Anti-Black Woman Commentary by [some] White Women on Pro-Interracial Site

Anti-Black woman commentary on pro-interracial website, by some alleged white women posters.

This is a quote from a pro-Black men/White Women website called “The War Between Black Women & White Women. ”

” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that white women are “taking  the only good black men we have.” It was like it was my fault that a black man with an education or an ambition as interested in me. And trust me not every black guy that was interested in me was an upstanding citizen…Black women blame white women for a lot of the interracial dating. I don’t like that there is an assumption that white women are stealing their black men…The worst part is, is that black women are “allowed” to be upset with white women but if a white woman gets upset with a black woman over this topic, we are racist. And I’m sure they get frustrated but they don’t own these men.”

Does this author seriously think there is ” a war” between ALL Black women and white women…is it that serious? I have never in my life heard a Black woman state that she felt there was a war between white women and black women.

My Final question is, what is there to be frustrated about? Inequalities…it sounds like she knows there are some inequalities, but she just doesn’t care.

Another pro-white women/Black men interracial dating site apparently erupted after some Black men posted pictures of beautiful Black women. SOME alleged white women posters took offense to the presence of Black women, despite the fact that the Black men posters had previously posted pictures of Beautiful Indian, Asian and other non-white women. The white women also posted a beautiful white MEN post.

In addition, there were some questionable comments about Black people and racism in general, I will post a couple comments below.

Some of the Comments:

“Well if you have to fuel the flames, at least post some black,black women ie not all lightskinned, we did not post European men with black features did we? Many of these girls have european features.” – poster 1

“Lol, I’m jealous? That must be why I contributed to the hot black women thread…I get tired of people whining about race and discrimination all the time. There’s no excuse, a black man has become the president. Yes, I get annoyed at people who try to blame everything on race and discrimination because the ycan’t take responsibility for their own failures and laziness. I roll my eyes at people who talk about the past and dwell on the past/present transgressions while at the same time hope that things will change and get better in the present/future. ” – poster 2

Note: All of these comments come from self-identified white women who claim to prefer Black men.

I know not all white women in interracial relationships feel this way, but I think it says a lot that someone would basically imply that Black people are lazy given our history and our present inequalites, such as the bias in the criminal justice system, bias in schooling system, higher unemployment, housing/job discrimination. What makes the comments even more disturbing is the fact that it’s coming from someone who allegedly prefers to date Black MEN and could possibly have children who (to many people) would be considered Black. Will this white woman poster tell her own child to “get over it,” when (s)he experiences racism? In terms of the angry, jealous Black woman stereotype…well you should check out the response below.


13 thoughts on “Anti-Black Woman Commentary by [some] White Women on Pro-Interracial Site”

    1. yes, this is a problem. More Black men need to realize that when they allow others to degrade Black women, they are allowing people to degrade them. They are basically telling you that what you come from is flawed, not good enough and sooner or later that’s going to reflect back on you. I don’t allow non-black men or non-black women to talk badly about Black men, but still claim to love Black women. That’s not acceptable to me.


  1. what war between black women and white women? this is some kneegrow bs that ignorant bitter black boys are spewing up. whoever wrote this article needs their head examined…pronto!


    1. I agree, I certainly don’t feel I’m at war with my white female friends. I’ve known them my whole life, one has dated a Black man, I had no problem with it, do you know why…because I knew she wasn’t a racist and I knew that she didn’t have any problems with Black women. This is what some people do not understand most Black women (who I encounter) do not act ignorant about Black men dating other race of women. I’ve ONLY seen Black women get upset when Black men or white/non-black women bash, stereotype and demean Black women. I never even cared about Black men in interracial relationships UNTIL I started hearing people like srgtwilliepete and other Black men bashing Black women and putting white women on a pedestal.Then to have some white women join in and bash Black women is too much, and at that point I was bothered because I learned that just because someone is in an interracial relationship, doesn’t meant they aren’t racist. not at all.


  2. All of this is to be expected under a Racist, White, Supremacist system. Let’s get to the real problem White people; let’s not focus our wounded, deceived, pityful selves on racist woman marrying a black male victim. Get the book by Mr. Neely Fuller and you understand why this is all happening.


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