Black Women Are Ugly…Or So They Say?


I’m sure we’ve all heard by this point about the psychology today article where a so-called ‘expert’ on beauty and attraction made an article that basically stated that black women were ‘objectively’ the ugliest race of women. The reason this so-called ‘expert’ gave for black women being ‘so ugly,’ was  that black women allegedly have more testosterone than other races, among other things.


I’m not going to bother posting the foolishness on here, but I will just say that this man is clearly a moron. In all liklihood he has his own insecurities and his post about black women being inherently uglier (supposedly) than other races did nothing more than prove that he, in fact, is the ugly one in the situation. Yes, his ugliness was showcased through every degrading, nasty and FALSE word that he typed in that ridiculous article. There is no valid study that shows that black women are uglier than any other race. As a matter of fact, african women are the most genetically diverse group on the planet, ALL other races come from black women. SO white, asian, indian…they all inherited their beauty from black african women. So do not let this foolishness destroy your self esteem…

If you ever doubt that black women are beautiful, just look at this video!

Do you like these pictures? Click Here for More Beautiful Black Women Pictures!

47 thoughts on “Black Women Are Ugly…Or So They Say?”

  1. Hi Sister,

    I’m not sure I’m welcome on here after my recent issues over at Abagond’s blog but I must say how utterly laughable this article was! Quite aside from the fact those who commissioned the original study (no, it wasn’t his work!) have totally denied his conclusions!

    Any way, in a weird way I welcome these sorts of ‘academic’ outbursts as it ultimately supports my theory (based on hardcore, visible evidence!) that dark-skinned, negroid-featured, females are in FACT the feminine ideal in the European sub-conscious mind.

    I can literally prove what I’m asserting! Yes, there is an ongoing sub-conscious conspiracy against Black women in every area in which white women are said to be the ideal. Well, of course, white women are the racial ideal for white men but they are not most physically or aesthetically ideal females!!!!

    It is those females who have various aspects of their physical selves ripped off and celebrated on the faces and bodies of the white female!

    But as I’m suggesting, there exists much more evidence not known to the masses which would simply blow your socks off!!!! Something deeply psychological and concealed. I have uncovered it!!!! Just as I have developed a theory explaining why it is necessary to bury and defile the Black women’s image in the mass media.

    Just saying, sista.

    Menelik Charles
    London UK


      1. Sister,

        obviously I cannot provide the evidence on the internet (you’ll have to wait for my book) but as regards the theory I can say that beauty is a contested territory (are not white women the cornerstone of white power traditionally?). For this reason those in (racial) power have a vested interested in attacking the opposite (the Black woman) of what they’re attempting to symbolically maintain (the white women). The white racial ego is dependent on the maintainence of racial hierarchal structures.

        The problem of course is that we reside in such a cosmopolitan society that it becomes difficult to maintain a sense of one’s beauty supremacy when the women at the top of the hierarchy are increasingly dependent on their sense of being attractive on the characteristics (i.e. tanning, collagen-enhanced lips, butts implants) of the women at the bottom of the same hierarchy!

        Moreover, if these women heterosexual perceive the characteristics of the women at the bottom as attractive how then do (white) heterosexual men perceive them?

        As “ugly”?

        Clearly something somewhere doesn’t add up! This is why they need silly studies (which only prove the existence of denial which is a defence mechanism!) to support a notion they themselves do not believe.

        But they have to keep promoting it otherwise the whole edifice of white supremacy would collapse!


  2. This article has now blown up big time in the UK! As I write this email the story has broken on MAINSTREAM news!!!!! Jesus H Christ, the gentleman works just down the road from me but he’s simply not worth the time or space!

    That said, the sub-conscious reason for pushing this story is to actually promote and reinforce the notion of white female beauty supremacy! This was the underlying message of his piece. So…the mainstream news medium is working in cahoots with the fellow to promote white supremacy!

    Moreover, the fact they have people who protest against the article only further reinforces the message of white supremacy as they offer no evidence to the contrary except to say that we are all equal.

    We are not!

    Black women are the most emphatically female women on the planet!!! This is not my view but a view provided by SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!

    I have the evidence.


