My Body Motivation

I am using these pictures as motivation for doing my weight loss to ENHANCE the curves I already have…namely get back to the shape I was before I gained almost30 pounds! Both of these women are curvy, but fit. I have a natural shape similar to Anika Noni. Even at the right weight for my height, I have thick thighs, protruding booty, hips and a smaller waist. I just want to be a healthy weight for my height. I want to get back to the size I was before. These are my motivation photos.

Fit Black Women Photos

7 thoughts on “My Body Motivation”

    1. good luck, weight watchers is great already lost some weight but been slacking this weekend, i gotta weigh in next sunday, so this week it’s gonna be LOCKDOWN lol.


  1. I really want to look like that… I actually have that kind of body too, even though I’m white, and I’m terribly obese but my waist is still 29 inches because I have a 15-inch difference between my waist and hips and always have. I’ve never been thin. Is it nice? I’m trying to lose weight now, and I’ve lost about ten pounds in the last three weeks and am keeping the weight off on weekends, so I’m rather pleased with myself, but I’m scared I’m NEVER going to be thin…


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