Respecting Your Parents

I think every one has disagreements with their parents at some point. I am at a point in my life where I would love some independence. I love my mother and my family, but sometimes it gets tough living under your parents roof when you’re a young adult and all you want to do is break free and start your own life. The economy has made it difficult for younger people, such as myself to get out on their own. My goal is to be in my own apartment within the next couple years and then eventually be able to buy my own home by the time I’m 30. But, for now, I’m living in my parent’s house. It’s difficult. I am only going to be working as a temporary employee come March and I will work up until September, so that will not be enough for me to earn a living to be able to pay my own rent and utilities. I am pretty much going to be stuck at my parents a for a while.

The first thing I did when I came home was get rid of all my old toys, VHS tapes and dolls and put them in the basement, while my old clothes were donated to the Purple Heart. I have no dresser in my room, so I’m living out of my suitcase, but I had to atleast get rid of my own toys if I’m going to be living there for a while. At least I can FEEL like an adult if my room is more mature.

It can be difficult because my mother will try to dominate my life, even though I’m 23 and tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with my hair, things that really should be my buisness and my buisness only. It gets annoying, but there’s nothing I can say because it’s her house and she’s paying the bills…It’s like she doesn’t want me to grow up.

I could sulk and stuff and yes it’s annoying, but I have to remind myself that I am truly blessed to even have parents who care enough about me to allow me to stay in their house and provide for me. I know my mother can be annoying, but she is annoying because she loves me. I try to remember this. I pray for God to help me respect my mother and not argue with her or be disrespectful over ultimately superficial matters like how I dress, how I wear my hair or who I talk to on the phone.

I am blessed to have my mother and father in my life. There have been a few times in my life where I’ve sincerely regretted disrespecting my mother, it really doesn’t feel good to be disrespectful and above all the bible calls us to “honor thy mother and thy father.” (Ephesians 6:2)

I know sometimes I can be short with my mother and that is probably because I’m taking my anger for being unable to feel like an adult and support myself (unfairly) out on her, but then again I think my mother also needs to learn to let me do my own thing when it comes to personal matters like what I wear or how I wear my hair.

But, even if I disagree, I must be respectful because that’s what God calls me to do and also it doesn’t feel good to be disrespectful to a parent, it makes me feel like the lowest thing. I write this blog because I’m sure there are a lot of people in my situation who are technically adults, but stuck in this type of extended adolescence where they are dependent on their parents, so basically the parents try to dominate your life.

My Prayer:

Dear God, please help me to respect my mother and my father and to be grateful that I have been blessed with such loving parents. Even when they annoy me, even when they may over step their boundaries, please help me to forgive them and learn to resolve conflicts without being disrespectful. They are my parents and I thank you for blessing me with their love. I truly love and honor them. Please help me to remember this prayer and to show my parents respect. In Jesus Name I pray.



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