My Favorite Childhood TV Shows & Movies

When I was growing up my favorite TV shows  were probably Hey Arnold, Clarissa Explains It All,  Fresh Prince of Belair, Boy Meets World, A Different World, Touched by an Angel. I got to thinking there were a lot more good Black TV shows in the early 90s than there are today. It’s kinda sad that 13-20 years ago I could see a more diverse representation of Black people on TV than today in the so-called “post racial,” era where we have an African-American Prez. Today, it seems like images of Black people (ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN) on TV and in film are worse than ever.

The fact that I can see an ad like the Pepsi Max commercial during the Superbowl, but I can’t see someone like Meagan Goode in make up commercials or on the covers of magazines, really says something. Anyway.


Hey Arnold was probably one of my favorite cartoons growing up. It was just a funny show, the kids were hilarious and each character had their own quirk. Gerald with his kid n’ play hairstyle and smooth ways, Arnold with his football head and down to earth demeanor and Helga with her bipolar attitude towards Arnold. I always got a good laugh out of that show, but life lessons could be learned from that show too.

I think the early mid nineties was a golden age for Black TV shows, but even then they were still under represented. This is a link to some videos that talk about Black women representation in the media.

What were your favorite TV shows as a child?

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