Sugar of the Crop- Journey to Find CHILDREN of Black American Slaves


During a discussion on race relations at the White house race panel, a debate ensued about whether or not slavery should be considered within the context of the present day. Do problems affecting Blacks of TODAY still connect back to slavery? Half of the room believed that slavery was so long ago that it should not be considered, the other half felt that slavery did need to be considered and that many people still felt the  residual affects of slavery from generation to generation…This is when Sana Butler’s journey began.

From 1997-2007, Sana Butler went on a journey to find the children of those Black Americans who had been enslaved, she didn’t look for grandchildren, nor great-grandchildren, but looked for THE children who were born of parents who were enslaved before 1865. Initially, when she contacted the scholars on the subject, she expected that someone had already researched and interviewed the children, but historians told her  that “she was crazy,” to try and find children of slaves, she would be lucky to find a grandchild.

However, after giving it some thought, it stood to reason that there should be some children of slaves out there, so Butler began her journey and she found 35 children of slaves and she wrote a book about it.


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