Time It’s Precious…


So, I finally watched Toy Story 3 on netflix. I grew up watching Toy Story. I was about 6 or 7 when the first movie came out and I remember watching it on VHS (like anyone even uses VHS anymore). I went out and purchased a Buzz Lightyear action figure and I really enjoyed the movie.  I watched Toy Story 3 and it caught me off guard because I got kinda emotional towards the end of the movie and I wasn’t expecting it.


The movie was good, but it was depressing and scary. They had the toys in this sadistic ‘sunny side’ day care, they had a crazy pink bear of a dictator, they had a creepy baby going around harassing other toys and at one point the toys were nearly thrown into an inferno. At the end of the movie, Andy goes to college and passes his toys on to a little girl who is sure to enjoy them. But, I couldn’t help feeling like my childhood was over. I mean, it is over, I’m nearly 23 years old, but this movie hit me hard. After the movie, I went and rummaged around in my closet and brought out some of my old toys with their missing limbs and I just thought, wow time just flies by. Those toys used to be my childhood, they brought me so much joy. I mean do kids even play with Mr. Potato Head, slinky or those little plastic soldiers that come in the bucket anymore? I mean it seemed like just yesterday I was 6 years old, watching Toy Story on VHS and playing with my toys and now I’m 23 and its 2011. It’s like a completely different world. I just couldn’t believe how much the world has changed in 16 years. I couldn’t believe how quickly time went by.

It got me thinking about how precious time is and how its important to use our time wisely as Christians. My heart almost felt convicted because I felt like I wasn’t doing everything I needed to do as a Christian to use my time wisely. I know I’m not. Instead of complaining and being selfish, its our responsibility as Christians to use our time wisely by loving God and loving others. It’s so important.

There are so many more productive things I could do to be serving the Lord, praying more, studying the word, fellowship with other Christians. I could be donating food and other necessities to people in need. I could spend more time with family and friends. It just touched me because it reminded me that time is precious and it moves quickly.

I can’t believe that I’m nearly 23 and I still remember playing that Toy Story VHS and now people rarely ever use VHS anymore. I guess, it was just a subconscious reminder that I need to use my time more wisely. It was also a reminder that I need to do something with those toys that are sitting in the back of my closet, not being used. My room isn’t messy, but is cluttered with things, 80% of which I don’t ever use. I was thinking about how so many children need some of these things sitting around, that would be a good way to use my time wisely, why not pass the things that gave me so much joy onto other little kids who need them. That would be a place to start when it comes to serving the Lord, how about helping others a bit more?

I guess, we can all think of little things we can do that seem insignificant, but really can change someone’s life. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul (Matthew 22:37) and love others as God has loved us (John 13:34). I guess this movie was more than just a leisure activity, it was also a reality check, time is indeed precious and it moves quickly, we should use it wisely as Christians.

In eighth grade we did a dance to this song by Switchfoot called “Gone,”  one of the most moving quotes I remember goes like this:

” Nothing last in this life, Gone, my highschool dreams are gone, my childhood streets are gone, life is a day that doesn’t last for long!.. Every moment that we borrow brings us Closer to the God whose not short of cash.”

That quote is so true, so true.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me of all my sins and please help me to use time wisely as a Christian. Please forgive me  for all the blessings that I’ve taken for granted. Please forgive me for not using the time as wisely as I  should as a Christian. Help me to love you first and foremost with all my heart and soul and give me a heart desiring to serve you and serve others. Thank you for all the blessings you’ve given me, thank you for blessing me with a childhood, thank you for blessing me with life. Help me to serve you and to share the many blessings you have given me with others. I love you Lord and thank you for this reminder that time is precious.


If that prayer applies to you (which I think applies to all of us in some way at some point) just pray it along with me. I think the best place to start and finish is always with prayer.

Pray more, that’s a good place to start in using my time wisely, and God will guide me from there.

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