Things I Like and Dislike About Tyler Perry Films

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I have always had mixed feelings about Tyler Perry movies. On the one hand, I think it’s great that he started his own production company and gives roles to Black men, Black women and Black children, on the other hand I always felt he plays up a lot of negative stereotypes in his films, but there is some positive to. So, how do I feel about Tyler Perry movies…?

Things I Like about Tyler Perry Movies: 

1. He owns his own production company. The first step to getting more positive movies made about Black people is owning your own, gotta give him credit for stepping up in that respect.
2. He gives roles to Black women who look Black. Tyler Perry movies are pretty much the only movies where you can see Black women who look like Kimberly Elise or Anika Noni Rose not playing maids.
3. He gives roles to attractive Black men. Tyler Perry always has great eye candy in his movies.
4. He portrays Black people being married to other Black people in his movies.
5. He has SOME positive messages at the heart of his films
6. He gives jobs to Black actresses who otherwise would probably be jobless
7. He has beautiful Black women in his films
8. The opera song in For Colored Girls by Karen Slack was brilliant
9. He opens people’s eyes to issues that often go unnoticed in the public eye, like abuse in the Black Community
10. He supports the Black community

Things I Dislike about Tyler Perry Movies:

1. I feel his plots can be a bit melodramatic.  Find a happy medium between realistically portraying very real issues in the Black community (like rape and abuse) and putting so much of it into the plot that it becomes overwhelming and difficult for everyone to relate to.  Balance is the key to a great movie.

2. Black men portrayed negatively. Sometimes I feel like Tyler Perry needs more balance in his portrayal of Black men. It’s true in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, he had Shemar Moore to make up for the negative Black husband, but in some of the movies the focus seems to be more on portraying Black men as the root cause of all Black women’s problems than portraying the ups and downs of Black life overall.

3. What’s Up with backing Precious? In my opinion, it was an embodiment of every negative stereotype of Black men AND Black women there is…not really feeling that decision.


2 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike About Tyler Perry Films”

  1. I have enjoyed most if not all Tyler Perry movies and there maybe issues with the direction some of his movies take. However, I really enjoy his movies regardless. My favourite Perry movies are Daddy’s Little Girls, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Big Happy Family.


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