What Do You Think About Kola Boof?

If you haven’t heard about Kola Boof, she is most notable as being the one-time mistress of Osama Bin Laden. She was taken forcefully by Osama’s men and held captive in Morocco for months. She has been interviewed in the media about her relationship with Osama, yet not many mainstream media have taken an interest in her literature and political writings.

Kola Boof was born Naima Bint Al Harith, the daughter of a Black Oromo Woman (charcoal colored as she puts it) and a white Arab Father.  Her parents were murdered when she was a child and she was sent to live in Egypt with her white Egyptian grandmother. Her Grandmother did not want to claim her as a member of the family because she was “too black looking,” yet she looked too much like her family. So, her grandmother illegally put her up for adoption in Egypt. She was adopted by a Black American family and was raised in Washington D.C.

She is a novelist, poet and activist. She has written many books. I have read three of her books and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed them all. Yet, she is very controversial. Her books were actually banned by some Black owned bookstores and she has been accused of bashing Black men. As someone who has read her works, I don’t see where she bashes Black men. I see where she bashes self-hatred, but that’s not all Black men. Although I don’t agree with 100% of what she says, I think she makes some valid points and I don’t understand why her books have been banned or why she’s not more mainstream.

I’ve read her books “Long Train To The Redeeming Sing,” “Flesh and the Devil,” and her most recent novel “The Sexy Part of the Bible.” I read The Sexy Part of the Bible in one weekend. I was happy because I was able to pick it up from Barnes and Noble, whereas I could only get the other books on amazon.com

She speaks out in defense of Black women quite often in her books and I appreciate that. I appreciate that she is giving voice to the women who have been made invisible throughout history. The women of South Sudan, the Black women of the United States, she is very diverse in her appreciation of Black women around the world.

You can check out her other books on amazon.com and you can also read some of her poems and other works online. I recommend reading her poem on colorism. You do not have to agree with everything she says to appreciate some of the things she says.


Check Out Her Videos Below, let me know what you think? Do you agree with her points, disagree?

Kola Boof Videos Below

Beautiful Black Women Pictures

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Kola Boof?”

  1. Kola Boof is controversial in the best possible way – she makes us think critically about who we are and the world or society we find ourselves in and she inspires us to act in order to make a difference.

    African and proud!


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