I was watching Investigation Discovery and I came across this very interesting, somewhat pathetic and truly tragic story. It was a story of a Mandingo Party gone wrong. You all know about my theories about mandingo parties, swinger parties. If you havent’ read my other posts on this subject, please do so I’ve always thought that going to a perfect strangers house and sleeping with someone’s wife or allowing another man to sleep with your wife right in front of you was asking for trouble. I had assumed that if it hadn’t happened already sooner or later someone would end up dead.

Anyway, that is exactly what happened in the story of Joan Shannon. Joan Shannon was a housewife who was married to a military man named Dave Shannon who raised her four children in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She and her husband, outwardly, appeared normal. However, when Joan goes to a “Swinger party,” and meets a Black man named Jeffrey, things take a turn for the worst. Joan’s husband, had arranged for his wife to meet up with the Black man Jeffrey at a swinger party because well…Joan had a thing for Black men or what they sadly call in the swinger community BBC…and no that doesn’t stand for Brtish Broadcasting corporation. We all know here on this blog how Black men’s penis have been made into a fetish for white folks at Mandingo Parties. So anyway, Joan has sex with Jeffrey at the Swinger party. Her husband watches the escapade and soon the sexual encounter progresses to gang sex…3 or 4 guys sleeping with Joan, while her husband watches. Joan’s husband is okay with this as long as there is no emotional attachment and Joan doesn’t go behind her husband’s back. He even video tapes her sexual escapades and keeps them for his own “use.”

But, soon unpredictably …(sarcasm intended) Joan starts seeing Jeffrey behind her husbands back and they begin having sex 3-4 times a week without her husband’s knowledge and soon the sexual relationship (for Joan) becomes emotional. She no longer has interest in her husband and even refuses to have sex with him at all. When Joan stays out all night, without her husband’s knowledge, he begins to suspect that she is seeing Jeff behind his back and tells his wife to end not only the relationship with Jeff, but to STOP the swinger life, which he had originally encouraged, altogether.

Joan Shannon refuses to stop and begins to resent her husband for standing inbetween her and her supposed “lover.” So long story short, Joan Shannon, who had become so wrapped up in her sex addiction/swinger lifestyle that she ignored her children, coerces her 15 year old daughter to murder her husband. The 15-year old shoots the father, while he sleeps beside Joan in bed one night. It was a desperate attempt to gain the affection and love of her mother, who had ignored the teen all her life.

When the police are called to the scene, JOan puts on an act of a distraught wife who claims that her husband was shot by a burglar…but there is one problem. There is no sign of forced entry and no blood on Joan at all. Finally, Joan seemed unemotional even apathetic when she was questioned about her husband’s murder by the police. Soon the police discover pornographic tapes of Joan and her many many men from the swinger parties, including Jeffrey. When Jeffrey is questioned, he tells the police that he had no love for Joan, he was only in the relationship for sex, he had no intention of leaving his own wife and children and that he had nothing to do with the murder.

His alibi is that he was at work that night, which he was and he checks out. Soon it’s discovered that Joan orchestrated the whole murder and she is sentenced to life in prison.

The moral of the story is…don’t go around sleeping with married men and women and think you’re going to get away with it, you’ll pay for it someday somehow.

The next moral of the story is this, white men who like to be cuckolded be careful what you wish for, don’t encourage your wife to go around sleeping with other men under the false sense of security that she’ll never fall in love and be unwaveringly loyal to you.

Don’t murder your husband just so you can have an affair when the man doesn’t even really like you. Just divorce your husband and hold your own if you want to screw around with Black men so badly. Why torment your family and spouse…just leave.

Black men, don’t be stupid and allow yourselves to be pawns in a dysfunctional relationship…well actually you’re probably dysfunctional too if you’re consenting to being a part of that environment…so nevermind.
It’s a tragic story all around.

Basically the story is of Joan Shannon, the mother of the year who sent her own daughter to prison for her own narcisstic, sex-addicted, dumb self. She is now rotting in prison for life. Was it really worth it, boo boo? All that just to fufill some racist-erotic fantasy…ruined so many lives…

hmmmph. just sad