This is the final part in my series on racism in erotic imagery/ Mandingo stereotype.

I have been reading this blog called afroerotik, it’s a Black sexuality blog, but she talks a lot about racism in erotic images as well. One thing she brought up in one of her blog entries was the fact that the down low situation in the Black community gets put on national news, but the phenomenon of Black men Mandingo parties & cuckolds gets no real press. It got me thinking, she is right. It is quite bizarre that some white men secretly fantasize about being sexually submissive to both Black men and Black women, but ESPECIALLY to Black men. I challenge you to go on the Experience Project (a non-pornographic website) and just search for Black men, white men, cuckolds and you’ll be shocked the stories that come up. I know there are white men who get off on being sexually submissive to Black men. I know there are white men who fantasize about “sharing their white wives,” with Black men…they’re out there. However, the down low phenomenon gets put on blast, but the “latent homosexual,” desires of sexually submissive white men is ignored.

A lot of the stories you’ll find on the Experience Project really have underlying racism in them. It’s as if the white men who have these fantasies are projecting all the things that white men have done historically to Black people in their sexual lifestyles. For example, probably about 95% of the stories of white men cuckolds focus on how the Black man “humiliates,” the white husband by having sexual relations with his white wife and forcing the white husband to submit to the Black man’s authority. Some even have “impregnation fetishes,” where they dream of their wives, in their own racist words, being “black bred.” They fantasize about having to care for the illegitimate biracial child that the Black man and his white wife have created. Think back to the days of Jim Crow & Slavery and you know the white slave master and the racist white men could have sexual relationships with the Black women, whether she was married or not. Often, the Black woman and Black men had to raise the children born of these relationships. Just look at the story of Ruby McCollum for a good example. It is truly tragic and very upsetting to look at history and see the injustices done against my people.

So now fast forward to today….

It seems like in the warped minds of certain closet racist white men, this type of scenario is arousing enough for them to project their desires onto this Black Mandingo  cuckold fantasy. These white men have flipped the script and put themselves into the position that Black men have historically been FORCED to occupy, but unlike our true history, these white men have the privilege of being able to end this fantasy and go back to being white any time. They may submit in the bedroom, but in the boardroom, in their everyday life they cling to their white privilege. In other words, they can go back to being white and privileged when the Mandingo party is over.

What is especially disturbing to me is the “impregnation fetish.” Now, I don’t know if the white men who have this “impregnation fetish,” are just fantasizing or if they’re seriously doing this, but it’s very problematic for someone to bring a child into the world for such racist reasons. How is a half-black child going to feel having racist white parents who had them conceived just to fufill some racist, erotic desire? It’s very troublesome to me.

I think Black people need to start putting this racism on blast. Why should racism be tolerated in erotic/porn genre?