This Guy Asked Me Out & I Think I BLEW IT!


I met this really nice guy over a month ago on the bus. He was intelligent, well-spoken and a nice guy. We talked the entire time on the bus and when I finally got off, he asked for my number! So, I called my mom really excited and told her that he asked for my number, thinking he would call me within the next few days to go out. He didn’t call me until this past Wednesday over a MONTH Later! He said that he had been busy with work, but he wanted to know if I wanted to come out on a group date with him and his friends. Well, I am totally not ready for a date with all his friends. Plus, none of my friends would be able to go.  My hair isn’t done, I don’t have nice clothes and I’m not going to meet with him looking a mess!


He asked me on Wednesday and I wasn’t positive if he was asking me to come or not, so  I didn’t say definitely I could come, but I did say  I wasn’t busy on Friday. But, tonight when he said that I could bring friends and none of my friends were available to come, I PANICKED. I didn’t want to be the only female there with a bunch of guys…HOW AWKWARD!


So, I called him and asked him if he’d like to have coffee on Monday. He said he works all day so if we had coffee it would probably have to be on a weekend. So, I said…okay well give me a call if you want to have coffee and I talked a bit more and said goodbye. Now, I am scared that I might have blown it with this really nice guy and I’M REALLY UPSET! I like him, but it wasn’t a good night, I wasn’t ready and I don’t want to go on a group date with his friends and just me…not at all. I want his attention to myself.

Did I mess up or do you think he’ll call back?

5 thoughts on “This Guy Asked Me Out & I Think I BLEW IT!”

  1. No, you did the right thing. He may actually be a nice guy, but you don’t know that for certain. You may have been setting yourself up for more than you could handle by going out with him and his friends, particularly if all his friends are male.

    Meeting him in a public place for coffee is your best bet for now. If he doesn’t call again, he is not the one for you and his failure to call may prove that he’s not as nice as you think.



  2. I completely agree with BDE. I consider myself brave, but not brave enough to go out with a complete stranger and all his friends and being the odd person out. Granted, they could very well be awesome people, but I would not want to find that out under such a circumstance. If he likes you enough he will call back. I am a firm believer in life goes the way it is supposed to go, we may not immediately know or see the wisdom in things, but in due time all thing reveals itself. As that Bible verse says, and I paraphrase : All things work together for good…


    1. Thanks for reminding me of that Jules. Yes, it may have been in the best interest for me not to have gotten together with that guy. Everyone thought it was awkward to be out on a first date being the only female and a bunch of his friends and I barely even know him…that’s crazy…


  3. You’re never going to meet a nice guy in a bus. Just some jerk that will probably stand you up. Try to meet someone through friends, someone that your friends can tell you the pros and cons beforehand, and that they feel might be a match

    Or why not try a coffee shop? The people there are either studying, working on a book, or at least doing something intellectual and trying to better their lives. Plus, they could easily be working from home, they’re obviously there to meet people, but usually too shy to do anything about it, which is good because it means they aren’t players.

    And when everyone is telling you that a guy isn’t respecting you and doesn’t seem serious, you should consider that a warning not to invest yourself emotionally with that person.

    Good luck.


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