    1. What news station in the UK talked about the article? Is it on youtube or can you provide a link?

      I just don’t see the point of putting it on the news…it was a stupid article…why broadcast it even in opposition to it? Just ignore it…that’s why I didn’t post a link to the article


      1. It was on BBC London News. Its not on YT yet but doubtless it will be sooner rather than later.


  3. thanks, the funny thing is…the guy who wrote it appears to be asian. the other thing is, I’ll never understand WHY people who claim to be so unattracted to black women OBSESS over us so much? things that I don’t like I try to stay away from, I don’t obsess over them and write about trying to rationalize why I should find that particular thing unappealing…I don’t need a study to reaffirm it, I just know it…but these studies seem to show that people are obsessed with black women…WOW they’re giving us so much attention…wow


    1. Here was my understanding of this gentleman’s UNDERLYING reasons for penning his diatribe:

      Asian male academics are notorious for dumping, projecting, onto Black women. Remember, they are deemed are the least desirable, least masculine, men in America. They are also, by contrast seen as a model minority and thus ‘honorary whites’.

      What better way to reaffirm this status, and also to boost the collective egos of ‘feminine’ Asian men by focusing on the alleged (actually, highly imagined and fictionalised) ‘masculine’ features of Black females.

      The simple FACTS are that Black women have the most obvious female characteristics of ALL races of women and Asian woman (with their flat butts, boyish hips and tiny boobs) have the least!

      What IS most attractive i.e. feminine about Asian women are (aside from their eyes) their flat, negroid-like noses, and fullish, negroid-like lips! Aside from this they appear to be the 1st choice of repressed homosexuals or maybe even pedophiles.

      Anyway, don’t be fooled by this Asian honorary white seeking approval from his white male role models for they are the very ones stealing his women en mass (the same Asian women who refuse to date Asian men!). Yes please, don’t be fooled, sisters!

      Just saying.


  4. I personally am not offended by his article, I just think its silly. Let’s be careful not to bash asian women though. I agree black women are beautiful ofcourse, and I see what you mean because you do see people injecting their lips to make them look fuller, getting butt injections etc. Yet those same traits will not be acknowledge on black women.

    But, the bottom line is beauty is in all races of people, white, asian, indian…AND YES BLACK WOMEN all have beauty…so this article is foolish to me. I love the way black women look, I love ALL our features in all its diversity and by the way all women inherit their features from african women…as africa is the cradle of civilization and the first women were african and black…


  5. Sister,

    with respect, there’s not a single word or sentence I would ever utter to “bash” any race of women!What I said about the physiques of Asian women is a physical fact just as what I said about Black women were physical fact! Asian are the least adult looking in their physical appearance: it is no secret and we are NOT blind!

    And this business of Asian females being the number one choice of repressed homosexuals and pedophiles is something I will stand by as fact!

    The Far east is the number 1 location for sex tourists from the West. This is a fact. Once there, white men (from their early 20s to their 50s and 60s) engage in sex with prostitutes, under-age girls, and so-called ‘ladyboys’ i.e. transsexual males with penises! These are the typical activities of heterosexual white males.

    All this and no mention of mail order braids! Seriously, I have bashed not a single soul!

    I have no doubt Asian women are attractive but the reason why they’re considered attractive by white males should be of deep concern to the Asian community. Instead, Asian women continue to leave their men in record numbers for white and black males.

    Perhaps our Asian academic should do a piece on why his own women find men like him the least attractive. Will it happen? Of course not! Instead he projects all his hang-ups onto Black women!

    Coward and a bully!


    1. I have been to the university where he lectures many times, and the place is loaded with Asian females (Japanese, Hong Kong Chinese etc) with white boys! And quite a few Black women with white men too, I hasten to add.

      My point is that his university is a hotbed of inter-racial dating (this is England, remember) and the only guys getting very little play are those of Asian and Indian extraction.

      The issues as to who or what is deemed attractive should be leveled at those on the sidelines NOT those in play but those who can’t get any play!

      White women are no competition for Black women when they decide to go multi-racial in the UK! As for Asian women, well, no race of women can compete with them in the dating stakes.

