Protesting SOPA Act

Today Google and wikipedia are blacking out in protests to the SOPA Act, which would allow copyright holders to get court orders to block out websites that they feel violate copyright. It would mean  stopping ad networks from advertising on the sites and stopping internet service providers from linking to the websites. Therefore any website that is accused of violating copyright will basically be shut down and others won’t be allowed to access the website.

For many this is a violation of the First amendment and a form of censorship. As blogger, I believe the internet is a free space, where as long as people aren’t conspiring/plotting to commit violent acts against people or groups of people should be allowed to say what they want to say and have their voices heard. Copyright infringement is not enough to shut down a website in my opinion. Everyone deserves to have their voices heard. As Black women we aren’t afforded the right to have our voices heard in mainstream media, but on the internet we have (for the first time) the right to voice our opinions. Many Black women have also made their careers from websites. I feel if this act goes forward it would take away our rights and the rights of everyone to express their opinions. There should be another solution for copyright infringement, but shutting down websites is not it.

I don’t agree with this bill and if you don’t either, I encourage you to sign the petition or call your local representation


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