Black Christmas Movies

1. Last Holiday – This movie starring Queen Latifah is hilarious. When Georgia Byrd (Latifah) is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she makes one last vow to have the best holiday ever, she embarks on an incredible Holiday that changes her life..!

2. The Perfect Holiday – Gabrielle Union stars in this film as a divorced, single mother whose daughter decides to ask Santa to find her mother a new husband for Christmas.

3. The Preacher’s Wife- Whitney Houston plays the wife of a minister who in the process of caring for everyone else in the community, realizes he hasn’t been caring for his own family.

4. Diva’s Christmas Carol Vanessa Williams stars in this parody of the classic film Scrooge. This domineering and self-centered Diva gets a reality check when she is visited by the spirits of Christmas past who teach her to rethink her life and her treatment of others.

5. A Christmas Journey to Freedom – This is educational and entertaining film tells the story of a slave named Joe who follows Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad to freedom during Christmas.

6. Are We There Yet? – Ice Cube stars in this comedy with Nia Long. Nick (Ice Cube)  must take on the role of daddy when he falls in love with a woman who has two children. Nick volunteers to drive the children to Vancouver over the Holiday and when the children  go out of their way to make sure the relationship between Nick and their mother fails, his road trip becomes a survival trip. In the process of trying to survive a holiday with the children, Nick discovers he may actually be falling in love with the whole family.


7. Trading Places- Eddie Murphy and Dan Akron star in this classic film about a poor Black man who switches places with a wealth, white Wall street worker. This movie is hilarious and a classic, it needs no words.

8. Coming to America- Akeem is a wealthy, African Prince from Zumunda. Akeem travels to Queens, New York to not only escape the confines of his life of royalty, but to find a Queen.

Whitney Houston Sings-

8 thoughts on “Black Christmas Movies”

  1. my gosh! the prechear’s wife is like my favourite christmas movie ever! SO SWEET! and don’t forget the wonderful character that Denzel Washington plays!


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