Turning in My Pennies

I went to the grocery store today and turned in all my pennies that I had been saving. The coinstar machine charged me a fee, but I ended up getting $20.00 from turning in my pennies.  I always collect pennies and save them for a rainy day. It was great to be able to get basically a free $20.00 just from collecting coins in a jar. When I see a penny on the ground, I pick it up, pocket it and keep it. Even though it’s only one cent, those cents add up little by little. In this economy (especially when you’re a broke, recent-college grad) every little bit helps. I plan on taking up the double savings diva coupon- collecting strategy very soon.  When I was in middle school, we used to have penny drives where people from the entire middle school would collect spare change and place them in giant jars. When the drive was over, the counts were tallied up and the class that had the most money in pennies/change would get an ice cream day. You’d be surprised how much money we’d make just from change, we’d make hundreds and hundreds just from pennies. Maybe that is where I get my penny saving spirit from.

What do you all do to get some spare change?

2 thoughts on “Turning in My Pennies”

  1. @ Menelik we call it pennies over here. I think you guys have a pence.

    I have done this too, my biggest get was $24 at the coinstar machine. My sis refuses to use the machine because she thinks it’s tacky, but all I see is a saving and I will save wherever I can. You guys in the US have such super couponing opportunities and stuff, you should be couponing like crazy girl. Here in Canada we don’t get coupon savings like you do. 😦


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