Anti-Black Woman Youtube Video by EnochszunXXXL


This is a YouTube video by a faceless,  self-proclaimed Black man who claims that Black women are the least attractive, but Black men are not. Sounds familiar to the Santoshi Kanazawa nonsense. I wonder if maybe part of the reason Black women are so degraded is because of these type of Black men (such as this fool) who propagate nonsense.  Please recognize this for what it is…foolishness.


So, I guess according to this guy, this “masculine” Black woman below would be the least desirable out of all women:




More Pictures of “Masculine” Black Women

7 thoughts on “Anti-Black Woman Youtube Video by EnochszunXXXL”

  1. ANTI-BW BM are the lowest of the LOWLIVES because BM ONLY exist because BW CHOSE to birth them/sacraficially raise them.

    PRO-BW BM/PRO-BW supporters must confront/condemn/destroy the ANTI-BW LIES that ANTI-BW BM use to PUBLICLY trash the humanity, dignity, and femininity of BW.

    Until ALL BM learn to DEFEND/UPHOLD BW, BW will continue to be the MOST disrespected women on the planet


      1. I don’t expect a black man to do anything for me…nothing at all…I no longer feel anything for them…but hey, this is the way they want it…fine with me…


    1. Maybe if more black women would have aborted these bastards, we would not be under attack like we are…it is not white men doing it…it is BLACK MEN.


      1. I disagree, it’s not just Black men, there are plenty of white men who are just as hateful and disrespectful towards Black women. please check out this post:

        black women need to be cautious of all men, we don’t need to start going after white men because plenty of white men will disrespect a black woman just as quick (if not quicker) than a black man


  2. Peanut, I aware of this; to think otherwise is like calling me stupid. I give no man a pass regardless of his race, I know that there are racist and non racist white men that can be even more disrespectful. But since I speak on EXPERIENCE that is what I stand firm on. It is ok to disagree, but I place my experience above all else. Sad to say, but no one has been more disrespectful to me in my personal life more so than black men….believe it or not. I have dated men of other races but it has been black men that have been the nastiest…which is why I stopped dating black men years ago.


    1. I understand, no one is calling you stupid. I just don’t want people to come here and read the comments and get the wrong impression. You’re from Cali though, so I’m sure the black men there are different. I’ve been told by different people that some Black men in California avoid Black women, so of course you have the right to feel the way you feel and if Black men really do treat Black women that way, I can understand where you’re coming from.


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