talking about!


    1. @ rip007

      I could delete your comment for the demeaning words you use, but i’m going to let it go up. This is just the type of abuse that I want people to see, thanks for proving my point. Btw I know that DOS was married to a Black woman, I probably know more about him than you think that I do. But that’s no excuse for generalizing and demeaning all BLack women whether he was married to a black woman or not.

      I want people to take notice of this comment and note the words that rip007 uses, note that I didn’t demean all Black men, I didn’t use profanity in any of my posts. Yet this person comes here and calls black women dumb b-tches and hos, that stuff we hear all the time. prime example.

      Thanks for proving my point and demonstrating the need for sites such as this.


      1. While not all black men are like this idiot, too many of them are…thank goodness I removed myself from the anger and disrespect of black men…especially kneegrows like this one here.

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    2. Typical dumb ignorant bitter ass black boy, you are at the complete bottom of the totem pole, Now if more black women would come to their senses and stop dealing with you ignorant ass kneegrows their lives would be a whole lot better. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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  6. Darkone went through a bad divorce. I do believe he is suffering from it. Many posters have reached out to him. So he could get help.

    I also wanted to clarify. He doesn’t put White women or any women on a pedestal. He has made numerous videos stating that they are racist.

    The is unfortunately a bad element within the Black community. That chooses to bash their own and prop up others. This is men and women. But it would be bad to paint an entire group with a broad brush.


  7. I know a lot of people who have gone through difficult, or even horrific divorces, but they don’t go on youtube posting videos like these. I get really tired of the apologists when it comes to men who post hate filled videos like this one. Black women are really on our own.


      1. This is why black women need to move on, we don’t owe black men anything and since they have made it clear that we are not welcomed, then we need to go where the love is…why deal with a black man when anything worth anything is out of reach with them?


  8. He does have problems,who doesn’t?
    and he has been hurt before,he has been mistreated and stepped on. He is not the only one,there are people out there that are like him. I do believe he needs to move on znd look at the positive side of life. I can’t believe he got divorced,i thought they were going to stay together forever because they sounded meant for eachother. but anyways,there is no reason to take your bad experiences out on all black women. most of his videos do scare me though because he sounds sensitive. it’s really embarrassing to humiliate bla k women like that by posting anti-videos.

    There was one video he did called,”Black men should stop being loyal to black women.” I couldn’t figure out why he made that video if he was married to one? was he trying to create division and revenge for his pain and past? i liked him even though i avoided his topics on Bw,whites and hispanics but now i want to know more about him. He has been hurt so many times,i don’t think he has enough room in his heart for more disappointment. i’m pretty sure he is a good-looking guy though and he’s smart in computer science too,just wish he wasn’t so bitter sometimes.


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