Dark Girls Documentary


This is a documentary that will premier at the black film festival this fall. It explores issues of colorism and the hair debate in the black community. Some of the things in this documentary are truly sad! There is no such thing as being “pretty for a dark skin girl,” beauty is beauty and dark skinned women ARE beautiful! Also, most black people are dark skinned, that is a natural part of being black, it allowed us to survive and thrive in africa, we’ve inherited our dark skin from our ancestors, what’s wrong with loving what God naturally blesses us with?


9 thoughts on “Dark Girls Documentary”

  1. I found this blog (and a few others) by following a link from Abagond’s site. I like the way you think. I especially appreciated your May 25 post about the validation of Black women’s beauty.

    This “pretty for a dark-skinned girl” nonsense must stop. Quite frankly, I don’t lose my sleep over it when it comes from a non-black individual, but I find it so disheartening when worded by black lips. I view it as some kind of post-traumatic syndrome due to the circumstances of our encounter with the white world.(Every now and then, both online and in real life, we see people trying to rationalize their preference for lighter skins as if there were some kind of objectivity involved in it. I don’t buy this sh!t.)

    The wide range of skin tones in our communities is truly a gift. We should be able to acknowledge it.


  2. i love this, i love this soo much i dont know what to say. i am eighteen, at my age vanity is a difficult trait to escape and lately i have been feeling particularly inferior to my lighter friends. its true that most dark guys do not want to be seen in public with darker girls (like me) and as much as i try and convince myself that they are ignorant and narrow minded, i live in kenya so 98% of the guys are black and most of them go for the light skined girls…. it makes me feel ugly…and i know i am beautiful…..i only wish they did too.


  3. Just here, tearing up after looking at the clip. It is extreamly sad. I remember my sister telling me of a twin in her school, Junior High, and one of the girls were light skin while the other was darker. They were not identical.
    However, all the girls in their class made friends with the lighter skined girl and the boys flocked her as well. The darker sibling was almost an outcast if not for other outcast in the class. My sister swore, the darker skined sister was the most beautiful girl in the entire class. She said she look at her face every chance she got.
    No matter how beautiful a girl may be if she is dark she is in for it. It will make her resent her own race or pity them.


  4. This mess ONLY COMES FROM BLACKS….why do you think many BM go with lighter girls. Some white men with BW wives are even aware of the nonsense and dont want their daughters being chased by colorstruck BM…


  5. It’s so sad that those women faced that. I think that a lot of this stems from black people being forcibly assimilated for hundreds of years until they had no tradition left to rely on and give them a culture. Now they’re consistently represented as ugly in the media and they naturally resent that. I think most of the women in that video were beautiful. The color of your skin really doesn’t change that. I would never say that about anyone from my culture so I think this has to do with a lack of real cultural connection between divided tribes.


  6. Am a teen age 13! Am dark skim from africa. White people ate ways telling me how pretty I am but my own skin tone thinks am ugly. I am darker thant sister and brother they are both light skin. My sister thinks Shea better than me cause she lighten! I researched how to change my skin tone I am alway consucence about how I look! I always compare my self! Everyone tell me how am black and ugly it HURTS!!! The guy I like said she doesn’t like me cause am too dark skin! My mom told me I should care about what they Saar that God create me and I should not change my self for anyone


  7. Hi Aye, I’m also a dark skinned girl from Las Vegas, Nevada. I actually never thought too much about race, skin tone, color, etc. until the past couple of years reading the comments on the Internet! Please don’t compare yourself to your sisters. I think they will grow out of the childishness and later they will feel really bad that they are teasing you now. Concentrate on education! A smart, physically-fit, dark skinned black woman does well, even in THIS society, I’m living proof! I have a great job working for a prominent elected official as a Community Liaison, have my own office and run a community center. I get compliments all the time from people of all races about how fit am. I love going to a kickboxing gym here, run by someone very compassionate about inner city youth. Take care of yourself internally, you will see the benefits. I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard sometimes with the MEDIA, pounding it into our heads that light is better, but sometimes I wake up, look in the mirror and say to myself, “wow you are gorgeous!” I actually had a blonde, attractive woman come up to me and tell me I should audition for “America’s Next Top Model!” I was completely thrown off (I was 35 at the time but since my mom is from New Orleans, I got some of those good wrinkle-free genes)!


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