Internet Forum Attacks on Black Women!


Internet Forum starts forum entitled “Black Girls You Fancy,” soon the thread is littered with anti-black woman comments such as:

* click photo enlarge

“the only hot black women are the ones that are furthest from being purely African-American. Each one of these women would look like hideous apes if they didn’t have help from other backgrounds to mend their appearance.”


“kinda sad that the hot ones aren’t completely black.”

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It’s important to recognize that this idea that the only Beautiful Black woman are mixed is rooted in a racist stereotype of Black womanhood. You see, the reason that we don’t often see beautiful African and dark skinned Black women in the media is not because dark skinned/African Women Aren’t Beautiful. It is because of racism. The beauty hierarchy was designed by racist white men who placed eurocentric beauty standards at the top and African beauty at the bottom. If the media put beautiful, authentic Black women in movies, magazines and television, it would turn their beauty hierarchy upside down.

No one race has a monopoly on beauty. But, some people are so insecure that they have to only praise the beauty of mixed race Black women because admitting that there are beautiful Black women, just as there are beautiful women of all races, would hurt their racist ego.

This is why there is such an effort to keep dark skinned and African women out of media. This is why the only images you see of Black women are generally the mammy or sapphire image. So basically, comments like the ones above are coming from a place of insecurity.

Pictures of Beautiful AFRICAN/ Black-Black Women:



CLICK HERE: Pictures of Beautiful Black Women They CLAIM Don’t Exist!

6 thoughts on “Internet Forum Attacks on Black Women!”



  2. @Peanut:

    I started coming across this kind of thing back in the early 2000’s on collegeclub.com African-American forums and it was the first time i had ever seen anything like it. It was usually supposed black men and non-white women who created and maintained threads about black women being “ugly nigger bitches”, “tackheads”, “weaveheads”, “haters of ir black men and non black women”…. i remember screenames such as blkmnforprmami, fineasianchic, newyorknubian, 2fine2see (a supposed black woman), biggirlflossin (another supposed black woman) and realjesus (although i think he was truly black)…

    Anyway, the other AA posters began to see that most of these usernames were in fact the same person. I honestly do not think these were people of color but a white man or woman. Just about every black forum, or thread that i have visited since then is practically littered with anti-black woman rhetoric. I believe there are a few black men behind it–but not many. The bulk seems to be from whites pretending to be black.

    No sexually healthy black man is against black women as initimate partners–even those who are with non black women always are STILL attracted to black chicks–i have seen it over and over again.


      1. yeah , actually ITS black men who POST a lot of nasty things against black women. I know because I have black friends and always say how they think black women are ugly and one of them is dating an Asian girl, the other a Latina. You want to believe it is always whites ,but most of these comments aren’t coming from whites. Open your eyes.


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