Officially Graduated

A Winter Graduation…

I officially graduated today!  My whole family came! I finished my major studies last spring, but stayed an extra semester to get a minor in African-American Women’s Studies. I never thought I would stay an extra semester, I had a somewhat difficult College experience. I was home sick and the first year I made Dean’s List because all I did was study, but I made no friends. After that, I had a rough time and became detached and slightly depressed. I was constantly lonely. But around my junior year things started to pick up. I made a few friends…I even had one of my friends spend Thanksgiving break with me this year. I joined Gospel Choir, started going to the Black ministry church service. I even got inducted into the women’s studies honor program and I got a notation on my transcript for my intercultural communication immersion program. So, I guess in the end it didn’t turn out so bad. It is a blessing at the end of the day to even be able to go to college and my parents helped me through, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that support. So, I am very blessed at the end of the day and grateful I had the experience.
I didn’t want to go to my graduation, but my mother made me and I am glad she did. At the graduation ceremony, they performed The Battle Hymn of the Republic, in honor of the  150th  anniversary of the beginning of the civil war. While I was listening to the  baritone voiced soloist sing, while accompanied by the band, I couldn’t help but think to myself…wow…150 years ago, I would have been a slave. I wouldn’t even have been permitted to attend the school that I’m graduating from today. My school is in a southern state, where they owned slaves (I toured one of the slave cabins near campus for a class) and it wasn’t too long ago that my University wouldn’t allow Blacks to attend at all. Maybe 50 years ago, my University would  pay Black’s tuition to go out of state because they didn’t want them at the school.

As I was sitting in my seat, I couldn’t help but become emotional because I realized, no matter how much I complained, no matter how home sick I got, it truly was a privilege to be able to go to college and pursue an education.  My great-great-great grandfather was a slave this time 150 years ago  (in north Carolina), I wonder if he ever thought he’d  have a descendant who would graduate from a college where the founder of the University owned slaves himself.

I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion at that thought…No matter what, we have come quite a way…we’ve got more roadblocks to overcome, but we have come quite a way…

So I’m done…NOW I CAN HAVE FUN…FOR A WHILE ANYWAY!!!! I may just go carolling with my highschool singing group this friday…! 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Officially Graduated”

  1. Congrats on this wonderful achievement. Now the real work begins. Are you considering grad school, or professional studies? Have a blessed and joyous Christmas and may 2012 be a year where all your dreams come true. Blessings!


  2. I’m a bit late, but better late than never, right? 😉 Anyway, congratulations to you, proudchocolategirl! I’m happy for you! Your hard work has paid off. The future holds so many infinite possibilities and I don’t doubt you will be very successful in whatever you do. Best wishes to you! 🙂


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