Black Women Verbally Attacked and Defamed in YouTube Videos!

Verbal and Emotional Abuse of Black women on YouTube is rampant. Not too long ago, there was a self-proclaimed Black man who called himself “Srgtwilliepete,” all he did was constantly bash Black women. He put out multiple videos daily describing everything that was wrong with Black women. He even went so far in one video to make the comment that Black women who wore weaves looked like “monkies with wigs on.”  He was eventually banned from YouTube and began posting on gen X. It seems like ever since he began posting, more and more anti-black woman YouTube videos have poured onto the internet.

Why Do YouTube Videos Matter:

– YouTube is the third most used website on the internet, after Google.

– When I first encountered these videos on YOUTUBE, I wasn’t looking for videos trashing Black women, I accidentally came across the videos when I was researching for a required paper for  college. This means anyone can come across these videos and for people who have little to no interaction with Black women, to hear such negative comments about Black women (coming mostly from Black men on youtube) they may really believe Black women behave the way they’re described in the aforementioned videos.

Please Help me put these videos on Blast so that we can start addressing the misinformation and stereotypes associated with Black Women!

12 thoughts on “Black Women Verbally Attacked and Defamed in YouTube Videos!”

  1. I’m very frustrated/outraged/angered that Youtube refuses to ban ANTI-BW HATE/ANTI-BW VIOLENCE vids but BW/PRO-BW supporters must still use LEGAL and any effective means available to make sure they ultimately DO the RIGHT thing when it comes to protecting the HUMAN rights of BW from ANTI-BW HATERS.


  2. I just recently found this blog. Thank you so much for creating this space (A safe space at that, for Black women). The Anti-Black women hate videos on YouTube are growing by leaps and bounds. I saw one recently created by a Latino man and this younger white guy. Things have really gotten out of control.


  3. Have you seen this one? It was uploaded in 2009 and it’s quite disturbing. I had to turn it off after awhile:

    There are so many of these videos on youtube, I don’t know where to begin.


      1. this is why it is best that black women date and marry out. Youtube is littered with ignorant kneegrows spewing such evil…lots of them here in cali are just like this…haven’t dated or dealt with a black man since the 80’s and couldn’t be happier…


  4. I agree with Peanut I have seen men of all races spew anti-black women hate. I keep hearing about Black men in California as well. I’m From New York, and I haven’t really experienced this type of hate, at least not to my face.


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