      The reasons for this are obvious!


    2. Somone said that maybe he was turned down one too many times by Black women. Have ya seen this joker. He is calling us unattractive…Really?


  6. The girl in the photo with the dreadlocks is absolutely stunning, she looks like an Angel. I love the content of this blog and will be coming back for more. I also love the Sorry I don’t have much to add to the topic, I have already exhausted myself on other blogs..CNN being the vilest of them all. But I will say I wish I had your wisdom and clarity of mind when I was 22.


  7. Thank you so very much for this article and video. #Minelik Charles, I want to thank you also for your support. That was beautiful! We as Blacks don’t get excited about stuff like this. We know who we are and our self worth. We do not trip on such things like other women may. I will pass this along. Maybe that fool who wrote that crap will stumble upon it and see the truth live and in living color!(pardon the pun).

    Remarkably, not once in my lifetime has any man, Black, White, Red,or Brown called me unattractive or god-forbid, ugly.

    You are right sister, he is in fact…THE UGLY ONE!


  8. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too wonderful. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.


  9. Asian men are usually less confident about their sexuality than men of other racial background. I hear them makes this comment on a TV documentary programme. The Asian women that I know talk about Asian men negatively. They make their women feel ugly inside by thir attutide and behaviour. Once Asian women date other men outside their race, they don’t want to date Asian men again. It is not hard to guess the reason why. They represent the least attractive set of men on the face of this planet and I agree with the sister who stated that they are trying to dump their rot on Black Women.


  10. @ monica

    I don’t think asian men are the least attractive, i see attractive asian men quite often. I think that in general (men of all races) who like to pretend they’re too good for black women are insecure. I think the author of this particular article is insecure and probably has some issues and no to me he isn’t attractive. So I think Kanazawa was probably taking some frustrations out on Black women.

    I notice a lot of people who bash black women for no reason have issues


  11. This topic is very interesting and thought-provoking. I agree with Menelik Charles, this gentleman who wrote this crap is actually dumping on black women but he alone knows the reason. The woman of African descent is the most ultra feminine woman on this earth, with her hips, behind and breasts all firmly telling the world that we are the mothers of the Universe. All other races came out of the Black female and they know this and it is eating them to death.
    Before Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, black woman have been carrying around a lot of ‘junk in the trunk’ but nobody noticed or celebrated it. As soon as these white women show a little bit of a black woman’s natural asset, it becomes suddenly news worthy.
    Sisters, we will not accept this bashing, we will not let it die because you know what this will come back to haunt our daughters and our daughters daugthers. They put this out there and let it float long enough it will become fact. Black people are too docile and forgiving of the crap put out by the other races.
    We need to continue reaffirming that we are the proud daughters of Mother Africa and she did not produce any ‘ugly’ children. From our beautiful hair, to our thick behinds, we have naturally what the white/asian women desire, so no we must not let this guy believe that with us ‘this too will pass’.


  12. Another good post. Take a look at this music video by Richie Spice, It’s called ‘Brown skin.’

    Check it out you’ll like it. Black is Black and it’s beautiful. We have to keep saying it because other are not, especially the media but to hell with them, they know it and we know it so show it 🙂


  13. I think they are trying to bash us again because omly black females tend to have the body…As LONG AS WE DONT INK IT UP WITH TOO MANY TATTOOS…if you notice, they look like body hair if you blur your eyes….on men i think they are ok since they grow body hair. On women, jewelry is a better bet


  14. Most black women, but not all, are fat and ugly. They also have bad attitudes, bad language, and bad manners. They also dress bad. That’s why black men won’t stay home with them. That’s why black men have to chase white girls.


    1. @ hobbes…your comment is hilarious for so many reasons…you talk about black women having bad attitudes, bad language, bad manners…everything that you said about Black women applies to you. you’ve got the worst attitude by far, no one likes an ignorant bigot and about those bad manners…coming onto a Black woman’s blog and making those comments is very rude. It seems like you’re projecting your own ignorant behavior onto black women.


