I’ll Miss You Whitney Houston!

Whitney Houston has passed on at the age of 48. I will never forget doing cartwheels and dancing on the carpet to “I’m Every Woman,” as a little girl. She was truly a phenomenal singer and a beautiful woman, there will never be another. My heart goes out to her family, especially her daughter.



5 thoughts on “I’ll Miss You Whitney Houston!”

  1. Whitney was a phenomenal singer and performer in her hey-day. So sad that the demons inside would not let her go ! Miss your beautiful voice Whitney, we will never forget you.


  2. I’m now thinking of the child she bore with fellow drug addict, Bobby Brown; now that’s a train waiting to crash happen. I wonder if the relevant relative will intervene to help save this young lady’s life now that her mother was allowed to waste her’s.


    1. You are a disgusting piece of slime. Can’t let this poor woman rest in peace can you? Have to talk shit about her and drag her name through the mud right? Can’t let her have any peace even in death? No of course not, she is only a Black woman.

      You MAKE ME SICK!


  3. Whitney Houston, by far the most outstanding vocalist in the history of pop music, deeply touched and stirred the souls of millions of people around the globe with her beautiful, soothing, angelic yet powerful voice. Her songs are melodious, beautiful, timeless and put forth positive, inspirational messages. She consistently performed with boundless energy, charisma, warmth, passion, grace and class despite a constantly grueling work schedule. She also wore the hat of model, film producer, actress and a great philanthropist. She selflessly gave of her time, talent and resources. Her legacy lives on.


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