A Tribute To Beautiful Dark Brown Eyes

Society tells us that beauty is blue eyes, pale or light skin, straight hair and thin bodies. In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Pecola Breedlove believes that having blue eyes will make her more beautiful. If she has blue eyes, she will be one step closer to meeting the racist beauty ideals, which dictate our existence as Black women.


Why is it that the white beauty aesthetic is so prized above all other types of beauty and why is it that those who are considered beautiful are valued more than those who are not ..?

Does being considered beautiful (i.e meeting Eurocentric beauty standards) determine how human someone is or how worthy of dignity and respect they are?

I get tired of hearing time and time again that only one form of beauty is acceptable. I get tired of being told that Blue,green or hazel eyes are the epitome of beauty. This is not to say that these color of eyes are not beautiful, but let’s be honest…when people say Blue eyes or lighter eyes are the most beautiful, they’re practicing colorism. What about dark, deep brown eyes? Why aren’t there any songs praising dark, dark eyes of many Black women?

I like Dark Eyes:

Looking into dark eyes is like looking into the deepest realms of humanity. When I look into deep, Dark Brown eyes, I feel the beginning of everything…every emotion that can be felt, I feel when I look into a pair of deep dark eyes. It’s as if I’m transcending time and I can see humanity’s past, the future and I can see the moment. The beauty of Dark eyes that reflect and shine like metallic, the beauty of dark eyes that glisten like an onyx gem. You see, all colors of eyes come from Dark Eyes. Dark eyes can create green, hazel, silver, brown and blue. If you love Brown eyes, you love eyes period.

Beautiful Brown Bedroom Eyes

13 thoughts on “A Tribute To Beautiful Dark Brown Eyes”

  1. Thank you for this comment. As a person with deep brown eyes and charcoal black hair, so often black women seem to push us aside in online discussions.

    “Oh, those dreamy blue eyes”. I don’t have that. Sorry.

    And pale white skin isn’t as prized as tan one. But that’s irrelevant. Everyone can be attractive by their own mixture of features.

    Thank you for your blog, you make us think about things.


    1. I still think pale skin is prized more than than tan or dark skin though. Most of the celebrities I see have pale skin, in fashion magazines I see more women with pale pale skin and bright red lipstick than I do with deep dark chocolate skin. let’s be real


  2. That picture at the top of the page is beautiful. Her eyes are gorgeous. I’m white but I really do like a girl with dark skin, and the fuller lips.


    1. it’s nice to hear someone pay a compliment to the beauty of black women, it seems like so often black women are seen as the bottom of the beauty totem pole. it can do a number on black women’s self esteem to be seen as objectively less attractive just by virtue of our skin color, hair texture or eye color


  3. I’ve always been jealous of brown eyes because they’re darker than green/blue/hazel and the darker your eyes are, the bigger and more feminine they look. Alternatively, In people with brown eyes that aren’t as dark, they catch the light perfectly. So it’s a win-win for brown eyed people. My eyes are medium grey and extremely boring. They don’t do anything when light hits them, because there’s nothing but a grey void that light and color can’t escape, lol.


  4. Yeah, i too think it sucks that everyone considers the typical “aryan race” traits to be “the” beauty…. i’m a canadian french white guy, and personally i have a preference for girls who are mostly the contrary. dark skin, dark eyes, not too skinny (or too fat), round/flat nose, distanced eyes, thick lips, etc etc…..


  5. I always liked deep brown eyes gray eyes and hazel eyes the best anyways . I only think blue yes is attractive is if I like this guy and he happens to have blue eyes or he has piercing light blue eyes like Micheal Ealy . I like green eyes too it’s like your enchanted in a forest . Personally dark deep brown eyes that penetrates your mind piercing gray eyes and hazel eyes I have always admired the best.


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