    2. Hobbes, how do you know most black women are fat and ugly ? Have you seen all black women in America ? do you judge a whole race by the physical look and behaviour of a few? why generalize ? we can do that also. Have you seen black women from the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Latin America in order to make that illiterate and uneducated statement ? These people on this thread are too soft with you closet racists operating from behind your computer screens. If you visited the Caribbean you would see how we rate white women very low here because they are all “old, ugly looking, pink skinned, dirty and nasty”. Black men here generally don’t chase white girls unless it is for some easy sex.


  15. Of course, when an article like this comes out, everyone starts screaming about racism, and white supremacy. Because OF COURSE white people are the only ones who can be racist. This study was, in fact, done by Asians. You idiots.


    1. so being done by an asian means you can’t be racist? you need to research institutionalized racism before you come on my blog calling peopel idiots robin.


    1. Yeah and that is why every other group wants to have the features of a black woman. The butt, the lips, the hips and the thighs. Others may care what you think but I don’t give a rat’s ass what a (possibly) pink-skinned, quailed-skinned, dog-smelling caucasian thinks or whatever race you maybe. Your thoughts or impression of all African-descended women does not phase me in the least and you can take your thoughts and go f@%k yourself.


      1. That’s a racist comment. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t make them. Personally my hero is black (well, Yemenite, but she’s the second-darkest girl I’ve ever met) and she is very pretty. I don’t think she would ever make a comment like that, but she would certainly be capable of expressing herself without further enforcing a negative stereotype.


      2. Oh, I see, it is okay for everyone to disrespect the black woman and as soon as we ‘get expressive’ you are offended. We have had enough, we are no longer going to just sit back and have everyone talk all over us. If you are offended for whoever, then ‘tough’, I express myself how I feel because it is time black women get angry and give out just what we have been getting. I don’t care how you feel or how you think I should express myself.


  16. I read his article and I thought it must be from before the Civil Rights Movement. The way he said that for some reason black men and women found themselves and each other more attractive but he couldn’t imagine why… BECAUSE ATTRACTIVENESS IS SUBJECTIVE, YOU MORON! He is clearly an insensitive idiot. If such a study had any inherent value I might understand it, but it really doesn’t. It isn’t about health or anything useful, so what he thinks is the cause of objective attractivity is really useless information.


    1. naps are always good, i would take one myself but i got these people coming over, i just got back from work around noon…it’s part time job. you should be out for holiday soon i imagine, then you can nap more.


  17. Its funny how people say black women are ugly but the history says otherwise.White men were sleeping with black women and portugese men were sleeping with black women that is why the people in brazil look the way they do.Even when they had their wives with them they were getting with black women.Now the difference between now and then is that black women back then didn’t have rights and were violated now we own our pu.s sy and they can’t take it from us like they used to.We choose who we sleep with and they get upset because we choose not to sleep with them.They are like the boys who approach a woman the wrong way and get dissed then they call her a People say black women are fat then they say we are masculine ,well which is it because fat means being overweight and outtashape while masculine means strength. Why is it that an asian man is seen as being loyal when he chooses to date within his race but a black woman is seen as being undesirable to other races of men and is the reason why we can’t get other races of men,when the truth is we want to stick with our own.We don’t need or want another race of mens approval to feel validated. A man does not make me who i am,I am free and love myself for who i am and love all of my sisters for who they are from light skinned women to dark skinned women we are beautiful.

    New International Version (NIV) song of songs 1:5-7
    5 Dark am I, yet lovely,
    daughters of Jerusalem,
    dark like the tents of Kedar,
    like the tent curtains of Solomon.[a]
    6 Do not stare at me because I am dark,
    because I am darkened by the sun.
    My mother’s sons were angry with me
    and made me take care of the vineyards;
    my own vineyard I had to neglect
    7 Tell me, you whom I love,
    where you graze your flock
    and where you rest your sheep at midday.
    Why should I be like a veiled woman
    beside the flocks of your friends?


  18. Another thing that is interesting is they did a study on how women view themselves and found black women have a higher self esteem then white women. I thought men say they like confidence in a woman and that is what makes us beautiful.How can a woman be ugly if its about confidence, i tell you people are more colorstruck than anything. A black person can achieve success and other races will still say you are not ish,when they are less successful than the person they are bashing.


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