“I was watching a documentary called Blackfish and it was upsetting to see how these magnificent orcas were captured and detained in little pools and made to perform for the entertainment of people.

They take the orcas who come from different parts of the worlds with different cultures, force them into concrete little tanks (ghettos) and then force them to perform for the entertainment of mostly white people. They break up the families in the wild, they breed the males with the females from entirely different cultures, different methods of communication, they deny the orcas food when they don’t perform, they separate the mothers from the calves (even to the heartbreak of the mothers) and they subject the animals to conditions where they are forced to fight with another and (whale on whale violence is the norm whereas in the wild, it is not. Why can’t they just leave the animals and admire them in the wild? If they want to help why not stop polluting the environment and dumping oil into the ocean?

But in addition to the mistreatment of the animals, one other thing struck me.

The companies that capture these whales are predominately white-owned. One thing that really stuck out to me…doesn’t this sound eerily familiar to how Black people and other POC are treated by racist white people. During slavery the took Black people away from Africa, broke up their families, took mothers away from child, they forced black people from different cultures and backgrounds to breed with each other just to make profit and they put Black people in prison industrial complex and ghettos and everything…

am I the only one who noticed this interesting connection.

It makes me wonder, do white people see Black people as no more than animals?”



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