Prayers For Victims of Joplin Tornado


Prayers for Joplin:

I pray that the Lord keep all the victims of Joplin and that they be comforted in this trying time. I pray that they’ll now that no matter what God is always in control and he will carry them through. I pray that families be reunited and that  lives be rebuilt. I pray that God will comfort those who have lost loved ones and give them strength and peace in this time of great trial.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. ” (Psalm 23)

– Amen.


May 22, the town of Joplin, Missouri was hit with a severe tornado. The Joplin Tornado has taken a horrible toll on people all throughout the Missouri and surrounding areas. The death toll has reached 139 thus far. It’s a true tragedy, but there are small ways to help when you can.

How to Help Victims of Joplin Tornado:

Please keep Joplin in your prayers!

You can donate $10.00 to American Red Cross by texting JOPLIN to 90999 from your cellphone. You can also help by donating money to American Red Cross website or donating blood at your local red cross. You can find more information on donating blood HERE. The St.Louis local redcross chapter also has ways where you can donate financially to help the city of Joplin, you can click HERE to find out more.

Ofcourse any litte thing that you can do is helpful, even if you can’t donate financially right now, then ofcourse the best thing is always to pray and anyone can do that.

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