The End of the World as We Know It……

As everyone is aware, the world was supposed to end today.   But as Christians we know that only God knows when Jesus will return.  No one knows the date or time He will be back and the only thing we can do is pay attention to the signs and make sure our relationship with Christ is right.


Mark 13

32 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33 Be on guard! Be alert[e]! You do not know when that time will come. 34It’s like a man going away: He leaves his house and puts his servants in charge, each with their assigned task, and tells the one at the door to keep watch.

   35 “Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. 36 If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. 37 What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’”

But I have to tell the truth….

I was scared, boi……

I first heard of this date soon after Osama bin Laden was killed.  Since then I’ve caught glimpses here and there of the date (i wish I hadn’t seen the date) on the internet and I saw the guy on television.  Whenever I saw something about May 21, I’d plug my ears or scroll past quickly….I’ll go back and learn the details tomorrow (May 22) because I didn’t want to know anything about how this guy came up with this date or what was supposed to happen etc…..And I think I’m going to stay away from all media as 12/12 approaches….

When midnight 05/21 came around, I was like YES!   Home free!  But then I got to work and heard people saying that it was supposed to happen at 6pm.


Six? What a let down. They were joking about it, but I was upset.  When my coworkers started talking about it I was like “Stoppppp Ittttttt……Please”  inside, but I couldn’t let them see that it bothered me.

I said several silent prayers.

Although I kept the previous scripture in mind and knew that it just couldn’t happen this way, i couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Rapture and Armageddon talk has always scared me.  When I was little, I distinctly remember trying to muster the nerve to ask my mother if there was a such thing as the end of the world one night.  I was standing near her and the question would trampoline bounce on my vocal cords and slide back down my throat as soon as it saw light at the tip of my tongue.  I didn’t really want to know the answer.

As Christians, we have nothing to fear.  Those who are right in relationship with Christ will be caught up to be with Jesus when the day gets here, escaping the chaos that those left behind will face, dontcha know?  And we’re all good…..

The source of my fear comes from feeling like I’m not in good standing.  It’s not about “religion” or doing this and not doing that.  Relationship, not religion.   It’s the relationship with God/Jesus that is important and that’s always been hard for me.   As backwards as it sounds, I don’t really connect too well with people, so it’s even more difficult for me to develop and maintain a relationship with a God I can’t see or hear.

Although I’m as “Christian” as they come, I don’t know if I’ll ever be totally confident that I’d make the cut.  He is to come when we least expect it at any time.  Would I be ready if He came tomorrow?  Have I ever been ready?  I don’t know and I just hope He understands.

2 thoughts on “The End of the World as We Know It……”

  1. only God knows, you’re right Brony. Honestly, I forgot about that the guy said the world was going to end today…I was spending time with the moms…but I can understand being a little anxious, no one knows. The most important thing that I know I can do is pray. I should be praying either way, pray is what I’m going to do.


  2. i know how you feel brony. sometimes i worry, but we have to remember that when we give our hearts to Christ he will deliver us from this fear. no one knows the date or hour, but our job as followers of Christ is to spread his message of love as long as we can. I feel like sometimes, well often that I need to do a better job of spreading his message of love, we’re called to do that and I guess that’s part of the reason for this blog, maybe this blog with touch someone and help me develop an even stronger relationship with God at the same time.


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