Plan to Get My Faith Back On Track

1. Pray Before Going to Bed. Take some time to seriously pray to God and meditate on what the day has shown me. Praise and thank God for all he has done. Ask God to forgive me for my shortcomings and sins. Pray about how I can lead a life that’s please to God.

2. Pray Before Eating- learn to truly be grateful for what I have and not to be greedy, but just to eat healthy and praise God for having food and family to share it with.

3. Read some scripture (one chapter) at least 3 times a week to start and gradually I’ll increase the amount of time  I spend in scripture because sometimes it take me a while to read because I need to think and understand it.

4. Try and Blog about lessons I’ve learned in scripture at least once a week

5. Try not to over-indulge myself in food because it makes me feel sick and it distracts me from God by feeding into my vanity and self-hate.

6. Learn to pray for those who judge me because of my skin color or gender.

7. Listen to more Christian music and pray for God to show me how to be happy and thankful for all that I have.

8. Think about what I can do to help others and spread happiness to mom and other people.

9. Spend more time with mom, maybe we can go to church more together on Sundays.

These are just some things that I need to work on to get back on track spiritually. I’ll begin praying more and reading scripture today.

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